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The Digital Altitude Review – Don’t Waste Your Money


Review Name: Digital Altitude

Price: . $1 for the first 14 days, $37 per month afterwards + numerous upsells
Owner: Michael Force
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


“Just a note: The U.S Federal Trade Commission has now suspended commercial operations at Digital Altitude. They have also laid charges against Digital Altitude for fraudulent business practices.”


Product Overview

Digital Altitude, a company that offers young entrepreneurs coaching through online courses and live workshops and events, is what you need is you are looking to start and grow a profitable online business.


With Digital Altitude founder Michael Force, who has an illustrative history in corporate sales and is a self-claimed ‘industry-leading digital business expert, speaker and entrepreneur’, you are sure to get the best guidance you need.


Force had worked for years at WebEx before being laid off when the online platform was sold to a Fortune 500 company. Following this experience, Force said he wanted something he could do from home and get paid what he was truly worth – and Digital Altitude was the result.


Digital Altitude provides products aimed towards aspiring, up and coming entrepreneurs and businessmen. Digital Altitude’s training begins with Aspire, ‘a digital business success system’.

According to the Digital Altitude website, it is the ‘most comprehensive digital marketing training’ you would ever get. Does it really live up to the hype? We will take a look at it below.


Pros & Cons

While Digital Altitude has often been criticized as being a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme by some, it isn’t entirely true.


You do have some genuinely useful tools and services provided in their training sessions, including a personal coach to walk you through the whole process.


You can sign up for a 14-day trial for just $1. In the training, Aspire covers several fundamental principles and pillars of a digital marketing education that many young business and marketing students might find extremely beneficial.


The training content is provided through various texts for comprehensive reading and audio and video files which are extremely modern and effective educational tools.


The website layout and user interface are simple and slick, making it easy to navigate and effective for self-teaching purposes. You are also provided with a personal coach you can contact if you’re stuck or struggling with any of the material.


However, I cannot in good conscience, recommend this product. Within seconds of signing up for the training you get a call from your coach explaining that for $37 a month, you only get the essential marketing training and that to begin making money you have to buy Rise products that cost up to 2k USD.


You will earn a commission by getting more people to sign up for Digital Altitude and how much money you make depends entirely on which products they buy.


A bigger sale equals a bigger commission. The whole concept behind Digital Altitude, interestingly, is to sell Digital Altitude. Recruiting is the bread and butter, which reeks of an MLM scam and the upsells are crazy expensive.


Who is this product for?

Aspire is a product aimed at sales and marketing students looking for work-from-home business opportunities. It is a digital marketing company selling training and products on digital sales and marketing, branding, sales funnels, and traffic generation.


The Digital Altitude website claims that their program helps everyone from beginners to marketers, and even dreamers create and maintain a profitable digital business.


Basically, it claims to be university level training on how to build a successful online business.


Tools & Training

You can choose to be a Walker at $37/month or a Climber at $97/month, with an additional $17 affiliate membership. Aspire provides the following services:


Digital Business Training via 60+ hours of video lessons: Covers the 7 simple steps to start-up, 3 steps to set-up and 3-steps to promote your business.


Personal Coach: Exclusive one-on-one training with and access to the world’s best coaches who will help you reach your goals.


Sales Funnels and Websites: Sales funnels and shortcuts designed by 7-figure marketers to automate the sales process to help you get your product off the ground for a bigger profit.


A Walker membership provides a one-tier pay out for 40% commission on your sales and the Climber membership provides a three-tier pay out at 60%, with additional sales funnels and a coach.



There are other tools and resources like Branding Solutions, Traffic and Social Media Solutions, Merchant and Payroll services, Support Forums and Live Chat, Networking Events and Coaching that are available for you to make use of while conducting your sales.


Aspire is essentially the base camp for getting your digital business off the ground. The Digital Altitude business sales system and training comes with the following resources:


High Commission Products: Work with Digital Altitude to sell their training and courses to get top-tier commissions while you learn.

Branding Solutions: Custom branding solutions that will send your sales through the roof.

Latest Tools and Resources: Access to the latest tools and resources in Digital Marketing so you’re always on top of trends.

Merchant and Payroll Services: Accounting and funding with timesaving resources are available with the Digital Altitude products you buy.

Community & Leadership: You get exclusive “VIP” access to Digital Altitude’s online network of business leaders and experts, to coach you.

Traffic & Social Media Solutions

Support, Forums & Live Chat



Digital Altitude provides its services for a price, of course. And it’s a hefty price tag indeed. Aspire Walker membership begins with $37/month but Base jumps up to $597, onetime payment.


Rise Membership costs $2197 and Ascend is $9997, onetime and comes with a three-day live workshop. Peak is $19,997 and an Apex membership costs $29,997, onetime. These are all for 60% compensation on every sale you make.

The upper end products such as Ascend, Peak and Apex provide hand-on training and workshops as well as live marketing and networking events you can attend.

To sell a product, you need to own the level. So, to sell an Apex product, you need to have bought the Apex level yourself or the sale goes to your sponsor.


Final Verdict

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Digital Altitude and its products and many users have claimed to have made over a $1000 a week but it seems startlingly similar to various Multi-Level Marketing pyramid schemes that the founder has been involved with in the past.


For novice sales people, it would be nearly impossible to sell a product worth over $100. There is no tangible product either. Everything you buy comes in the form of digital business training or a meet-up/retreat which are quite expensive.


Digital Altitude is a high-ticket system and anyone who doesn’t have thousands of dollars at their disposal can’t invest.


Your job is to promote Digital Altitude,but there is no guarantee that you will make money or even break even with the money you have invested in the training. Digital Altitude seems to be just another upscale, internet money making scam.

Review Name: Digital Altitude

Price: . $1 for the first 14 days, $37 per month afterwards + numerous upsells
Owner: Michael Force
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100
Verdict: SCAM

All the best,


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