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If you believe in the power of physical exercise, you know that there can be no substitute for it. There is nothing like flexing your muscles and putting your best foot forward to see a healthier version of yourself.


Quite often, we forget to take care of ourselves because of the busy hectic lives we lead. Moreover, there is always the temptation of junk food trying to lure us away from the healthy path. It is important not to get diverted from the goal which is to maintain a nutritious diet and a simple lifestyle.


Contrary to popular belief, being fit is not about being thin. Working out is essential for all people because it helps them become stronger, both emotionally and physically. In this journey, we need an aid who will keep us on the right path at all times.


What is will be your one true companions as you embark on the path to ultimate fitness. They seek to transform your unhealthy habits so that you can lead a long and happy life. The website is one of the largest online fitness stores available, but it is so much more than that! Bodybuilding home workout takes on things a bit differently.


For one, they have provisions to guide you as a personal trainer and nutritionist. You will not have the need to hire a separate supplement expert because they will give you all the guidance you need in that department.


The website wants to give you all the tools and products you could possibly need so as to turn into your best self- the one that you have dreamt of your whole life. They have been in the business since 1999 and have gathered enough experience to help different people with different needs.


They are known to value their members highly. No matter how small a query you have, you can approach them whenever you want. They will solve your problems and give you a motivational boost. At, they consider your success to be theirs. They even encourage their employees to maintain healthier lives and inspire others to do so.


What does offer?

Once you become a part of this community, you will find that there is a lot to explore. The site has been designed in such a manner that you will get everything you need on your fitness journey under one roof.


Original content

The website houses thousands of free articles which you can read in leisure if you want to learn more about fitness and health, If you are more of a visual entity, then you will love watching the videos created by some of the experts in the field for the site. You will find endless information on nutrition, supplements and workouts. There is a scope of developing willpower and motivation through them. Bodybuilding home workouts are sending to work well.


Make your own plan

The website comes with its very own Find a Plan tool that will let you personalise your daily routine. There are readymade fitness plans for free which come with video instructions regarding daily workouts. If you want to rein in your intake of food, then you can take advice about nutrition information and supplements.



One of the biggest advantages of being associated with is that you will have access to the world’s #1 online sports nutrition retailer. They have built their reputation over almost two decades, and today they are known for their superior quality control.


Their client base has begun to trust them in terms of the products they sell, and they are not willing to jeopardize that. So you can be assured that you are buying only leading fitness supplements brands from the site. You will love their lightning-fast shipping feature.


Wide community

Becoming fit can be a tedious and boring task when taken up alone. You tend to lose your motivation very soon, after which you give up on your quest. With, you will never have to fear being alone because you will have a huge support system ready to extend help to you whenever you need.


BodySpace, the biggest online fitness community, has beginners and experts who will answer your questions and hear you out when you are down. You can take inspiration from them, and take advantage of the easy-to-use tools that the site has to offer.


Take up challenges

You know what is a foolproof way of ensuring that you never get tired of your journey towards fitness? Challenging yourself. Once you attain a goal, take it further. You can never be happy with a one-time achievement if you want long-lasting results. Transformation challenges will allow you to test your limits and maintain a certain lifestyle.


The Affiliate Program: Is it for you? has a strong affiliate programme that can prove to be very useful for companies. If you are planning to get into a partnership with the website, you can do so without hesitation because you will be paid well as long as you come up with cutting-edge fitness information which will prove useful to customers.


If you have good supplement deals to offer, then is the site for you because it is a very popular store in the fitness community. Almost 1.1 million visitors browse through the site daily which means that your products will get the publicity that you crave.


Once you join the team of, you will be able to change the lives of millions of people across the world. You will be making your contribution to making the world a healthier place while getting monetary remuneration for the same. Could anything be better?


The Working

Being a part of the affiliate community of is easy and simple. You do not have to wrack your brains trying to figure out how the website works. The website will give you different kinds of tools and digital components that will help you increase the traffic to based on your consent. The onus is on you to use the resources wisely.


If you manage to make the best of the situation and get the maximum output, then you will be paid an excellent commission. The amount of money you will be receiving is based on the success of your campaign. Moreover, the site also takes into account the quality of the customers that you bring. If you browse their site thoroughly, you will find the different purchase amounts for different customers., on their part, will give you everything you need in order to attract clients. You will have access to eye-catching banners and compelling text links. You can also use fresh articles that will be informative for customers. Social media posts can make a huge difference to your popularity. If you manage to impress people on social media, there will be no stopping you.


All the tools come with unique IDs that will let you measure the amount of traffic you manage to gather for the website. If you already have an audience that focuses on leading healthy lives, then you should join this affiliate programme. You stand to earn a lot!



Applying to the affiliate programme at is not a tough job! You just need to follow a few basic steps in order to set up your account.


1. Visit the link to begin with.


2. You will be taken to an application page where you have to insert your details. Pepperjam is the name of the affiliate network you will be joining.


3. Now you have to create your own account. Once that is complete, search for to proceed.

4. There are different affiliate programs to choose from. Go with the one that appeals to you the most.


Making money

There are different ways you can earn your money through the affiliate programme.


1. Store Affiliate

You can choose to attract more clients by offering amazing deals on certified products. is the world’s biggest online speciality sports nutrition store which means that they have a reputation to keep. You must only deal in the biggest brands if you want to impress the bigshots. If you manage to do it right, you will be earning money while your customers will be saving theirs and thanking you.


2. The All-access Affiliate

With the help of the All Access subscription service you will be able to give your users exclusive content from the website. They can access expert-designed fitness plans ready for use. You will get a commission if your clients subscribe to this service.


3. Commission Structure

The payouts you will receive for driving customers to are as follows:

  • 15% for new customers
  • 5% for returning customers: The tracking cookies at are one-time use only. In order to get credit for any subsequent orders, that customer needs to go through your website.
  • 2% payout for coupon-only sites

The Nexus tax laws prevent the website from extending their affiliate programme to all American states. If they partner up with any of the states that are forbidden, then they will have to ask for sales tax from all customers. Since the website focuses on giving customers the best service at affordable prices, they cannot make such a compromise. has helped in real life transformations of people all across the globe, and you can become one of them with just a simple click. Shop for the best fitness supplements, formulate the perfect diet chart or learn how to master your workout; the site is open for all. Have a healthy day!

All the best,


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