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Build Up your Passive Income during Retirement with Affiliate Marketing


It seems that most Americans are not financially prepared for their retirement-


1 out of every 3 citizens has not saved anything for retirement!


Also, the amount that the other 2/3s have saved doesn’t paint a very bright picture of post retirement life. 24% Americans are totally unconfident about being financially strong post their retirement.


So how much do you actually need to spend your retired life and how do Americans fare against it? Let’s find out why you need to look for extra income for retirement.


How much have Americans saved for Retirement?


According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) the average retirement savings of all American families is $95,776.


That doesn’t sound bad, right?


But the amount only portrays half the truth; it’s just the average and the families with big savings and schemes like super-savers pull up the number. So what is the better way to look at things?


We look at the median saving for all U.S families which gives us a better picture of the situation-


Turns out, the amount is a mere $5,000!


Now that is alarming! You are in for trouble if you haven’t started saving early or have developed alternate ways of earning.


How much do you need to Save for Retirement?


You may have heard many experts quoting the sweet number around $1 to $1.5 million to help you with your retirement. But $5,000 is far from it.


If you have managed to put away some money, then your median retirement savings should be around $60,000, says EPI. But still the sum may not be enough to meet your family’s need.


You can depend on social security, but the average a retired person gets per month from it stands at $1,355 per month as of November 2016. Not much we can say unless you have considerable saving in your 401k or other retirement plans.


It seems Americans will struggle to live a comfortable retired life with the money they have saved. What makes things worse is 55% employed persons retire earlier than expected. That means less time to save!


You may save on transport as you need to travel less after retirement, but what about the ever rising healthcare costs? They are not going to come down anytime soon.


According to Fidelity, a retired 65 year old couple needs to spend $275,000 on healthcare out of their pockets!


You will need anything from 35% to 70% of your present income post retirement depending on various factors like –


– Health and medical costs

– Lifestyle

– Area of living and costs

– Retirement income from social security, 401k

– Alternative income avenues post retirement


So how can you save enough or develop a good income source you can exploit after you retire?


Develop Passive Sources of Income


If you can find a relaxed way of building up passive income, retirement doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you. You can relax, enjoy life and stop worrying about saving enough!


But how do you do that?


Welcome to the World of Affiliate Marketing


How would you like to earn just by promoting products and services on your website?


That’s the gist of affiliate marketing!


You must have seen ads of products on various blogs clicking which takes you to the company website or an online shopping platform. You can put such ads and banners on your website and get paid every time buys something following your link or just clicks on it, according to the earning conditions.


How do you Start Affiliate Marketing?


You will need a website or a blog where you can advertise products and services. Then you need to sign up with Affiliate programs of your niche that help you with tools to promote their products on your blog. You can sign up say with Amazon’s Affiliate Program, promote products on your website and get paid when anyone purchases following your link.


It’s that easy and you don’t generally need to pay anything to join affiliate programs which are offered by almost all brands in every category.


Let’s take a Scenario to Make Things Clear


Let’s say you love gardening and run a blog where you post tips on the subject. While attending to your plants you find that a product is really good. Then you find the affiliate program of that brand and promote it on your brand.


You are promoting and earning from a product that you believe in and know is good. People will also be benefited when they follow your recommendation and purchase the product- a win-win situation for both!



Affiliate marketing is simple too – and once you know the tricks of the trade, you just have to find out the right product to promote and reach out to your niche audience to sell more. And the more you sell, the more money you make!

All the best,


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