Warrior Forum – A Great Tool for Affiliate Marketers

Whether you’re already doing affiliate marketing or you are just starting out as an aspiring affiliate marketer, you’ve probably already come across Warrior Forum as part of your reading and research online. Warrior Forum is undoubtedly the most famous forum that covers the subjects of internet marketing and online business.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the features, benefits and drawbacks of using Warrior Forum to assist your affiliate marketing business.

What is Warrior Forum?earn money affiliate marketing

Warrior Forum is the biggest online forum that covers topics related to internet marketing, with over 1 million marketers making use of its vast community to share tips, tricks, tutorials and more.

The forum has been running for a very long amount of time, since 1997 in fact. It is now owned by freelancer.com, which is one of the largest online freelancing marketplaces in the world.

How is Warrior Forum Organized?

When you visit the homepage of Warrior Forum for the first time, you’ll be presented with a feed of the latest trending topics in internet marketing, which is great for getting up to speed and keeping up your knowledge of the latest developments in this fast-growing market.

Navigating to the menu at the top, you’ll then see that you can quickly find the posts with the newest activity, as well as the top-rated posts of all time on the forum.

What’s of most interest though, is the extensive list of categories that you can browse into. As well as a general internet marketing section, you will find specific discussion categories about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC Ads, social media marketing, copywriting, email marketing, e-commerce and much much more.

This is a vital information resource for both newbie affiliate marketers and also those with a lot of experience, because all of these categories are the vital marketing building blocks that you’ll need to master in any successful affiliate marketing business.

You’ll notice that Warrior Forum also has a large marketplace section, where you can find a broad variety of marketing products that are completely exclusive to the website. Here you’ll find the famous Warrior Special Offers, or WSOs, which make up the largest market of internet marketing products, courses, services and software that exists in the world. You can also sell these products as an affiliate, which is a great opportunity if you’re an affiliate marketer, as the internet marketing market itself is a very one, with a lot of sales potential.

Tips for Using Warrior Forum Successfully

Warrior Forum is a big place, huge in fact. It’s important that you get as much from it as you can so that you can improve your business with all the knowledge gained. Here are some tips for making the best use of your time on the site.

Take a long term approach: Due to its size and the huge amounts of information you’ll find, Warrior Forum should be a long-term game for you. Re-visit the site regularly, as you’ll find that the constant stream of new posts and discussions will provide you with new angles and new revelations for your business.

Use moderate caution: Although the vast majority of information you’ll find on Warrior Forum will be extremely useful, exercise a healthy skepticism as you read. Some people do post some outlandish claims, especially about earnings amounts. You’ll occasionally have to take what you read with a pinch of salt, but don’t let that be a reason to not visit the site, as the majority of information there is extremely relevant, useful and sincere.

Use the search: At the top of the page, you’ll see a search box. Make sure you use this by typing in some keywords related to what you’re looking to discover. Due to the size of the forum, most of your questions have probably already been addressed in previous discussions.

Ask for help: If you can’t find what you’re looking for in previous posts, don’t be afraid to reach out to the community. Post a question, however silly it might seem. Reactions, on the whole, will be positive and helpful.

Don’t fall for spammy tricks: Warrior Forum unfortunately has a few users who promote obscure, spammy methods of making money using smaller platforms and weird tricks. Don’t bother pursuing these kinds of things, and focus on legitimate, scalable strategies that focus on established platforms like Facebook, Youtube or WordPress.

Don’t waste time on details: When it comes to running an affiliate marketing business, there are lots of micro-steps and challenges that need to be overcome, and on Warrior Forum you’ll find the solutions to pretty much every technical problem you can think of. However, if you’re struggling with some specific detail like making a widget work on your website, then don’t waste any more time on it and hire someone else to do it for you. You need to appreciate the business value of your own time.

Avoid shiny object syndrome: This is a real problem for internet marketers, as the industry develops so fast, and there are always new techniques and strategies emerging that can tempt you to give up on what you’re doing and try the next best thing. Due to its huge wealth of information, Warrior Forum can encourage this kind of thinking, so be conscious of this and keep focused on what you’ve decided to do. Success requires dedication and hard work, regardless of the strategy!

Pay attention to stickies: Sticky posts are posts that are deemed by the admins to be very valuable, so they make them always visible at the top of the forum categories. Treat this as a sign that you should be reading them, as they have probably been flagged as important for a good reason!

