A Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

Research has shown that 90% of adults and about 74% of teens are using emails. This makes email marketing a great and effective tool that helps to convert prospects into sales and revenue. Email marketing is where a business sends an email to customers or prospects detailing their business products and services. A successful email for marketing will propel the recipient to action and engage with your business. This will help to get more leads and sales.

For your email marketing to be effective, you need to have a very good strategy. This is a tool that will provide the business entity with data that they can use to evaluate performance, with open rates, click-through, unsubscribe rates and spam complaints. Keeping in mind that there are over billions of mails sent to recipients daily. To ensure your emails are read and reacted positively to you need to apply some tactics. Below are some tips to make your email to stand out;

  • Write a catchy email subject; this is the first thing your recipient will read and decide whether to open the mail, ignore or even delete it. The subject should be captivating and stand out in the inbox. It should be phrased creatively and strategically with an appealing urgency that compels the reader to click.
  • Preview text should be appealing as it is the text that tells your subscribers about the email. It is the introductory line of your email content. It has to be well articulated to capture the attention of the recipient and ensure they want to read more of the mail.
  • Don’t shout. It is not all appealing to write an email in caps. If need be, just use them on the main words of the items you are marketing.
  • Understand your audience. This will help to know how to share your information. The creativity to use to capture their attention.
  • Choose the right words. With the consideration that most emails are short, it is important to choose the correct words and making reading the email a great experience.
  • Segment your email list. This will help to achieve more favorable rates with click-through rates. Segmenting helps you to send different emails to different target groups and makes your audience to find your messages relevant to read.
  • At times you can use a double opt-in list. This helps you to know that the email was sent and you are able to build an authentic list of your customers. Recipients who take time to opt-in to your list shows interest in your products.
  • Personalize emails. Starting a mail by greeting the recipient by name captures their attention and you can be guaranteed they will read your mail.
  • Use of psychology is a great strategy in email marketing. Human beings brain are wired to react in a predictable way to certain inputs. When you are able to use psychology you will be able to create more successful high-converting marketing emails. Time-limited discount works so well due to the fear of missing out. When you use scarcity and urgency, it makes more people to read and opt-in or subscribe. Other ways to attract more readers based on their psychology are, using attractive colors and pictures of faces.
  • Use technology wisely. There are many email marketing services in the market that are very good. They can come in handy to help you to write that compelling email that will be captivating for your reader. Using technology you can be able to create and automate your emails. There are templates available which you can use when writing your emails. You can be able to integrate different software that will help to improve your emails.

At times, it can be a challenge to just wake up and decide to start email marketing. You will need some guidance on how to go about it to ensure you are able to conduct a successful campaign that will bring in leads that will result in sales.

Steps to Follow

Following the below guides you will be able to achieve the above;

1. Establish your goal

Before starting to send emails it is important to set out your goals. What would you like to achieve? On a daily basis, how many clients are you anticipating to get? How are you planning to engage prospects who respond or subscribe to your emails? The goal sets should align with the overall marketing goals for the whole business. Planning helps you to identify what email to send to different recipients. It helps you to create focused and high performing email campaign to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Some goals that you can plan to achieve are; getting new subscribers, nurturing existing subscribers, boosting engagement and re-engaging inactive subscribers

2. Define your audience

For a successful marketing campaign it is important for understand your audience. Learn their taste and preferences and tailor your email in a way it will cover their needs. Knowing your audience helps to boost the conversations.

3. Build your email list

After establishing your goals and what you want to achieve with email marketing, it is time to work on your email list.

Below are some ways you can build your email list.

You can introduce incentive to subscribers this will increase your email list. Make it simple for people to subscribe as well. Incentives you can offer to attract subscribers are like; having compelling content, free or express shipping upgrade, or even offering discount for the first person to subscribe. You can well reward those who subscribe and forward your emails. This helps you to reach a wide network from the list you already have.

You can use slider, this is a small box at the bottom of a website to request people who visit the website to subscribe and input their email address.

Header bar, top of sidebar and end of post are other areas you can include a place for subscribing and requesting readers to indicate their email addresses, whether it is on the website or a blog.

Lightboxes for pop-ups and opt-in are other ways to build your email contact list. You have to be creative to ensure your pop-ups are not irritating. You need to ensure your timing is right, have the correct value to offer and the pup-up is strong call to action. The best timing is usually when the reader is either ¾ in reading or want to leave the site. With proper timing you have the chance of getting more subscribers.

