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What is CJ Affiliate to a marketer?

CJ Affiliate program is a robust affiliate marketplace with a great variety of products – amounting to thousands – where marketers promote products. CJ Affiliate is a great marketplace for independent bloggers or publishers who are keen on making money. Several popular brands have their goods on the site.

One outstanding fact about CJ Affiliate worth mentioning beforehand is that, unlike other affiliate marketing platforms, you don’t require any exclusive training to know how to use CJ. All you need to do is sign up with them for free and immediately begin exploring their user-friendly dashboard.

You will get a fast approval once you’ve signed up and completed your profile. Thereafter, you can click on the Get Links tab which will give you options of either browsing through the shortlisted affiliate programs under the general category or search for the target affiliate program from the advertiser list as shown below. Marketers are required to pay via direct bank deposit or Check.


Tech Implementation

Creating Ad Unit

You need to be duly approved by the advertiser of your choice first before you begin running ad units. The approval process is often fast but may require manual review in some cases which can span one or two days. Start by clicking on the Get Links tab and browse or search for the name of the advertiser.

Apply for the program and wait for approval. Click View Links and select the display ad or link unit of your choice. Proceed to click on Get HTML then copy-paste the code into the website you’re using for promotion.


Here are the essential facts you need to know while promoting with CJ Affiliates

Display Ad Unit Size Available: Tends to vary with advertiser

Implementation Technology: JavaScript, HTML

Compatibility with Google’s AdSense: Yes, but your Ad units shouldn’t be styled in such a way that they look like AdSense units.

Availability of Mobile Ad Units: Yes

Availability of WordPress Plug-in: Yes, but only third-party plug-in


Publisher Reporting and Admin Control Panel

Control Panel

The control panel of CJ Affiliate Marketing gives you control over the account settings, reports, mail messages from your advertiser reps and advertiser offers. Navigation is highly intuitive. The first thing that the dashboard displays when you log in is the summary of your yesterday’s performance – an impressive feature that is rarely found in other affiliate marketing platforms. Other bits of information displayed on the dashboard when you set in are new advertiser recommendations, tasks, Three months or seven day EPC stats and announcements.

Here is the URL of the Publisher Tools info: http://www.se.cj.com/publisher


The reporting functionality here is powerful and quite confusing to grasp on your first day on the platform. It isn’t intuitive enough to pull up the right selection of reports – a task that requires a steep learning curve. Once you’ve mastered the reporting, you will have huge amounts of data to pull. However, what is essential in terms of determining the performance is to master is the ability to segment or group by advertiser and/or website.


Payment Information

Conversant Payment ranked CJ Affiliate 5/5.

Share of Revenue taken by the Publisher: Varies depending on the publisher

Agreed Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Check

Terms of Payment: Net-20

Minimum Payout Threshold: US$50


Account Help and Support

URL of the knowledge base: http://www.se.cj.com/support-center

Personal Account Manager: Not offered

Ease of Contacting Support Arrangement: Sadly, there is no set support email address. However, you can use the contact form for queries.



CJ Affiliate was founded in 1998 and has since grown to be one of the largest Affiliate programs on the internet. With its 3000+ active advertisers, bloggers and web publishers have a huge amount of offers to pick from. All affiliate marketing offers on CJ Affiliate Marketing are CPA.

This means that publishers can get commissions when their followers convert into subscribers, sales or leads or if other actions are performed by the followers while they are on the website of the advertiser.

Many display advertising networks tend to give a single ad unit code to tens or even hundreds of their advertisers. CJ Affiliate gives its publishers more freedom to which advertisers’ products should be displayed. It is an excellent affiliate marketing program worth trying.

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4 thoughts on “CJ Affiliate by Conversant Affiliate Network”

  1. Vertical Veloxity

    I love your site. It was a joy reading through all the information. That makes a big difference :). I use CJ affiliate network myself. I must say that of all the networks it has the most big name companies that our visitors already know and love.

    I have never had a problem with them. But there are a few things I am not sure off. I was denied when applying to one of the advertisers . It might of been Godaddy.

    Are you able to apply again to that advertiser. Or are you just out of luck with that company? I was unsure about that. Thanks

    1. Ed

      Thanks for the kind words. What you can do is email the company in question directly, state your case as to why you should be reconsidered. There are many factors as to why an advertiser would reject your application. It could be something as simple as not having enough web traffic yet. Hope this helps.

  2. Reyhana

    I have heard of CJ before but I also know about Clickbank. What’s the difference between the two?

    I also know that Clickbank has a lot of low-quality products. If it the case with CJ too or do I have a better chance of finding better programs to promote on my affiliate marketing website?

    Thanks for your help with this.

    1. Ed

      Clickbank tends to have alot of relatively unknown digital products, whereas Cj has a bunch of very well known brands. A couple of examples are GoDaddy and Grammarly. Thanks Reyhana, and good luck with your site!

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