Benefits of Grammarly – A Wise Choice

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Grammarly, in a way, is a lifesaving website for thousands of students across the world. There has hardly ever been a student who hasn’t proof read their assignment on Grammarly at least once. Most proof-readers that you find online do point out the spelling mistakes in the text, but almost never stand up to the test of context. There are several places where the spelling of a word is right, but doesn’t fit into the context of the sentence.


Grammarly comes as a savior at this time, as it takes care of punctuation, spelling, grammar, confused words, and everything you may need to improve your assignment. If you’ve repeatedly been using a phrase in your text, Grammarly has the capability to suggest an alternative. It can also check your text for plagiarism and provide just the right advice to improve it. If you’re planning to get Grammarly for yourself, here are the top benefits of the application.


Benefits of Grammarly

As an affiliate marketer, you might be wondering why you would need it. Here is the thing – you are sure to produce a lot of content to promote your affiliate products, and with Grammarly, you can ensure that all of it remains accurate and professional, just the way things have to be. Here is a look at what you would love about it.


Corrects your mistakes

Grammarly is the perfect tool to check for spelling, punctuation, excessive usage of a particular word, weak adjectives, etc. in your text. Developed by passionate linguists, Grammarly can pinpoint even the tiniest of mistakes and help you correct them. It will help you get rid of the weak adjectives in the text so that you can convey the message you want strongly.


Improves style of writing

Grammarly understands that most of us slip into passive voice every time we start writing. No matter how robust and lively our content is, passive voice is an unavoidable hurdle. However, if you want your content to sound fresh and engaging for the reader, you must use active voice. Therefore, grammarly points the usage out in your checking and helps you write better.


Easy to use

Grammarly is one of the easiest tools to use, especially with the younger kids. All one has to do is to post their content on the website, and let it be checked. You can also fix your content if it has been plagiarized, or upload it if needed. Apart from that, every mistake in the text is pointed out with a red or yellow error, so that you won’t have to search all over the text to confirm your tiny mistake.


Available for free

The major errors and spelling mistakes in your text can be looked after by the free version of the Grammarly itself. However, if you wish to see that advanced nature of your phrases, you can opt for the paid version of the Grammarly. The application helps one in pointing out passive voice in the text or offers better adjectives in place of weaker ones.


Educates all its users

Apart from being a handy tool for all occasions, Grammarly also plays a massive role in educating all its users. It has a blog that regularly posts content about grammar, incorrect usage of words, and how to write in different situations. All of these reasons make grammarly an effective tool for educating people of all ages.


Affiliate Program for Grammarly users

Apart from being an easy to use and effective tool for all students and working employees alike, Grammarly also helps affiliate marketers earn some money. This is possible with the help of the affiliate program provided by Grammarly. One can sign up pretty easily into the program and get a $25 starting bonus as well. Thus, Grammarly is not only a great website to take help from but also one that can help you earn some extra cash. If you plan to use Grammarly for your affiliate marketing, here are the ways in which it will help you earn money.


Sign up for the program

Grammarly is one of the most popular affiliates for education content and is very easy to use. One can sign onto the application in less than 60 seconds and start earning at the earliest. Since it is an educational tool, it’s better or related websites that offer regular content. You can become their affiliate by directly clicking so on their website or use CJ and ShareASale for the same.


Write a post to earn $25

Grammarly starts giving payouts as soon as one registers as an affiliate. All you have to do it’s just place a banner on your website and write a post. This will earn all its affiliates a $25 registration bonus. The free registration cost as low as $0.20 and can be converted into a premium plan at $20.


Start earning money

Grammarly offers some of the best payouts to all its affiliates. Which is why it is quite popular with many affiliate marketers. The benefits of Grammarly affiliate program include a conversion rate of 20 to 30%, a $25 activation bonus, a cross-device tracking, performance incentives along with a 90-day cookie window. If you happen to be a top performer for the Grammarly affiliate program, you might get even more perks. These benefits include cash bonuses out, increased payouts, and exclusive discounts.


Grammarly is not only an important tool for your college assignment but also a source of income for your website. If you are willing to opt for an affiliate program, Grammarly would be one of the best ways to go as everyone uses it. The affiliate program has a simple two-tier system and offers great support to all its affiliates.


You should go for a Grammarly free trial today!


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6 thoughts on “Benefits of Grammarly – A Wise Choice”

  1. Hi, Thanks a lot for sharing about this tool. This is really a helpful to writers especially to online bloggers who are in a hurry or who do not have much time to proofread their works. I clicked on your link for grammarly and i was just would like to know it the activation bonus could be used to purchase the plan. I think it is really easy to use grammarly and it is also beneficial to many affiliates looking for great product to promote.

    1. To be honest, I’m not sure. I checked the website and there is no indication whether you can or cannot do this. Your best bet would be to email customer service and see if this is something that can be done.

  2. Dominik

    I have seen Grammarly advertised on YouTube quite a bit regarding writing essays for students but I never thought about using it for my articles but now that I have read this I’m seriously considering it! It sounds really good and the cost doesn’t seem that high either which makes it pretty well suited for students like myself. Thanks for this, it’s convinced me to look further into it.

    1. Thank you Dominik, glad to help. Grammarly really is a great tool. Good luck with your articles.

  3. Paul

    Dear Ed,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the benefits of Grammarly.

    I am a Grammarly user and I am sharing my own experience here.

    Since English is not my first language and being a full-time blogger Grammarly is a greater help to me. I correct my typo and grammar error’s using it. I am very pleased with the benefits I do recommend it to my visitors. In my blog I have nearly 150+ posts and all are proof read by Grammarly

    I wrote a review post on Grammarly and shared my experience for that as you mentioned I received $25 bonus which is amazing. The best thing is you can try it for free and nothing to lose. Very helpful and its a must have tool.

    Wishing you much success!


    1. That is great to hear Paul. Good luck with your site!

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