the top ten free affiliate programs

Amazon Affiliate Program – Become an Online Affiliate Marketer

the top ten free affiliate programs

Amazon, the world’s number one e-retailer by total sales and market capitalization offers a unique opportunity to people who have a website or a blog and want to monetize it through its affiliate program called the Amazon Associates affiliate program. You can be a part of this program irrespective of the fact that you are an entrepreneur, designer, seller, producer of goods, writer, publisher, editor, or any other professional.


The program allows website owners and bloggers to advertise over a million products, sold on Amazon, on their own sites, to create links and earn referral fees when customers visiting their sites or blogs click through and buy products from Amazon.

As an Amazon affiliate, you refer the people who visit your site to the Amazon site and thereby help them to purchase products suited to their needs from a world-class website. In return, you not only earn referral fees but can also benefit from Amazon’s retail promotions and leverage their advertising features to drive traffic to your own website thereby not only improving your website ranking but also enlarging your audience.


It’s easy and on top of it, free to become an Amazon associate. It gives you an opportunity to earn up to 12% in referral fees at no extra cost to you. So get ready to become an Amazon associate and earn extra money.


How to Become an Amazon Associate


Linking website

The first thing that you need to do is to link your website to Amazon and create an associate account. You can for this purpose either use your existing Amazon account, if you have one, or you can create a new account for this specific purpose. To start with, you will have to fill out an application form. The form will have your name, address, contact information, etc. You also need to describe the purpose of your website, what it is about and also your target audience. Once Amazon vets your enrollment form and accepts it you become its associate.

Remember, Amazon reserves the right to reject your application to enroll as an Associate if it finds your site unsuitable. This could be because your site promotes violence or contains violent material, promotes illegal activities or discrimination based on sex, race, religion, age, etc, promotes or contains libelous, defamatory or sexually explicit material.


There is no need to feel disheartened if Amazon rejects your application as you can re-apply any time keeping the unsuitability factor in mind.


Build links, banners and widgets

Linking to the Amazon site is easy and convenient and the best part is you control how and what you want to link. You can customize links to your own website and add dynamic widgets that will enhance it. You can use Amazon’s site stripes, text, image and product links and banners to make your site more attractive and stylish. Using these tools helps your customers to know more about Amazon categories and products.


Amazon widgets are easily configurable features for your page that allow your viewers to see Amazon content without leaving your website.


You can either use these widgets to showcase any Amazon product you want to focus on–ranging from books to electronic items and from jewelry to furniture or alternatively you can allow Amazon to auto-select products relevant to your readers.


How Much Money Can an Associate Earn?


The fees that you earn from Amazon is called the advertising fee and ranges from 0.3% for gold and silver coins to 12% for men’s apparel and pantry products; Kindle devices & e-Books, toys and baby products, other apparels and shoes, watches, etc that are sold through your website earn you fees of 10%, while you earn 8% for office stationery, musical instruments, health and personal care etc and so on, subject to certain limitation as described by the company. One must note that some exclusive/wireless products have a 1% fees and some products have zero advertising fees.


An associate earns fees on the qualifying purchases shipped, streamed or downloaded every month and the associate will get the fees after approximately 60 days. Amazon can pay the advertising fees in the form of bounties or other special offers also.


The top ten free affiliate programs


1. Rakuten Linkshare – All you need is your blog to do the trick – earn from ads all the time!


2. Clickbank – The popular alternative all over the world, you can make a profit each time you manage to sell one of these Clickbank products.


3. CJ Affiliate– Another platform that works on similar lines to Clickbank, you can earn big by selling their products.


4. Amazon Associates – Want to earn a lot more by selling the millions of Amazon products on offer? Being an Amazon Associate, you can make a commission each time someone buys the product you are recommending.


5. eBay – It’s perhaps the most popular marketplace after Amazon, and they have their own affiliate program. Join, and make profits each time you recommend and make a sale of an eBay product.


6.Avangate – It’s the platform for everything digital, from cloud to SaaS products, and you ca make a profit when you make someone else buy what’s on offer. As many as 400 businesses including Bitdefender and HP trust Avangate.


7. ShareaSale – In Business for more than 15 years, you know that you cannot go wrong here. The policies are clear, and they pay on time, every time.


8. Walmart – Not many have thought about it but investing in Walmart and focusing on toys could help you make a good income. The site offers one of the highest toys commission today.


9. – It’s for the fitness freaks out there, and you can see fitness products aplenty. you get as much as 15% on sales for new customers!


10. Microsoft – Yes, you heard that right. The tech company has its own affiliate program and while the commissions aren’t as great, you can make some good money selling some Microsoft products like the Surface Book.


How to Maximize Your Earnings?

1) Build loyalty and trust

In order to build customer loyalty through your website, you must make your website open and personal by displaying photos of what you do, your colleagues if any, your office/s, etc. In short, make an effort for the customers to see how your business works and make them feel a part of it in order to encourage them to trust you more.