Confirm that you don’t make false promises. If you promise an incentive or a reward ensure you give it out to your readers. This creates trust, which in the long run helps to get more customers due to referrals.

4. Choose an email Campaign Type that You want to send

There are various campaigns you can choose to use. Depending on with the set goals that you want to achieve you can decide to use one or combine a number of campaign methods that are available.

Some of them include;

  • Announcement; this is usually done when you are launching a new product. You write to your email list announcing the new product and how they can get it.
  • Newsletter; this is usually sent to update your customers on any new development of your products and keeping them posted. If there are discounts, you let them know through newsletters.
  • Blog post is another way to campaign. Especially if there is some crucial information you would like your customers to know in details a blog will come in handy.
  • These are just a few of campaign methods one can use to reach the desired audience. When properly used they can generate more leads and sales

5. Concentrate on Email Marketing Design

You have to ensure your emails don’t look terrible as this will reflect badly on you and result in your audience not reading them. It is important to use responsive email template so that it automatically resizes your emails regardless of the gadgets used to read them either, laptop, phone or even tablet.

Images makes your emails more attractive, but you should use more text than image on your emails. This is because most people who read their emails on phone disable images. For a better email accessibility avoid hiding information in images.

6. Create your first email for Marketing

It is time to create your email. Coming up with the right content can be tricky, but when you use the tips shared previously it will make it easier for you. You need to organize your emails to help allure people into reading your content while guiding them towards the email’s call to action.

While creating your email, it is important to know what your competitor is doing so that you can align and improve your content to ensure you are above board with your email. At times stealing smart is good. This helps to ensure you are also informed of what is happening in the industry.

7. Create a Schedule

It important to plan how often you want to be contacting your contact list. It will be prudent to inform your audience how frequent they will be getting your emails. You can be sending emails weekly, fortnight or even monthly. Having a consistent schedule of sending emails will help you to build trust with your audience.

8. Measure your Results

After you have sent out your first email it is important to start tracking the success of your campaign. With tools like Campaign monitor and Google Analytics they can help you to track how people are interacting with your email marketing campaign.

With a good tracking tool you can be able to tell how many emails were read, bounced, reported as spam, not opened and many more activities. When you are able to establish this is will be paramount to resend the campaign emails again to cover a wider. Readers who didn’t open the first time will be highly be prompted to read when they receive the email the second time.

The metrics give you an overview at high level on how your audience are interacting with your campaign. This helps you to compare your performance in different campaigns and also how different campaign tools have performed. This will enable you to determine which of the tools work best for you to be used in the future.

From measuring results you will be able to know areas that need improvement either is your content or subject line.

There are various ways you can improve your email marketing performance;-

  • Verify your email list regularly and scrub off emails that bounces back. This will aid in ensuring you have an accurate email list. You can run your list in the scrubbing and verification services on a regular basis.
  • For the subject line you can include emoji. They are everywhere and everyone is using them, why not include them on your subject line. This will make it more attractive to the recipient and makes you stand out.
  • Try to send your emails at different times. Split your list and share your emails to one group either early in the morning, mid-morning, noon time or even in the evening. See at what time you got stronger metrics.
  • Have one clear to action for every email. This will help to maximize your results. Let your subscribers know what you have to offer or want them to do immediately they start to read the email.
  • Avoid excess codes, preferably use HTML rather than JavaScript, this is because most emails application block JavaScript as a security measure against virus. Include absolute paths with full URLs.
  • Avoid the no-reply sender name. No one likes talking to a robot neither reading an email that comes from unfamiliar senders. Addresses with no-reply makes the email to look less personable, hence reduces responses.
  • Ensure your email is short and sweet.
  • Let readers get to know you. Including your photo or introducing yourself in the email makes the reader to connect with you and they feel free to engage with you.
  • Ensure you align everything. Your email should align with the subject line and your opt-in align with your email. This gives a flow of what you want to communicate with your audience.
  • Build awareness for your brand in other areas like social media. This helps to earn more followers and subscribers who you can later engage on email.

Email marketing is a powerful driver of sales and revenue for your business, and it has a greater reach and return on investment. Using the above steps outlined in this guide will help you to start a successful email marketing campaign which will drive great results for your business.

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