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Apple Affiliate Program – Designed for Affiliate Marketers


Clickbank, Amazon and eBay affiliate programs aren’t the only ways to earn money as an affiliate marketer.


You could even make it big selling Apple products – thanks to the Apple affiliate program.


All you need is to become an affiliate and promote the brand’s products via text links and banners.


The program covers almost all of their products and is being sought after by many of the affiliates because of the money it offers. Here’s everything you need to know about the Apple Affiliate Program and how it benefits the affiliate marketers.


What is the Apple Affiliate Program?


The Apple Affiliate program has been launched by Apple where anyone can become an affiliate of the website, or in case of an application, an App Store affiliate.


Here, Apple affiliates will get to promote the official Apple products on their website or application and refer it to the customers. This can be done with the use of Apple text links or Apple banners which can be clicked upon by the users.


The Apple Affiliate program rewards its network and pays them on the number of people who’ve clicked upon the link and the number of products that they’ve bought. Apple also tries helping out the affiliates by constantly providing them with newsletters in order to keep them up to date on the latest products, offers, and promotions. The Affiliate program includes the Apple products like iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and many other accessories.


The program offered by the brand is free of charge and has periodic reviews. This means that even after your site has been cleared to be an affiliate, Apple will constantly review it to make sure it stays relevant. It is also important to note that the affiliates cannot use their own marketing materials but have to use the ones provided by Apple.

Apple TV


How to use the Apple Affiliate Program?


The affiliate program introduced by Apple is free for everyone to use but on must have a website or a blog to use this program. In order to create an affiliate link, you can click on tools on your dashboard and choose anyone of the available options. Here are the methods one can use to create the affiliate links for the products they want to sell.


RSS Feed Generator: An RSS can be created of the top selling products of the company and set as a widget on your blog. This works especially well on the websites that follow a particular niche and therefore, can provide specific information.


Link Maker: Link maker is only used when one needs to create an affiliate link manually for an individual product. You can create them in bulk and post them along on your website.


Auto Link Maker: For the blogs who are a little old or already have a couple of links to the App Store or Apple’s official site, the Auto link maker is a perfect choice. All you have to do is add a few lines Javascript code to your site. This will automatically get converted into a link. One doesn’t have to worry about maintaining this link or manually create one for the future posts.


Widget builder: The widget builder allows you to create a widget for an app and embed it on your site or application. It allows the user to go through the details, read the description of the app, and then click on it.


What are the benefits of the Apple Affiliate Program?


Apple places the value of all its affiliates on the number of users they bring to Apple’s website and the amount of money they spend in, buying the products. Here are all the benefits offered by the Apple Affiliate Program:


Apple provides newsletters about their latest products and updates to ease the burden on the affiliates. The affiliates can use this information and improve their sales.


All the customers sent by the affiliates get free standard shipping on all of their orders and can get their iPod and iPad engraved as well.


The customers also get an exclusive chance at the custom configuration of Apple computers which is quite difficult to get otherwise.


The customers sent by the affiliates also get a curated set of accessories for the products they’ve bought.


Some facts related to the program


Here are some of the important guidelines to keep in mind when planning to become an Affiliate of the Apple Affiliate program:


The cookie period of all your affiliate links is 24 hours. This means that to be eligible for a commission, the user using your affiliate link must buy a product in 24 hours.


Since you’re eligible for a commission on all purchases, you can also make affiliate links for the free stuff on the website.


The payment is available for cashing after 90 days of the purchase.


You can make use of several apps in order to make your life easier and generate affiliate links on them. This way, all you have to worry about is the placement of the meme and the sales, the generator app will take care of the rest.


Should you sign up too?


If you’re looking for a good affiliate marketing program, yes. Apple provides a huge number of benefits with its affiliate programs and offers a great commission as well. It also helps its affiliate by providing them regular updates to make more sales.


Create as many affiliate links and in as many ways as they please to make a sale. The only thing to keep in mind is that it all needs to be pre-approved by the brand and the purchases must happen in the 24 hours of the click. The commission and the amount of freedom an affiliate gets are enough to make anyone sign up for this. You can apply to be an Apple affiliate by clicking here.

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