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BigSpot Surveys Review – Not Worth Your Time

What is exactly? Is it a scam? Is it possible to make good money using this website? Read on to find out in this honest review of!

What is is an online paid survey website. When you arrive on their homepage, you’ll be asked for your date of birth, gender, and email address. Once you sign up by giving these details, they will then email you with links to other websites where you can complete surveys in exchange for small amounts of money. This is quite a common formula, and Bigspot is not the only website to offer the ability to complete surveys in exchange for payment. However, Bigspot has become particularly well known because they have advertised themselves on TV, which is unusual for an online paid survey company. This extra publicity has led to a lot more people searching online to find out if this website is legitimate or not, and that’s why we decided to put together this review.

Who is behind

After combing through their terms and conditions and privacy policy pages, you’ll find that Bigspot is operated by Varsityplaza LLC, but you’ll have problems if you want any more information about this company, as the whole thing is very vague and mysterious, which probably isn’t a good sign! A similar sense of vagueness can be found on their social media pages, which are mostly filled with random content that doesn’t make much sense. In general, they seem to have quite a sketchy presence online and you won’t be able to find out much at all about the company.

How does it work?

After you sign up for Bigspot by putting in your details on their site, you will soon find that the site doesn’t actually offer you any paid surveys directly. It will soon become evident to you that it is, in fact, an ‘aggregator’ site, which provides links to other third party websites for you to complete the surveys on instead. This means that you will have to submit more personal information on each website that you choose to complete a survey on, which exposes your personal information to the internet repeatedly, and that is really not ideal for your privacy! You’ll also notice a lot of unwanted spam starts to appear in your inbox after you sign up at

Is any previous experience or knowledge required?

The type of surveys that Bigspot will normally send you to will not be difficult to complete, and as such you won’t need any special skills or experience. Most of the surveys come from companies who are looking to better understand consumer sentiment, and you won’t have any difficulties, as you will just answer with your honest opinion about products, services and other subjects related to marketing.

How much can you earn?

You can generally earn between $1 and $3 per survey completed, and each survey will take you roughly one hour to get through.

Is a scam?

This question is not straightforward to answer. Although it’s run by a real company, very little information can be found about that company, and their social media pages have very generic content which doesn’t inspire confidence. So technically the answer is no, is not a scam, but they have scam-like practices that you should be aware of. Aside from the vagueness of the company, there are also privacy issues associated with the fact that your personal information will go to many different third party sites, the fact that you will receive plenty of spam after you sign up, and the most worrying one of all, which relates to the payment. If you research online you’ll find many people reporting that they were never paid what they earned, which is a very real warning sign if you’re considering signing up. Some people seem to have received payment just fine, but many didn’t. It seems to be up to luck whether you’ll be paid or not! Also, if you consider that each survey will take you roughly an hour and will pay between 1 and 3 dollars, you’re looking at an hourly wage that would be illegal in the real job world. That might be the real scam here!

The Pros

  • It’s completely free to sign up to complete surveys for money
  • The surveys are not difficult to complete and don’t require any specific knowledge
  • By linking to many different survey sites, Bigspot can save you a lot of time looking for all the different sites

The Cons

  • Instead of giving your details to one site, at Bigspot you will have to submit personal information to many different sites, exposing your details all over the internet
  • The company is very vague about itself and appears to be hiding things publically
  • By giving them your email address, you will expose yourself to a large amount of spam
  • Your hourly wage is likely to be between $1 and $2
  • Many people have reported that they haven’t been paid


In conclusion, we wouldn’t particularly recommend Bigspot as a good way to make money online. With such low hourly pay you’re better off working any job for minimum wage, and that’s if Bigspot even pay you at all. If you want to earn money online, we would recommend other survey sites, and indeed other methods which pay a lot more, like affiliate marketing.

Score: 35/100

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