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While there are many business owners who understand the importance of marketing online, they are often very limited in their knowledge of how to promote their business. In fact, in many cases, a lot of these individuals only market their business on Facebook or through a generic website that only offers their contact information.


But what if you could offer these business owners a nice looking funnel that they could download for free? Not only that but what if you could earn a hefty commission each time someone downloaded it? Well, that’s where ClickFunnelscomes in.


Let’s take a close look at this platform’s affiliate program. We’ll talk about a few of its pros and cons. But first, what is and, most importantly, how does the affiliate program work?



So What is

ClickFunnels is a powerful software that helps internet marketers create landing pages, sales pages, and complete marketing funnels. This website allows business owners to test their funnels and get them up and running relatively quickly. It also offers marketing strategies and training.



How the Affiliate Program Works

Let’s say that your target audience is dentists. In the ideal scenario, you would go to ClickFunnels and create an excellent landing page using their template tools. From there, you would then create a Facebook ad which offered this landing page for free.


Upon clicking the ad, the dentists would be sent to your personal landing page and asked for their email address in exchange for the download link. After giving you their email, they would be given a link to the ClickFunnels website where they would sign up so that they could download the free funnel. When they sign up for the platform, you get a commission. Not only that, but you could use their email to market other ClickFunnel products to them later on.



The Pros


High Commission

Perhaps one of the first things that draws marketers to ClickFunnel’s affiliate program is its high commissions. While other platforms of this sort may offer 3 to 10%, the ClickFunnels affiliate program breaks the mold and offers a whopping 40% commission. And when you consider that its price points start at $97 per month and go up to $297 per month, it’s easy to see how this can quickly add up. In fact, as long as they remain a customer, you continue to get your 40% commission month after month. This site also works according to sticky cookies which allows you to get a commission for other items as well, which range up to $1,000.


A lot to Promote

When it comes to this affiliate program, there is no end to the number of valuable products you have to promote. And the cool part about this is that many of these products will be completely free, so your customers and targets don’t have to spend any money in order to make you money. Promote the platform’s 14-day free trial, free Ebooks for internet marketing hacks, Funnel scripts, certified partner program and much more.



What’s great about ClickFunnels is that you can create more than one type of free funnel to attract your target audience. Create landing pages, squeeze pages, webinars, online courses, and membership sites. The choice is completely up to you.



Even if you aren’t a javascript expert, you will find the process extremely intuitive. ClickFunnels makes it easy to create pages using template tools. Also, most of your promotional tools are readymade, including banners, videos, and etc. So all you have to do is focus on driving traffic and converting your leads.


Great Community Support

Most affiliate partners appreciate the community that ClickFunnels offers. And this is especially the case for beginners who don’t have much experience with affiliate market or want to know more about how this platform works. You can easily network and get to know other marketers who use the website. Feel free to ask your new friends questions and get help and advice from tech support.


Free Training

Perhaps asking questions of the community isn’t enough for you. Maybe you need more in-depth explanations. Well, if you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing or online marketing in general, then you’re in luck because the training is free for members. Learn about funnels, traffic, lead generation, webinars, and conversions. Take advantage of the program’s 100-day boot camp in which you learn how to reach your full affiliate marketing potential.



The Cons


Learning Curve

As with anything, if you are new to affiliate marketing and ClickFunnels, then it may take you a second to become familiar with both the process and the platform itself. However, with a small investment of time and exploration, you will definitely learn how to navigate the website as well as the world of affiliate marketing.



Final Thoughts

While no affiliate program is perfect, ClickFunnels sure comes close. Not only can this platform ensure that you earn a nice income, but the website does everything that it can to make your job easier. From supplying you with promotional tools to training, it’s hard to fail. In fact, one of its claims to fame is the dream car that it helps you purchase if you reach a certain amount of signups.


So your success is largely dependant on how much effort you put into this program and how many of its resources you take advantage of. Ultimately, ClickFunnels is ideal for individuals who know how to drive traffic, attract leads and convert them. The pros definitely outway the cons by leaps and bounds.

