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Affiliate marketing can be a good source of income if it’s done right. There are a variety of products which you can decide to affiliate with, but have you ever thought about electronics affiliate programs? In this modern world, everyone is embracing technology.

Therefore, each and every person owns at least two electronic gadgets. Be it a digital watch, a mobile phone, or even a laptop. People are buying electronics on a daily basis, therefore you have a better chance of earning more from affiliating with such companies/sites.


If you decide to focus on electronics affiliate programs. How do you know which is easy to work with and more profitable? Before we dive into some of the best electronics affiliate programs. Below are tips to help guide you as an electronic affiliate marketer.


Tips for Electronics Affiliates

• Conduct thorough Research

In the world of electronics, there are thousands of brands. Among all these, not all make good sales. Some definitely sell more than others. Despite the fact that with such products, there is high competition. But you have a better chance of selling more. Therefore don’t just go straight to a particular niche but do your research.


• Keep Up With Seasonal Trends

Only a few electronic products have been on the market for twenty years straight. Most of them come and go. Affiliating with a product when it’s the “in-thing” gives you a chance to earn more. It’s a good strategy that you should incorporate in your affiliate programs.


• Be Honest

When it comes to electronics, trust is everything. It’s the only way for you to get regular visitors. Be honest in your reviews especially when describing the specifications. You don’t want a client to buy a product only to find that they were duped.


The Best Electronics Affiliate Programs

Now that you know what’s expected of you to succeed in this industry. Below are some of the best programs that you can affiliate with. By the end of this article, you will be familiar with the programs that will be ideal for you.


Tiger Direct

TigerDirect is a well-known site that sells lots of different electronics. The company has been in existence for nearly two decades and has a huge following. They specialize in desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, projectors and much more. They also sell spare parts of these electronics.

Due to the fact that it has a variety of products, it makes it ideal for marketers to affiliate with. Their program pays a commission of 3% for any sale made. They also provide affiliates with links and online reports that make work easier.




Microsoft is a famous tech giant that has their products distributed all over the world. This is a program that you shouldn’t overlook. With Microsoft you can opt to affiliate with laptops/desktops, mobile gadgets, or even products such as mobile applications or games. There are a variety of things you can focus on. Their commissions range from 5% to 10%. It however depends on the type of product you are marketing. They offer text links and banners for easy promotion.




If you decide to affiliate with the electronic gaming sector. Then Hobby Tron should be among your top considerations. The company sells a variety of remote control toys and drones. The company has earned its trust from customers, therefore their products are in high demand. They give an 8% commission and ninety day tracking cookies. HobbyTron makes marketing easier for you by offering you banners, links and they also send you updates on their new products.





The future of Fitbit is predicted to dominate the tech market in the next five to ten years. This is therefore a good opportunity for you to join their affiliate program. Their 12% commission is very lucrative and you have a chance to earn more. Plus, they often update and improve their gadgets therefore the demand is high. The Fitbit Affiliate program is run via CJ affiliate. However, you can only affiliate with them if you’re from the United States or Canada. Therefore inaccessible to people from other countries.




The All-Battery.com is known for not only selling all types of batteries. They include AA, AAA, Li-ion, laptop batteries and much more. It’s the one-stop shop for all the batteries a client might need. Their affiliate is really great because you will earn 15% from any sale you will make. You also get 2 cents per every click. Their site has a data feed, you can therefore easily get any information you require. Their payment is done monthly and the least amount you can withdraw is $50.



Absolute Toner

The company deals with all sorts of ink and toner cartridges. Their products are original but are only available to people in the United States and Canada. Their products are always in high demand therefore getting clients won’t be difficult. They also sell all models and brands of printer cartridges at affordable prices. Just like All-Battery.com, they pay a commission of 15% and have a cookie length of 90 days.


Webko (Headset Buddy Adapters)

Webko is the manufacturer of the popular headset buddy adapters among other products. The headset adapters can be used for android phones, iPhones and personal computers. They also sell Epson ink cartridges. Their selling prices for their products range from $8-$600. Therefore you can earn very good commissions.

Their 25% commission makes it one of the companies that offer the best commissions worldwide. The company also has an affiliate marketing manager that helps make your work a bit easier and you can consult in case of any challenges. They have a money back guarantee, therefore clients can return products that don’t meet their expectations.


Unlimited Cell

Unlimited Cell sells high end phones amongst other electronic gadgets such as TV’s and personal computers. With Unlimited Cell, you not only get commission from sales and advertisements, but you also get paid for what your colleagues advertise also. The company pays $25 per each sale you make. You can also withdraw your payment twice every month. Their cookie length extends for an entire year.




The DSstyles offers a variety of device accessories such as phone cases, earphones and chargers. The business is rapidly growing and you should definitely be part of it. They have linked up with ShareASale to enable affiliates to easily sign up and immediately begin earning some income. They give you a 10% commission for every confirmed purchase. They also give the best performing affiliates exceptional rewards. Their data feed is updated every day.



Final Thoughts

Electronics Affiliate Programs give you the chance to earn a good income. It’s one the best niches to focus on because electronic appliances are in high demand in today’s world. These were just some of the best electronics affiliate programs that give you good commissions.

All the best,


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