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Founded in 2003 by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton, Bluehost hosting company is one of the world’s leading and inexpensive web hosting provider. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, the company has 750+ employees dedicated to providing high-quality hosting services to customers.

inexpensive web hosting provider

Bluehost currently powers more than 2 million websites and blogs. Whether you are a novice or experienced user, Bluehost has tools designed to help users get their websites and apps running and thriving on the internet.


As of 2010, Bluehost became part of Endurance International Group of brands. Thanks to the support provided by Endurance International Group, Bluehost has been able to accelerate its mission finally offering customers more than the competitors.


Bluehost Hosting Plans

As one of the leading and most secure web hosting company in the world, Bluehost offers hosting plans for all users and budgets. As the #1 recommended web hosting company for WordPress, users get to benefit from a free domain, free SSL and 24/7 support for select web hosting plans.


Bluehost offers the following hosting plans.

Shared Hosting – planning on hosting your first blog or website? Shared hosting is the plan for you. As a shared service running on a powerful and proven platform, website owners can host their first blog or website here. What you ought to know is that shared hosting means you will be sharing the same server with other users but your data will be secured and there will be no conflict with other account users.


Plans under Shared Hosting include:

Basic @ $2.95/month.

Plus @ $5.95/month

Choice Plus @$5.95/month

Features available with Basic shared hosting plan include hosting for 1 website, 50GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, 1 domain and 5 email accounts.


For both Plus and Choice Plus, users will enjoy unlimited storage, unlimited hosting for websites, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, standard performance, 1 domain and unlimited email accounts.


WordPress Managed Hosting – Enjoy fast, secure and simplified hosting service for your WordPress site with WordPress recommended hosting. As the most secure and inexpensive web hosting provider for your WordPress blog or website, it’s built on revolutionary technology. As a result, you will also enjoy high performance and offer your online users the best experience.


There are four plans under WordPress Hosting namely:

WP Standard @ $19.99/month

WP Enhanced @ 29.99/month

WP Premium @ $39.99/month

WP Ultimate @ $49.99/month


VPS Hosting – built using revolutionary technology, VPS hosting relies on SSD storage which means performance is blazing fast. That is not all. You will also enjoy increased flexibility and power which means your users will browse your web pages faster.


The following are plans offered under VPS hosting:

Standard @ $19.99/month

Enhanced @ 29.99/month

Ultimate @ 59.99/month


Dedicated Hosting – if you want to offer your online users the ultimate experience and improved security, dedicated hosting is the plan for you. By selecting this plan, you will be allocated your own server which has been custom built by the in-house team of engineers using the latest technology. With RAID Level 1 support, your drives are mirrored which means your data is extremely protected.


Plans available under dedicated hosting include:

Standard @ $79.99

Enhanced @ $99.99

Premium @ $119.99/month


Revolutionary Cloud solution – Simple, powerful and extremely secure, Bluehost revolutionary cloud solution is easy to use and affordable. That is not all. Your data is mirrored across all three devices which mean in case of failure, your online users will not experience any disruption. In addition, your data is protected thanks to integrated caching which translates to accelerated web content.


Plans include:

Starter @ $6.95/month

Performance @ $8.95/month

Business Pro @ $15.95/month

Other Bluehost Services

Aside from hosting plans and dedicated customer support, Bluehost offers other services too namely:



 Website design – don’t know how to build a mobile-friendly website? Developers at Bluehost can do this for you. They can build a 5-page website where 3 pages are optimized for search engines and offer professional branding thanks to the in-house team of graphic designers. In addition, the developers will include a blog, a photo gallery and contact form.

 Marketing – To attract visitors to your new website, you need to market it. Don’t know how to promote your website? Why not work with Bluehost marketing team. They will optimize your website for search engines, manage your local business listing, provide unique content and create social bookmarks.


Bluehost Pros

High-speed performance

Bluehost has built its servers using the latest in technology. Thanks to the custom-made architecture, the servers are able to deliver blazing fast performance. In addition, users will enjoy improved power, advanced NGINX architecture and custom configurations.


Simple and easy to use

Regardless of the selected hosting plan, Bluehost hosting services are easy to use. This is because the user’s dashboard is integrated with key tools and features designed for website and server management.


Extremely Secure

As said earlier, Bluehost in-house team of engineers built all servers using custom hardware. As a result, customers are assured of improved security. Not only does Bluehost offer free SSL with select hosting plans but advanced CDN and Sitelock Professional too.


Dedicated 24/7 support

Need answers to your questions on select hosting plans or any other service? Bluehost offers dedicated 24/7 support to all its customers. Both the dedicated support and engineering team works round the clock to troubleshoot your hosting account at a moment’s notice.


RAID Level 1 storage

To secure your data and prevent any loss in case the servers malfunction, engineers at Bluehost have implemented RAID Level 1 storage. This means each storage mirrors the other. As a result, a copy of your data is preserved.


Recommended by WordPress

WordPress recommends Bluehost WordPress Managed Hosting to all WordPress site owners. Why? Bluehost offers blazing fast performance, improved power, easy to use control panel and improved security. Other benefits you will enjoy include 1 click WordPress Install, access to hundreds of themes, add-ons, and plug-ins.


