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Ebay Affiliate Program

The 21st century is one that is packed with job opportunities but which are highly competitive and to be able to withstand this pressure, you need to have unique skills from the rest. That is why more and more people are turning to online jobs such as affiliate marketing because these never seem to be full.

There is enough room for everyone and what matters here is the ability of the person to market, generate traffic, and on top of it all, make sales for the company or the program that he/she is working with. Of the numerous platforms out there, the e-bay affiliate program is one of them. Read on to find more information about it.


Brief overview of the eBay affiliate program

eBay is one of the leading e-commerce corporations not only in the US but across other parts of the world, and it competes with some of the top multinational companies such as Amazon. It has its headquarters in California, San Jose to be precise and it facilitates its sales through its websites.

Today it offers services across thirty countries and to enable it to reach all its consumers, and even more, eBay created the program so it can provide a platform for those who would like to make money online through affiliate marketing. The eBay affiliate program is an in-house network which enables its marketers to make money by offering its products which they now post on their websites and even social media pages.

The marketers get a commission every time a new customer uses the ads from their sites or any other online programs and makes a verified purchase. Also, the affiliates get a commission when they send referrals who either register on the eBay network or bids.

In a bid to increase the money-making opportunities for their affiliates, the eBay affiliate program recently announced to the public that it will now be paying its members for every click made to eBay from their websites depending on the traffic that they help create to the company’s official website. By doing so, the eBay affiliate program will be replacing the traditional cost per lead method and thus attract even more affiliates.


How to join

To join, your first step is to apply just like you do with any other program, and if you get approval, you now have free access to eBay’s publisher portal where there are numerous text links, banners, and buttons among many other tools which you add to your website.

You can do so by either copy pasting or use their API tool which is more advisable because besides helping you add the banners, it allows you to create more customized ads. The eBay affiliate program enables its affiliates to make the most out of it thanks to the following reasons below.

• As mentioned earlier, eBay operates in about thirty countries, and it also boasts global recognition thus it has a broad customer base which affiliates can use to their advantage

• They offer a vast array of products which you can promote ranging from sports and fitness, home and décor, health and beauty products among many others. That offers affiliates the chance to work in areas which best fit them and thus make money and at the same time enjoy doing so

• 200% Referral and also plenty of seasonal bonuses

• There are many tools available on the eBay affiliate program which help the marketers promote their listings, and this varies depending on their competence. For instance, the link and widget generators help those who are still at the beginner level and as they advance they can take up better tools such as API.

If you would like to apply to become an eBay affiliate, you can click here.



No matter what you do or where you work, even if it is your passion, it all comes down to one thing; the money you are making, and the eBay affiliate program seems to understand that quite well because it pays quite attractive commissions.

Theirs range from 40% to 80% which is quite high in comparison to other affiliate marketing programs. Nonetheless, it is important to note that it varies depending on the goods you are dealing with and also on the revenue that eBay earns and not on the sale price. Affiliates are only eligible for it if the customer using their banners, text links or any other ads from their website purchases within 24 hours.

That is one of its downsides because not all clients purchase within the time limit. All the commissions are paid for a monthly period via PayPal if they meet the minimum $10 goal. However, they can access and track their sales and statistics through the program’s publisher portal.


Summary of the pros and cons of the eBay affiliate program


• Diverse collection of goods which you can select from and a broad customer base makes it possible for every seller to make money

• Enables the use of social media so those who are active and have a large following on this platform can also benefit and at the same time enjoy their lifestyle

• High commission rates

• Excellent communication between the management of the program and the affiliates

• Many tools to help members monetize their websites


• Requires one to have a website or social media page that has sufficient traffic

• The payments are unpredictable because even if a client clicks and makes a purchase later than 24 hours, it will be of no benefit to you


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