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Etsy Affiliate Program – What Is It?

Etsy- What Is It?

If you are fond of handmade and vintage products, Etsy is the place to go to.


Etsy is one of the best marketplaces you would find today to buy and sell one-of-a-kind handmade and vintage products.


Etsy’s sole mission lies in reshaping commerce; bringing forth e-commerce, and creating an impactful, long-lasting world.


Etsy, an open-to-all marketplace, needs affiliates in its marketing strategy to help bring in sales – and for bloggers and affiliate marketers, present a great opportunity.


What Is the Etsy Affiliate Program?

Etsy offers a good range of crafted products and a is a great way to make money as an affiliate marketer.


As an affiliate, you must endorse and promote the Etsy products on a third-party website, and for each sale that you help make, can earn exciting commissions.


The amount you will earn is based on the qualifying product sales.


Currently, the team offers support in three major languages currently – English, French and German.


The Affiliate Program

For affiliation, Etsy has two programs: the Etsy Affiliate Program and the Etsy Studio Affiliate Program.


Etsy Affiliate Program: You use trackable links to handmade and vintage products for a wide range of audiences on your website. Each time a user clicks on the product link, and buys the product from the Etsy site, you make money!


Etsy Studio Affiliate Program: The Etsy Studio Affiliate Program acts as a market for craft supplies, where the potential affiliates can share as well as buy and sell their craft items. Unlike the Etsy Affiliate program, Etsy Studio supports affiliates only in English. Also, the affiliates have to be based in the United States.


All qualifying sales under either of the programs earn commissions.


How Do You Apply?

Prospective affiliates need to apply for an affiliate program under Etsy and get approved to gain access to the products, marketing materials, and affiliate reports.


The applicants are then evaluated based on different factors including:

• The type, content and quality of site

• How varied the content is

• The brand identity and recognition – which can look at factors like your website’s Domain Authority and Page Authority.

• How your website aligns with Etsy’s values.


Prerequisites for eligibility

To be a potential affiliate to Etsy, you must have the following:

• You need a website with a paid domain name. All unique websites and their URLs must go through an approval process by Etsy beforehand and separately.

• High-quality articles and a good amount of content.

• You must declare the names of any Etsy shops they own or have access to in promoting to the Affiliate team via email upon application. The Affiliate team also needs to know whether you have any other Etsy accounts.


Etsy sellers are eligible for the Affiliates Programme but they may not earn commission on sales from their own shops or from closely related shops.


Additionally, the following types of websites are prohibited from participating in the affiliate program. If your website falls into this category, there is a high chance it will be banned.


• Websites offering cash back or gifts on purchase (voucher sites)

• Price comparison websites

• Websites that use intrusive advertisement practices including pop-ups and pop-unders.

• Websites that are in violation of Etsy’s T&C.

• Forums and other social sharing sites aren’t allowed too.

• Solely looking to promote Etsy items, without any additional content, isn’t going to work too.

• Websites with sexually, religiously or politically oppressive content are banned as well

Apart from the listed websites, Members that sell on both Etsy and Etsy Studio are also not currently eligible.


What Can You Promote at etsy?

With over 2 million active sellers selling their creative delights to over 20 million active buyers, as an affiliate marketer you would need to know about the products you should promote.


Merchandise sells big – and you can target just about any age group.


Brides just love Etsy! Most Etsy buyers love handmade quilts, and if you list out a few of these products for would be groom and brides, there is a whole market ready for you.


The other clothing market is for babies.

There is a lot that Etsy sellers do with candles – from tinkering with the shape to the ingredients. Here is what one of our fellow Etsy sellers did – make a candle with the theme Anti Trump! It’s aptly named the “Anti-Trump Trump-Scented Candle”.…

As an affiliate marketer, look at candle designs- just think what your buyers would love and promote them.


How about an animal shaped candle?


Or perhaps, 6 wick candles put together?


It’s up to you to think of the candle products you want to promote – don’t forget to put some of them on your Etsy affiliate website before Christmas or New Year’s Eve – they just sell like hotcakes.


Commission Policy

Etsy offers easy solutions to affiliates when it comes to earning commissions. The amount you will earn will depend on the qualifying sale of the products based on the links shared by the affiliates on a third-party website (excluding sale return and sale exchange).


Qualifying sales are the sales made due to a user purchasing a product on Etsy after landing on to the site from an affiliate’s website and has completed the payment.


Here are some of the things you should know.

– The qualifying sales are verified with the help of browser cookies by the affiliation program.

– The cookies are valid for 30 days


– Since commissions are made on qualifying sales, an Affiliate can receive a commission if you have the user purchasing the product within thirty days of clicking the Affiliate Link, but only if the Affiliate was the last referrer.

As an affiliate marketer, you would know the payment you would be due each month – but do remember that sales which are canceled or returned are exempt from commissions.


All the best,


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