Things to Watch out for on Warrior Forum

We’ve already mentioned spammy methods and outrageous claims as things to watch out for on Warrior Forum, but here are some additional things that you should be aware of to keep your experience a high-quality one.

Don’t collect courses: The WSO marketplace offers a great variety of fantastic courses with which you can expand your knowledge and become a better marketer, but don’t endlessly buy courses without implementing what you learn. Make sure you implement the knowledge that comes from the first course into your business before you even consider purchasing another one.

Forget getting rich quick: This is pretty much a continuation of not believing outlandish claims about size of earnings and the ease with which you can make large amounts of money. Regardless of the marketing strategy you choose to use, making money with affiliate marketing requires large amounts of very hard work. Never forget this!

Avoid quarreling: As with all online forums and other groups, there are always those who like to bicker and argue over pointless trivialities. Make sure that you rise above this kind of behavior and don’t waste time and energy getting caught up in silly arguments.

Analysis paralysis: When faced with huge amounts of information and even conflicting opinions, it can sometimes be difficult to take action and put what you have learned into practice. However, you absolutely must do this to be successful in affiliate marketing. Make sure that you are taking small actions every single day and you will reap the rewards over time!

The Verdict

Warrior Forum is a fantastic resource for affiliate marketers, and there is no other place where you’ll find the same range of information and education in the internet marketing space. We definitely recommend that you register an account and get learning! Just make sure to bear in mind the negative points mentioned, so you won’t end up being led astray by the wrong methods and people.

All the best,


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10 thoughts on “Warrior Forum – A Great Tool for Affiliate Marketers”

  1. Adyns68

    Great review! I really like your unbiased point of view on the warrior forum. I think it is a great place to learn what is trending in online marketing and meet some people who are facing or have gone through similar challenges. It is always a great feeling to know that you are not alone and that other succeeded, so you know it is possible for you to do the same.

    I really like it because of the idea to get the news of what is trending and what is coming up. It can give me a certain edge in business and help me take advantage of any lucrative situation.


    1. Great comment Adyns! I hope that you achieve great success with your business. 

  2. Russ

    Ed, I am new to the affiliate marketing game and I want to thank you for this post. I had not heard about Warrior Forum in the past. I will defiantly be keeping your tips in mind while I look through the forum. 

    I see you also may have a lot of useful information on your site that can help me. I am new, but it does seem that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start and based on your site, it must work well. I’m excited to learn and will be looking at your site for more help. I will also try my best to avoid shiny object syndrome. 

    Thank you.  

    1. Yes, stay focused on your goals and don’t waver from them. Thank you for your comment Russ, and good luck with your site!

  3. Imelda

    Warrior Forum has lots and lots of great information on many different levels. I like the fact the it is very impartial and will try and help you along your journey with lots of different information. The forum gives lots of unbiased opinions some of which are really useful and others need to be taken with a pinch of salt. However, for me this just helps me to acknowledge that this site is not only useful but most importantly very genuine.

    Personally, I have used this site once or twice but do find that there is a lot of information and sometimes you just do ot know where to go for the best……….. This is just a small criticism as information is definitely what we need and the more I use the better it becomes.

    1. I agree Imelda. Like any other forum that you fìnd on the internet, you are going to have some great information and some not so great information. If you read something that you fìnd sketchy, do some research using different sources. You will find out quickly if the info is reliable or not. Thanks for your comment. 

  4. Derek.

    Thank you for you review.  I fall into the category of already being into affiliate marketing and I have been using warrior forum.  So I can easily agree with what you have said, they offer a wealth of experience and knowledge and once you have joined them, you’ll constantly be updated with new updates.  They do exactly what it says on the tin!

    1. Warrior Forum has such a wealth of information. Thanks for your comment Derek. 

  5. Twack Romero

    I am always on the look out for ‘tools’ that are going to enhance my business and enable me to navigate my way through this vast collective, that is affiliate marketing. Unbelievably, I have never come across Warrior Forum before today.

    Without doubt, I will be visiting this site sooner rather than later. Following your excellent advice should ensure that I have the best experience possible. Like most online platforms, there is always an undesirable element, so it’s good to be aware of this from the start.

    There is always so much to learn but the art is knowing what’s relevant and what’s not. Having access to those more knowledgable, hopefully will help with this.Having a supportive community is key. Using your article as a guide, I will be endeavouring to increase my business potential.

    1. Great to hear. Good luck with your site!

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