30 Day money back guarantee

Not satisfied with any of Bluehost hosting plans? Don’t worry; Bluehost will refund you. This is because Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your hosting plan and would like to choose another company, simply follow the instructions in your account to receive your money.



Migrating your website is not free

A vast majority of inexpensive web hosting providers offer site migration for free. Sadly, Bluehost does not. Actually, website owners planning to migrate will have to part with a fee – $149.99. In addition, the engineers will only migrate less than 5 sites.


Cheap with strings attached

Although Bluehost introductory hosting plans are cheap, they come with strings attached. Some of the features you may not enjoy as a result of the strings attached include increased storage and reduced RAM size among others.


Bluehost Affiliate Program

As a blogger, you can earn a commission by referring visitors to Bluehost. For each sign up your visitors make, your account will be credited with $65. It’s free to join and sign up takes less than 5 minutes. Once you have signed up, Bluehost will give you a unique tracking code.



How Bluehost affiliate program works

The first step is to sign up and create an account which takes less than 5 minutes. Once you have signed up successfully, you will be issued with a unique tracking code. To attract visitors and promote Bluehost, you can use links and custom banners.


For every visitor who clicks on the link and signs up for any hosting plan at Bluehost, your account will be credited with $65. By promoting Bluehost, not only will you earn money but also you will educate your visitors about the company.


Is Bluehost Affiliate program right for you?

Yes, not only will you earn $65 in commission for every sign-up, you will have access to a dedicated support team who will be at hand to offer you personalized advice. In addition, you can create customized campaigns to help you monitor your traffic – clicks, and conversions.


Get started with Bluehost affiliate program.


Bluehost Customer Support

Bluehost offers dedicated 24/7 customer support across all its hosting plans. To ensure all your questions are answered and all your problems are resolved, Bluehost customer support works together with the engineers. As a result, not only will your queries be answered but also your server related issues will be resolved within the hour.


Thanks to Bluehost reliable customer support, not only will your online users enjoy a seamless experience and high performance when interacting with your blog or website but also your data will not be lost.


Is Bluehost hosting worth it?

Although Bluehost is praised for its WordPress Managed Hosting plan which is actually recommended by WordPress developers, it offers other hosting plans which are just powerful. For starters, users can select VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting or Cloud hosting solutions. With these solutions, not only will a blogger or website owner offer his or her online users with a great experience coupled with blazing fast performance but also one will be assured of improved security.


As one of the leading and inexpensive web hosting provider in the world, Bluehost offers 99.9% uptime guarantee, unmetered bandwidth for select plans, enhanced cPanel for easier management, revolutionary server technology, and free SSL.


So, do we recommend Bluehost? Yes, we do. Not only do they offer hosting plans for all users but also the company has simplified how its customers can manage their websites and blogs. In addition, Bluehost offers dedicated 24/7 support which keeps your website or blogs up and running all year round.

Affiliates Corner gives it 86/100.

All the best,


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10 thoughts on “Bluehost Review – The Inexpensive Web Hosting Provider for You”

  1. Bibian

    Nice Review!
    Bluehost looks good with this review here.
    It seems good for Internet marketing and website upgrading. I would like to partiner with them, though those Amount rate is high. But I believe, good things comes with high price tag.
    For web designing, though, I have already designed mine but I think, many can fancy working with Bluehost. They seem legit and good.

    Thanks once again!

  2. Sharon

    Hello Ed.

    Thanks for the thorough review. I have seen many website owners promoting Bluehost but have not gotten the chance to take a better look at it until now. For a beginner, the shared hosting is very doable indeed. We could start off with it and may later upgrade to the next. But migrating is very expensive as you have pointed out. Something I need to think about.

    Thanks again,

    1. Ed

      Thank you Sharon. It is just a matter of weighing your options, finding out what’s best for you. Good luck!

  3. Chris

    I’ve been looking into various providers over the last fortnight and Blurhost does seem to be the best value for money, especially with the Shared Platform membership. 

    My first concern with this though is how reliable these servers are? I mean, surely the more websites you have on a server the bigger the strain on the server itself? Do they have a history of servers going offline for periods etc because of this?

    I’m also pretty new to blogging, so I’d like a service that offers excellent support if anything goes wrong my end. Do you feel Bluehost can provide this? If not – who would you suggest instead?

    1. Ed

      Thank you Chris. By all accounts there are no issues with Bluehost as far as servers going offline. As far as customer service goes, they offer 24/7 support. Hope this helps.

  4. Kisumu

    I was really curious and wanted to find a thorough review on Bluehost. So many people recommended me and to many people Bluehost that I wanted to check what they offer and what experience people have with it. I am really glad that I bumped into your site as you wrote about every single aspect that has to be considered. I think for most people, who are not really techies, just want to have a website or a blog for any reason, hosting or even managed hosting should be a must and as I see, Bluehost can provide that as well. Do you have any comparison with other hosting providers? Or are you planning to make one? Let me know of that 🙂

  5. Parmi

    I’ve never heard of Bluehost, but it looks to have quite a good platform and good plans overall. As an affiliate marketer, I’m always looking for ways to improve my website and what I know so this is definitely taking me to the right direction. I specially like that it contains an affiliate program with a credit of $65/signup. This is definitely a good incentive and I’ll look into signing up so that I could use the affiliate program and put it in my own website. 

    1. Ed

      Thank you Parmi. Their affiliate program is very generous. 

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