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                                                                                                                                                                Unless it is your profession or hobby to create impressive design works, which I guess not, you are probably a little hesitant to use most of the design software on the market. Most of us aren’t graphically inclined to complete worthwhile design projects, and can’t handle the complications that come with Photoshop. Even the simplest design applications require more effort than we are willing to give.

Professional designers, on the other hand, want really powerful design tools but are willing to veer off the path and take shortcuts if the potential is promising enough.

Canva offers the solution to everyone keen on making beautiful looking invitation cards, posters, multiple page presentations, website graphics and an array of other design works with minimal skills. To start your design project, you’re provided with 11 templates with most of them accessible for free.

You can choose to start with a black custom-sized canvas. From the custom blank canvas, you can proceed to layouts and a range of background tabs which helps you figure out what to design. The tabs come with many options to suit most of your design needs. Clearly, design is no longer as intricate as previously thought, thanks to canvas ease of use and tons of useful features onboard. Here is a closer look on what’s goes on at


The Pricing Scheme

There are 3 pricing options – Free, Canva Enterprise, and Canva for Work. Canva for Work targets professionals and costs US$12.95 per user per month. The user receives 23% discount if he decide to pay annually. Since companies have different design needs, the enterprise plan is largely custom priced.

Free Canva for Work Canva Enterprise
Price Per Month US$0/user/month US$12.95/user/month Custom
Price Per Annum US$0/user/month US$9.95/user/month Custom
Folders Maximum of 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Team Members 10 Maximum of 30  (additional) 30 or more
Upload Fonts
Supported File Formats PNG, JPG, and PDF (print)
Auto Save Support
Customer Support Mainly online knowledge base and email
(there is priority support for all paid plans)


Free Tools Offerred by Canva

The marketplace is hungry for tools but most of them are costly to acquire and complicated to use. While Canva does sell some of the tools on their site, a good number of equally impressive tools are offered for free. The free package comes with the following tools:

Unrestricted access to 8,000 templates

Canva offers more than 8,000 free templates, one of the largest collections of design templates on the web.          With such a monstrous hoard of templates, you’re able to complete captivating designs for every occasion: announcements, calendars, bookmarks, book covers, CD covers, desktop wallpapers, class schedules, gift certificates, infographics, letters, magazine covers, invoices, labels, flyers, media kits and free graphic logo design among others.

Form teams with up to 10 members

Canva allows you to form a team with members not exceeding 10 individuals to design and edit photos and combine ideas free of charge.

1 GB storage space for images and assets

The makers of Canva saw the hassle you could undergo trying to retrieve images from the eternal source and saving both completed and unfinished projects. For this reason, they decided to offer a free 1GB storage space; big enough to inspire dreams of any size. You are, therefore, guaranteed quick and easy access to your files any time you
need them.

 Upload your own pictures

Although Canva gives you access to tons of stock photos from various third-party providers, you can opt out of the service and use your own photos for free. It is both economical and practical. You’re free to use any type of photo you please straight from your computer’s storage. A huge number of designers prefer using their own photos.

 Access millions of images starting at US$1 each

To supplement your stash of pictures, Canva gives you access to yet another collection of custom photos to suit most of your needs. They are useful for creating captivating Facebook covers, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, picturesome presentations, posters and other works requiring attractive images. Each image costs just US$1 which won’t hurt your wallet much.

 Get inspiration from an array of beautifully designed works

To empower your world of design, Canva gives you access to a variety of finished works that suits most occasions.


Canva for Work

Each member of a Canva for Work team pays US$12.95 per month to collaborate with teammates and complete design projects. This plan comes with a free 30-day upgrade. The package entails everything accessible in the free plan plus access to the following:

  • Unlimited number of folders for organizing your designs
  • An array of team functionalities
  • Unlimited storage capacity for images and assets
  • Ability to resize completed designs
  • Upload various custom fonts unique to your brand
  • Ability to set color palettes unique to your brand
  • Save your templates for the team
  • Locate your designs with the search tool
  • Resize the designs into any custom dimensions
  • Download a variety of designs with transparent background
  • Priority support
  • Export designs in form of animated GIFs


Canva Enterprise

This plan is great for teams consisting of 30 members of more. The pricing is negotiable. The plan entails everything in the Canva for Work plan plus the following:

  • A bunch of onboard incentives
  • Team administrative controls
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Team pricing plan
  • Dedicated account manager

The Verdict

Canva simplifies designing besides making the whole process fast. It is easy to use both for beginners and professionals. The integrated bank of stock photos further widens the range of your choices. This tool is
free if you have your own horde of photos which you can upload whenever you need to use any of the freely available features.

The pricing plans are affordable especially if you consider the useful features that comes with them. One of Canva’s setbacks, however, is complete absence of alignment tools. The pages also lack grids, a situation that makes it a little hard to precisely set your pages as needed.

The fact that only Canva Enterprise and Canva for Work plans get access to priority support is a bit disappointing. However, a support page is provided complete with a search bar and support articles that make it quite easy to find solutions for some problems.

In general, Canva removes the friction from designing and it is one of the most helpful design tools out there recommendable for all design aficionados.

All the best,


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