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Bring the Fresh Review 2020

In the world of making money online, many products and courses come and go, and trends emerge as profitable for a while, and then slink back into the shadows of history. Some products have managed to stick around for years though, and today we’ll be looking at Bring the Fresh, which is one of those products that has been around for several years and has established quite a well-known brand in the make money online space.

What is Bring the Fresh?

Bring the Fresh, created by Kelly Felix, is an affiliate marketing course that focuses on the technique of building niche websites that are specifically tailored to cater to a specific audience and promote highly relevant products in that niche in return for commissions on sales.

The essential objective for course students is to get traffic to their niche sites in order to generate affiliate sales, and this is done by getting the niche site to rank in search engine results. These search engine rankings are achieved by using SEO techniques.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a complete discipline in itself. Every search engine, from the behemoth that is Google, down to Bing, Yahoo and other smaller search engines like DuckDuckGo, uses its own highly sophisticated set of algorithms to determine what appears in the results when you search for a given term on their search page.

The resulting position of your site for a given search term is referred to as its ranking, and if you want traffic and affiliate sales, then your search engine ranking is of prime importance.

So if you want to rank your site well for certain search terms, you’ll want to use SEO techniques to change certain things about your site and its presence online, in order to get the best results from the search engines.

The constant challenge of SEO is that search engines like Google are always changing their algorithms, and what works really well one year can hardly work at all the next. This means that SEO specialists need to be highly adaptable to survive, and in a way, they are completely at the mercy of the search engine companies.

What’s inside Bring the Fresh?

The main part of the course is known as the ‘Guide to Everything’ and it’s in this section that Bring the Fresh claims you’ll find everything you need to succeed in ranking niche sites for affiliate profits.

But here you’ll start to notice a serious problem, especially if you are in the loop with recent SEO developments.

Bring the Fresh puts heavy emphasis on having a high number of backlinks pointing to your site in order to get it to rank.

A backlink is merely a link on a different website that points to your site, and Google has bots that crawl all over the web looking for links, and the more links it sees coming to your site the more that Google will take notice.

In fact, during the time that Bring the Fresh was released, having a large number of backlinks was actually a great way to get your site ranked, and the relevance of those links, or in other words the context of the sites that they were posted on, didn’t matter so much. Quantity of links really was key to getting your site ranked.

The problem now is that big search engines like Google no longer look at the quantity of backlinks alone in order to determine whether a site deserves a high ranking. Nowadays, with new versions of the Google algorithm, the context of those links is extremely important. The links need to be highly contextually relevant. So although quantity still matters somewhat, the quality of the links is much more important if you want to rank your site.

Bring the Fresh offers its own backlinking service to students starting at $150 per month, and if you use this service, backlinks to your site will be posted all around the web onto random websites. However, all the emphasis seems to be on link quantity and there is no mention of how contextually relevant the links will be. Due to the change in algorithms and the new emphasis on link quality that has been taken by all search engines these days, this seems like it would be a pointless waste of money.

Bring the Fresh also contains ‘The Basics’ videos, some of which go into a great level of detail. These bring a lot of value for beginners in the niche site space, and in our opinion, these videos are the best part of Bring the Fresh.

Another strong point of Bring the Fresh is the members forum, which is actually a great place to be. There are literally thousands of posts in there, and people from all levels (not just beginners) can actually learn a lot from the other members who are posting regularly in the forum.

There are plenty of nuggets of wisdom to be found there! One of the most common problems for people trying to make money online is actually loneliness, so it’s great to have a reliable place like the Bring the Fresh forum available so that you can make friends and valuable business contacts.

Do be careful with the forum though. As Bring the Fresh is fundamentally based on an outdated SEO strategy, the forum also has plenty of people preaching this type of approach, and it’s pretty futile. However, if you bear this in mind, you can still extract significant value from some of the forum threads.

Another one of the better parts of Bring the Fresh is the selection of interview videos. Kelly Felix has included full conversations with some of the most successful people in the niche site business, and some of these actually provide some incredible insights. We’d highly recommend you listen to these if you sign up on the program.

Closing Thoughts

Bring the Fresh has been around for many years, and in the past it has been one of the most successful make money online courses on the market. It’s also worthy of note that it’s not a scam, like many other programs are. However, it leaves itself a little vulnerable due to its focus on what is essentially an outdated SEO technique that won’t get you very far with the current algorithms used by search engines if you want to rank a niche site to make profits with affiliate promotion.

If you are dealing with any product that focuses on SEO as the main method to achieving success, you really have to make sure that the product can keep up with the current trends, because SEO is probably the most fast-changing field in digital marketing. It can of course bring you great success, but if you’re not 100% up to date with the most recent developments in the field, you can easily get left behind.

Unfortunately, if you rely on Bring the Fresh to provide the required knowledge, you’re going to find yourself in the ‘left behind’ camp, and your investment in the course will most likely go to waste. If you want to try to rank a niche site to make money with affiliate marketing, we recommend that you look for a much more recent, dare we say, ‘fresh’ program!

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