All the best,


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18 thoughts on “ – Affiliate Program”

  1. David

    Thanks for the post, I found it very informative. While I have certainly heard about sales funnels and how to build and use them, I was not familiar with click funnels dotcom. I am very intrigued with the concept of building a landing page for a specific niche and then offering it for free as a marketing tool. My only question is how does their price compare with other sales funnel companies out there? It sounds like a good opportunity.

    1. Thank you, David. As far as price goes, Clickfunnels is very comparable.


  2. Catherine Ford

    Clickfunnels is a drag and drop program,which means everyone can uise with limited technical knowledge. So it has a huge appeal to most non techies and techies alike. This means more people are interested in using it and the opportunity to earn money from Clickfunnels is greater.Everyone in Interent marketing should have a landing page and build a list

  3. Michelle

    Hello Ed,

    Thanks for this thorough article on Click Funnels. To be honest, I really did not ‘grasp’ the concept until you dissected it and made it easier for me to ‘swallow’ – thanks.

    It sounds like a good opportunity to make money as an affiliate marketer. And as you have said, it might be a ‘learning curve’ for some people – I raise my hand to that one.

    However, without a doubt, if one takes the time to educate and practice, then I can see things happening. I will do some more research and who knows, maybe the next time you ‘click on a funnel’, it could be mine.

    All the best.


  4. Tim Bennett

    Hi Ed,

    Great post.

    I have been a big fan of Russel Brunson for a long time and I have many of his books.

    I am presently reading DotCom Secrets which is the bible for landing pages to me.

    Clickfunnels is a great program and Russel really knows his stuff.

    What I particularly like is that most of the heavy setting up is all done for you and you simply need to fill in the details.

    Russel’s experience with setting up websites is really one of the best I have seen for a long time and following his advice is the best way to go.

    I was not aware that his commission packages were so high so that is good to know.

    Your post is a good intro to Clickfunnels.


  5. Stratos K

    Very interesting information. I had never heard of this affiliate program before but it sure looks like it can help you earn a nice income. But as you said nothing comes easy and as with almost all legitimate affiliate programs it needs to put a lot of effort so at some point to succeed. I like the high commission rate as most programs give you very little in return. It will be very helpful for those just starting. Thank you for the detailed article.

    1. Thank you Stratos. I’m glad that you enjoyed the article.

  6. Shannon

    I’ll definitely need to check out clickfunnels – 40% commission? What is included in their trial membership?

    In order to get that percentage of commission, what level membership do you need to be? I’m curious to know what’s included in each of their membership levels from $97 to $297/month! And I’m assuming that you need to be a paid member to promote them, right?

    1. Thank you Shannon. You DO NOT have to be a paid member of Clickfunnels to be an affiliate.

  7. Stefan

    Thanks for your great tip here. I’ll definitely have a closer look into click funnel tomorrow.

    I have an affiliate website and need new opportunities. I could also use a good looking landing page which can be made easily.

    I don’t yet understand how I can promote a free landing page to dentists and earn a commission from that but I’m sure I’ll understand once I watched the video or had a closer look at the click funnel page itself.

    1. Thanks Stefan. There is opportunity for everyone on the internet, even dentists.

  8. Nick

    I really enjoyed your article and I’m very thankful for your easy to understand explanations.  I didn’t have any experience of funnels before, so I’ve also learnt something new today! 

    The commission rates sound really great for this affiliate program and their promotional case studies are very professionally done.  Even the learning curve to get up to speed on the platform looks pretty shallow.

    Do you know if you are tied into a minimum subscription length after the 14 day trial, Ed?

    1. No, there is no commitment beyond the 14 day trial. Thanks for your comment Nick.

  9. Evald

    Hey there,

    I have heard about clickfunnels in the past, however I’ve never actually dedicated my time to learn about them and kind forgot about it eventually. Altough I have heard good responses about them. I am glad I’ve stumbled across Your review so I can finally see what’s the all fuss about. I have to say- after reading Your review, I was left pleasently surprised by clickfunnels. The amount of features and content here is rather impressive. The adition of free trainings is a true highlight for me here, that’s very awesome!  I am also very pleased to learn that community is always there willing to help, which would make me feel very welcomed and confident going into clickfunnels Thanks for such informative review, You covered this affilaite program in great detail and clarity! Keep up the great work.

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