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Chris Farrell Membership Review

Review Name: Chris Farrell Membeship
Price: $4.95 first week, $37 per month afterwards, or pay yearly for $297
Owner: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank: 83 out of 100

The Chris Farrell Membership is an online program ran by successful internet marketer Chris Farrell. The purpose of the program is to teach people how to make money on the internet.

Chris Farrell utilizes his vast experience and impeccable coaching ability in the marketing field to help others find success online.

Farrell’s expertise can be backed up by the fact that he won the number one coaching program in both 2011 and 2012 by IMReport card,which is website that specializes in reviewing internet marketing products. In addition, the program uses instructional videos to train members on basics of generating traffic to your website.

The introduction video to the program includes Chris Farrell talking about how much money he has made through online marketing and a description of how the website works. In the members area of the website, you will find several informative videos that detail proven marketing methods.

While the videos are great, there are advertisements mixed into the videos. These advertisements are  encouraging you to buy various products and services,which can get annoying at times. Also, some of the content is out of date,but is a good start for people just starting out in the marketing field.

The program also includes a forum for members to ask questions. The forum is very helpful,but it is hard to navigate through. There are no divisions inside the forum, so all the questions are concentrated in a singular area.

This makes it difficult for members because you have to spend a lot of time browsing through the forum area to find what you are looking for. Overall, the program is very easy to understand thanks to the fact that it breaks down effective marketing strategies through well produced video presentations.


The Good And Bad




  • The price is cheap to start the program.


  • You will have a great support system.


  • The program teaches people valuable tips regarding building a successful website.


  • The program gives you effective teaching through step by step training.


  • The videos give you the blueprint for attaining marketing success online.


  • The program will host your website for free.


  • The videos are well produced.


  • This program only teaches you ethical marketing strategies.




  • Some of the methods taught are outdated.


  • To join the program,you have to pay upfront fees that were not previously mentioned.


  • The program doesn’t offer have a free trial for new people.


  • The time it takes to finish the program is not clearly defined.


  • The Forum is hard to navigate through.


  • Too many advertisements.


Who is the Chris Farrell Membership for?


The Chris Farrell Membership was designed for beginners. People just starting there online business is Farrell’s targeted audience. Farrell knows that a website is the most fundamental tool of growing an online business, so his program hosts and develops member’s websites. Also, for people that are not tech savvy this program gives you guidance in that area as well.


Chris Farrell Membership Tools and Training


The Chris Farrell Membership offers a wide array of tools and training for their members. First, the program trains members on marketing articles. Second,the program trains members on how to market their business on social media.

Third, the program gives members a search engine optimization tool for free traffic to their websites. Fourth, Farrell’s membership program teaches members how to market their business through online videos.

Fifth, the program teaches users how to generate profits using WordPress. Sixth, members are taught how to create their own products. Seventh, members learn how to market their business through an email campaign. Eight, the program trains members on how to build a website from scratch.


Chris Farrell Membership Support


The Chris Farrell membership offers a great support system for members. The website has a very active forum that includes several posts, questions, and answers.I believe this is a very efficient support system because it gives Chris Farrell fans a chance to communicate with each other and lend additional help to members.

Going through the training with support from other individuals makes the process easier.If you are confused by some of the teaching in the program, you can post a question in the forum to gain a better understanding of the methods being taught. A program without a forum makes learning new things much harder since you don’t have a support system that can help you clear up misunderstandings.


Chris Farrell Membership Pricing


The Chris Farrell Membership offers two types of programs. First, there is the $37 per month training. This service includes hosting your website and training you on how to market your websites. In addition, you can get a domain for an extra $10 a year. Second, you can pay yearly for $297, which works out to $24.75 per month. Moreover, one positive aspect of the pricing is the first week of training will only cost you only $4.95.


Final Thoughts on Chris Farrell Membership


My final thoughts on the Chris Farrell Membership is that it’s a great program. I highly recommend this program to any one just starting out in the marketing field.On the other hand, I do not recommend this training for experienced online marketers.

This program was tailor made for those that hold little to no experience in the online marketing field. Furthermore, Chris Farrell’s expertise provide a great foundation for new internet businessmen and businesswomen.

The 21 Day training program gives members guidance in several areas essential to building a website that generates consistent money and traffic. The main success of this training comes from it emphasizing the art of ma rketing.

Having a good marketing plan is imperative for building your website and earning a living online. Chris Farrell’s program does a great of explaining how tools like social media, online videos, and email marketing can expose your website to a larger audience.

Chris Farrell being an internet marketing mastermind lends a lot of credibility and validity to this program. This site does not feed member get rich quick schemes that ultimately leaves you disappointed.

Instead, this program uses modules and blueprints to give people the necessary knowledge to thrive in online marketing sector. In conclusion, the Chris Farrell Membership is one of the best programs online today. The pros for using this service outweighs the cons, and they provide high quality training for a reasonable price.

Name:  Chris Farrell Membership
Price: $4.95 first week, $37 per month afterwards, or pay yearly for $297
Owner: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank: 83 out of 100

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