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Clickbank Affiliate Program

Clickbank is a digital marketplace where vendors offer digital products. Affiliates take the offered products and market them to buyers to earn commissions. Founded in 1998, Clickbank Affiliate Network is one of the oldest and largest affiliate marketing programs on the internet.

It handles 50,000 transactions every day and has over 1.5 Million affiliate marketers signed with it. This makes the platform to be among the most popular affiliate programs on the internet. The company has remained privately owned since the founding.

Clickbank Products and Services

As of 2018, ClickBank has an excess of 6 million clients and has a business presence in 190 countries. The company has created its own niche in being a trustworthy and easy-to-use platform for businesses and entrepreneurs, enabling reliable mobile and online commerce across a huge variety of product categories. Towards the end of 2017, ClickBank handled close to 40,000 transactions daily.

ClickBank serves to connect affiliate marketers and digital content creators (well known as vendors). As a result, Clickbank deals with predominantly digital related products such as ebooks and software. Through its robust affiliate network, ClickBank Affiliates Program also helps in building visibility, revenue-generating opportunities and products promotion for time-strapped entrepreneurs.


What it means to affiliates

To affiliates, the Clickbank platform is an opportunity to work from home by promoting digital products and earning impressive money without moving out of the home. It is also among the most generous affiliate programs out there with impressive commissions.

These commissions are decided by the vendors and range between 1 percent and 75 percent depending on the product on offer. The huge number of products on offer from the platform’s 1.5 Million vendors gives the affiliates many choices to pick from.


Ease of use

Clickbank’s affiliate marketing platform is built on a lightweight website that loads super fast even with increased traffic. The experience is great and you are able to navigate the page and select items with great ease.

You can quickly opt to go straight to the affiliate marketplace by clicking on its option on the top right section of the page or simply narrow down to a specific category of interest by clicking on one of the 25 product categories listed on the left-hand side of the page.



Here is how ClickBank commissions scheme works:

1. First, you find a product of your choice to promote and establish a customized HopLink.

2. You proceed to promote the selected product online.

3. When a customer clicks on the HopLink, s/he’s redirected to the vendor’s web page and ends up buying the selected product from ClickBank.

4. You will promptly receive credit for successfully promoting the sale. As a result, your commission will be calculated based on a net sale price (as seen below) and forwarded to your account in two minutes, shortly after the sale.


How Commissions Are Tabulated

All ClickBank products have commission rates that are set by the vendors, ranging from 1 percent to 75 percent. When you create a sale of a product, ClickBank processes that particular sale applies the necessary charges, and then completes the process by calculating the commission rate in accordance with the left net sale amount. Here is an example showing how much an individual could earn on the platform’s one-time purchase product carrying a 55 percent commission rate:

Retail Price: US$29.95

Subtract 7.5 percent + US$1: -US$3.25

Net Sale Amount: US$26.70

55 percent of Remainder: US$14.69

Therefore, as a referring affiliate for the sale, the individual would earn US$14.69.

Recurring products can, on another hand, can have a slightly different commission rating plan for their initial purchase as well as the rebill purchase, but the overall calculation is performed pretty the same way.

The maximum commission possible on a single product sale is US$150.


Getting Paid

As it is usual with affiliate programs, the main goal of being a Clickbank’s affiliate is to earn your promotion efforts. There are two requirements you need to meet before getting your first commission payment:

1. You must reach the payment threshold you set in Clickbank’s Settings section.

2. You must meet Clickbank’s Customer Distribution Requirement.


Products available to promote at Clickbank

Clickbank Affiliates has over 25 categories of products open to affiliates for promotion. As a result, there are close to 6 Million digital products to promote. The categories of products on offer are:

 Arts and Entertainment

 Business/Investing

 Computer and Internet

 E-Business and E-marketing

 Employment and Jobs

 Fiction

 Food Wine and Cooking

 Games

 Green Products

 Health and Fitness

 Home and Garden

 Languages

 Mobile

 Parenting and Families

 Politics/Current Events

 References

 Self Help

 Software and Services

 Spirituality, New Age, and Alternative Beliefs

 Sports

 Travel


Final Verdict

If you want to market products by signing with one of the affiliate marketing bigwigs then you need to consider using Clickbank Affiliate program. The platform operates flawlessly while ensuring satisfactory affiliate experience. The large variety of digital products on offer gives the affiliates more choices to pick from. Clickbank affiliates program is an affiliate marketing platform that I can easily recommend to any aspiring affiliate marketer.

All the best,


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