2) Insert a buy now button

Insert a buy now button into your website or blog and turn it into an Amazon affiliate link.

3) Redesign your website

Make your website conversion-friendly. Choose a theme and design for your website that encourages casual visitors convert into affiliate sales.

4) Concentrate on your niche

Pick a topic that will stand out from the crowd and one that interests you so that you can write great product reviews over a long period of time and thus can help in increasing traffic.

5) Promote your site

Participate in online communities that cater to your kind of subjects, communicate with other bloggers who are interested and write about similar fields.

6) Make categories

Divide your website into different categories so that you can organize your entries and thus help visitors to quickly go to their area of interest. It will help in increasing the ease of navigation of your website.

7) Monetize your international traffic

As the web is a truly worldwide phenomenon why should you restrict yourself to a particular geographical area for sales? You should analyze your web traffic according to geographies and try to monetize them. Amazon currently has its affiliate program in 12 countries. You will need to sign up separately as individual Amazon associate for each country that they offer the program in. These countries are: United States, United Kingdom, France, China, Mexico, India, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Canada and Brazil.

8) Communicate with your customers

Create communication channels between you and your customers. Display your contact details on your website give the visitors a chance to get regular information by signing up for the same. This way you encourage the visitors, even the casual ones to keep coming back. The more you speak to customers, the stronger your relationship becomes.

9) Post rich content

Content is one of the key elements that differentiates a good website from a mediocre one. It mirrors your organization’s personality and traits. So ensure that the content is fresh and relevant at all times.

10) Use Amazon reports to boost your sales

Once you become an associate you can find the associate blog, discussion forums, and help features to learn more about the program. Amazon provides detailed reports about your customers, their preferences and motivation to buy products.


These reports also give you an excellent idea about the buying choices of your consumers, details on your conversion rate, traffic density, link types, etc. All this information helps you to showcase Amazon products on your site which suits your customers thereby increasing your traffic as well as sales.


Use these tricks of the trade to have a regular flow of money into your coffers via the Amazon associates affiliate program.


All the best,


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8 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Program – Become an Online Affiliate Marketer”

  1. Sharon May

    Really good info. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and guess what I never did start an Amazon site. I’ve thought about it so many times but have always been too busy building my other site. Amazon is very good, it’s worth doing because you can earn truckloads if you’re willing to put the hard work into it.
    At some point, I’m going to add some Amazon reviews onto my current site, but products that represent my niche. My current site is quite established so I think it would do well rather than start another site which takes time to get noticed.

    1. That’s surprising that you haven’t been associated at all with Amazon after all these years of blogging. I’m not sure what your niche is, but I’m sure there are probably some products in your niche that you could review. The thing I like about Amazon, is that a customer may click on the item your promoting and, at the same time, purchase something else totally removed from your niche, you get commission for both items. Good luck with you’re site!

  2. verna8767

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for this article about becoming an Amazon affiliate. There is a lot of information that I wasn’t aware of before. I’m new to affiliate marketing, but I tried to be an affiliate of Amazon.

    I didn’t have a problem joining and was there for a while, but I think they kicked me out. I think it was because I didn’t make any sales. I probably joined too soon because back then I wasn’t getting much traffic.

    I don’t remember getting any kind of notification from them, but my banner is empty now for some reason. Does Amazon have a quota or something? Do you have to make a certain amount of sales to stay in the affiliate program?

    Also, can you explain what an Amazon widget is?

    This is a good article. I’m going to put it in my favorites when I am able to try Amazon affiliate again.


    1. Thanks Verna, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Amazon gives you a 180 day window to make 3 qualifying sales. If you don’t make enough sales in that time frame, Amazon will close your affiliate account. No worries though, as you can re-apply down the road when your site has more traffic.

      The Amazon widgets are basically banners for your site that do more. For example, you can install a slideshow widget that shows various products that you have chosen to display.

      You could also install the Amazon search widget. This widget allows users to search for items on Amazon without leaving your site. I hope this helps.

  3. Andrew G

    Thanks Ed for the Amazon affiliate suggestions. I would like to point out that even though I have not been able to fit this nor other affiliate sites like it into my niche, I would suggest going directly to a product you need to become an affiliate of simply by typing into a google search engine, “……. affiliate programs” with your related niche. This way you don’t miss any opportunities specific to yours. Cheers.

  4. kmv

    OK this post got me excited about affiliate marketing! There are so many opportunities!!!

    So, what do you think is most important to focus on when first starting out? My thought is that it should be on the niche and creating valuable content that people want to read. Does that make sense?

    Or would you recommend finding an affiliate program first?

    Thanks again for the info!

    1. Definitely find your niche first, and then find affiliate programs associated with that niche. You want to have a niche that you are passionate about, it makes it a lot easier to blog. There are lots of good affiliate programs for any niche out there. Good luck!

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