10 Tips On How To Write A Good Post That Ranks And Converts

Are you interested in learning how to write a great article? Want to create content that not only attracts visitors but converts too? Say no more. Writing great content is a must especially if you want to build a prosperous brand.

If you were to write poor content or publish software-generated content, it will ultimately lead you to nowhere. If you want to join great bloggers and not waste your time and resources, you have to create great posts from the word go.

You probably have read this somewhere – content is king. Yes indeed, content is king and if it’s of high quality not only will your blog be rewarded with a high number of visitors but search engines will also reward you.


Aside from attracting more visitors, search engines will rank your blog higher which eventually will have a positive effect on your growing brand.

Want to know the secrets of writing a good post?

The following are 10 tips on how to write a great article.


#1. Always create original content


Today, it is estimated that there are 1.5 billion websites and blogs hosted on the internet. As an upcoming blogger, you have a long way to go in order to be considered as a high authoritative blog.

The good news is that you can reap the following rewards – improved page rank, more visitors and higher conversion – if and only if you write original content.

By original content, we mean your ideas should be original and not rehashed. Repeating the same concept over and over may result in you being punished by Google and other search engines.


Your ideas have already been published on one or more blogs in the past.

For instance, writing content on losing weight fast will not improve your page rank but finding an idea that is yet to be exploited in the weight loss category will earn you several rewards.


#2.Create actionable content


Creating original content is not enough. It needs to be actionable.

What do we mean by actionable?

Can your readers apply the ideas you have presented in your post?

If they can, then your content is actionable. For instance, if you write a post about assembling one of those furniture pieces from IKEA and the content is presented in a step by step guide, your readers will follow the steps finally assembling the furniture.

Remember, actionable content should not make your readers feel like they are unable to do stuff on their own. Simply put, your content should not degrade their ability but it should act as a guide to help them attain their goals.

So, when writing your posts, include tips and steps to help your readers accomplish something.


#3.Create headlines that spark interest


The first word your subscribers will read on your post will be from your headline or title. If your title is not catchy, your readers will not waste their time reading the rest of the content no matter how informative or entertaining it is.

Instead, they will opt to browse another blog with catchy titles and original content.

So, how do you go about writing catchy headlines that spark interest?

The first thing you need to do is keep it short and simple. Next, appeal to your reader’s hunger and tell your audience what they ought to do. Lastly, announce exciting news and state your main benefit.


#4.Create informative and thought-provoking posts


If your content is informative, relevant, entertaining and thought-provoking, your readers will surely stick around to read until the end.


Readers are looking for actionable content that will help them solve problems in life.

So, how do you go about creating thought-provoking posts?

Start with an introduction that not only introduces the theme of your post but also elicits questions from the reader. Simply put, make your readers want to read the rest of your post. In your introduction, you can use anecdotes and stories in the body.

Don’t forget to leave your readers with questions. This will enable your readers to reflect and think.


#5.Incorporate images and videos for better communication


As said earlier, content is king so, when it comes to images and videos, they are the prime jewels that decorate the king’s crown. When you incorporate images and short videos in your posts, you are able to communicate better with your readers.


Think about it. Your post is about working out and under each sub-headline, you have described how readers should perform a certain workout – step by step.

While this is great, it’s even better if you add images or a short video of a person demonstrating the workout. This will help to communicate the intended message much better than using words alone.

Learn more about 10 reasons you shouldn’t ignore the importance of images (or videos) in your blog posts.


#6.Address your content to a specific audience


Writing content for the general audience will not attract a high number of visitors to your blog. In addition, you will not enjoy high conversion rates nor will Google improve your page rank. To enjoy these benefits, you need to address your content to a specific audience.

For instance, if your content is about making money online, your target audience should be students, stay at home dads and moms. Another example is when you write content about buying a home. In such a case, your potential audience should be home buyers.

Remember, the goal is to build trust with your audience.


#7.Incorporate statistics and studies in your content


If you write your content without including statistics or studies, it will seem less credible. What you need to know is that even if you are targeting a specific audience, the information presented in your content should be accurate. If the information provided is not accurate, it will damage your brand’s reputation.

As you already know, your blog is a reflection of your brand and so your posts impact how your audience views your company or personal brand. When including statistics and studies in your content, add links to the said sources. This will make your content to be credible. In addition, you build trust with your audience.

Remember, always link to trusted, authoritative and credible sources. Doing so will earn you trust and more readers. In addition, it allows search engines to figure out what your content is all about.


#8. Add subheadings and use bullet points


As a blogger, you ought to know that formatting is crucial when creating great content. Nothing irks readers than poorly formatted content.

Imagine this, your readers are browsing the internet and after searching using selected keywords, they finally settle on a few links. When they open a web page, the content is not formatted. Simply put, its one giant paragraph.

In such a case, readers will not even skim through the content. They will simply close the tab and opt for another blog. As the blogger, you will lose traffic.

When creating content, you must add subheadings and bullet points. The reason for doing so is to make your content easy to read and easy to scan.


#9.Optimize for SEO


Want to ensure your posts are on the first page of Google search engine results? Well, you have to optimize your posts for SEO. By doing so, you will maximize your ranking. To achieve this, start by adding a proper meta description that sells your content.

Next, include keywords your readers are using to search for information. Make sure the keywords appear in the first and last paragraph plus a few times in the body.

Don’t forget to use LSI keywords, add the image alt attribute and add backlinks to authoritative blogs and websites.

Learn more about SEO Copywriting: How to write for people and optimize for Google.



#10. Keep your posts up to date


Having a blog is a lifetime commitment. As such, you need to keep updating your posts from time to time with new information. When you write a few posts, you will attract new readers but as time goes by, if you fail to update your posts with the latest content, not only will you lose readers but also search engines will not favor you.

For instance, if you wrote a post on cryptocurrencies 1 or 2 years ago, today, you need to update the posts with new content such as current price, market cap, circulating supply and volume.

So, how frequent should you update your posts?

Well, the right answer depends on the availability of new information but you can update your content at least twice a week. We know this can be difficult especially when you factor in the number of resources one has to invest to produce great content that converts and attracts readers but the benefits are a long time.


Here are some more tips on blog writing from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate.

Creating Keyword Rich Content

Final Thoughts


Final points about writing great content
One thing you ought to know is that the tips above are not set in stone. As time goes by, new rules and information will be available and so it is important to always be in the know. A few things to consider when developing great content include using proper grammar; no spelling mistakes should be present in your content, add a call to action when needed, motivate your readers, don’t lecture and finally, keep it real.


All the best,


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