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Looking to get of an affiliate marketing program that actually works? Clickbank has got everybody interested and we are sure that you might want to try out newer programs that promise better rewards. The problem is, there are not many legible businesses that offer affiliate marketers a good bargain. How does Avangate fare in that regard?


What is Avangate? Understanding the Possibilities

Avangate is a turn-key solution that provides an ecommerce platform to manage a business’s entire software sales online, around the world. It involves everything from services like payment collections globally through front and payment forms posting to a channel manager module which allows you to manage your channel and resell a business through Avangate’s platform.


In short, it is an international platform for digital business and subscription billing which helps maximize sales for software, SaaS and other digitized solutions.


It’s a great solution for businesses who wish to go global by being able to accept local currency and local payment methods like direct debit or wire transfers at a local bank. Avangate provides out of the box services like customer support for international customers keeping in mind the global business hours and languages.


Avangate also has an attractive client list which includes companies like Absolute, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Hewlett-Packard, FICO and many others around the world.


Avangate for Affiliate Marketers

Avangate gives its marketers access to an affiliate network which allows them to promote and sell their product globally.


Integrated platform to help you make more sales

What sets Avangate aside from other competitors who are into similar services is that Avangate is an integrated platform that doesn’t just focus on ecommerce singularly.


Instead, it focuses on ecommerce managing the customers reseller channel through the same platform as a general sales combining that with the affiliate network while doing it on a global scale and then adding additional features like a subscription management tool or a customer service tool all in a single platform.



Mobile friendly website

Avangate also provides solutions optimized for mobile environment so it doesn’t matter whether you use a mobile device or a desktop because better optimization means that similar quality levels are maintained on either environments.

Avangate’s platform is completely hosted and managed via cloud services online. Hence the vendor has access to the entire infrastructure and platform through the internet.


Great choices for affiliate marketers

When you login through an online portal every activity is listed on the platform and you have the choice of accessing through either web portals or API’s. And no matter channel you choose all of the various international features like different payment methods, order management or different languages are available to you.

Avangate was founded in 2006 and since then, has acquired a global presence in the international arena of digital commerce. Avangate is headquartered in Atlanta in the United States of America and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


Becoming an affiliate with Avangate – The Top advantages

There are numerous benefits for those that wish to join the Avangate Affiliate Program which include The following.

• Even if you are a beginner and want to join as an affiliate but are worried due to lack of experience Avangate offers a free downloadable eBook. It contains 100 tips for Affiliate Success in Selling which provides a lot of important tips especially for beginners.

• The process to join the Avangate affiliate is as easy as a breeze, it just takes a few minutes to sign-up and it is absolutely free without any hidden costs.

• Once you’ve set up and established partnerships with vendors, you can earn up to 75% in set commissions. If you perform well, it is guaranteed that you will be rewarded well with special bonuses and paid license renewals.

• The affiliate support team provides fantastic care and support and is at your disposal 24/7 either through e-mail or live chat. You are always catered by a real person and not a bot with regards to all affiliate matters and also in real time.

• The real-time reports allows you to monitor your activities clearly and precisely. You can instantly access various reports like sales, conversion rates, earnings per click, refunds etc. You can also export your sales orders through API’s.

• You are able to attract more clients with coupons generated from your own commission and vendors’ promotions.

• Avangate allows you to create affiliate links that go directly to the product checkout page which increases the conversion rate.

• You have the option of customizing vendor payment templates with graphics from your own website which helps establish your unique identity and helps in creating a smooth shopping experience for the visitors.

• A unified subscription management lifecycle allows higher retention and efficiency. You can give customers a seamless experience that they demand through the subscription management and recurring billing solution. Strengthening customer relations means recurring revenue over a longer period of time.

• Avangate securely handles millions of transactions worldwide on the regular which include over 4000 of the most demanding ecommerce businesses in over 180 countries. For more than 10 years Avangate has helped keep a thousands of companies ahead of their competitors in the most challenging markets while increasing their revenues and growing their businesses online.

• Avangate is currently ranked in the number 1 position of the Affiliate Network focusing on Software and Digital Goods.



Should you go for it?

The payments seem to be prompt and they make it easy to sell its products. The commission’s are good too, and since you have a wide niche here, along with Avangates’ own brand name, it will help you succeed as an affiliate marketer.


With access to most parts of the world, it won’t be long before you can make your first sale as an Avangate affiliate marketer.

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