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Fullstaq Marketer Review

As you probably already know, there are countless options available to you if you are interested in making money online. In fact, the number of different industries you can get involved in online is almost infinite, and we have already reviewed a large number of these options and products. You’ve probably noticed though, there is a recurring pattern. Again and again, after we have assessed various different products and opportunities, we have always emphasized that affiliate marketing is the best option out there with the largest amount of opportunity.

Earning commissions through sales that you can bring in for products and services that belong to other people, in other words, affiliate marketing, offers the largest scope for possible earnings and a low barrier to entry because you don’t need to own or create your own product. All you have to do is master the art of traffic, whether paid or organic, and you’ll be able to earn a very decent living doing affiliate marketing. In fact, some people make six figures and beyond doing this.

Naturally, anyone looking to get started in this amazing industry is going to need some high-quality training so that they know what they are doing and are able to enter profit as quickly as possible. Finding affiliate marketing training can be a problem in itself though, as there is a myriad of options, and a lot of the courses out there are overpriced or don’t include all the latest up-to-date knowledge. Many of them are created and heavily marketed by people who are not the most honest in the world, and this unfortunately brings the industry into disrepute. It can be very difficult to trust all the gurus out there when they are so clearly focused on selling their courses at high markups to make as much money as they can.

We’re here to help you navigate the minefield that is affiliate marketing training and choose something good so you won’t waste your money and so you’ll actually be able to start making money. Today we will be assessing Fullstaq Marketer, and affiliate marketing training led up by Keala Kanae.

What is Fullstaq Marketer?

Fullstaq Marketer is an affiliate marketing online training course, with prices starting at $997 – rest assured that there are upsells too! Although it is marketed as a contemporary, new course, it is actually a rebranded product. Its predecessor was called AWOL Academy and much of the material in the Fullstaq Marketer course is actually this same old material. AWOL Academy ended up shutting down because it had such a high ticket price, and some deceptive marketing tactics were also used to sell it. We’d call this a red flag perhaps!

When you arrive on the main website of Fullstaq Marketer, you’ll be invited to attend a free 2 hour webinar training. You’ll have to book a time and the site gives you the impression that it is a live training, but just like many of these things, this is actually a misleading marketing trick. The webinar is of course pre-recorded and you just get to watch it at the time you select.

The pre-recorded webinar covers the basics of keyword research for Google and Facebook Ads campaigns, as well as an overview of Clickbank, which is the internet’s most popular marketplace for connecting digital product owners with affiliates who are looking to generate sales in return for commissions.

The webinar also covers the general basics of affiliate marketing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Due to the fact that this is a free video, one can’t really complain about it, and the content is generally good as an introduction to affiliate marketing if you need that.

Once the free video is over, things start to get serious though. At the end you will be offered the course for $997, and if you go ahead and buy that, you will also be contacted by a rep who will be waiting with a $1997 upsell too. Expensive!

So what does the paid course look like?

The main flagship course for $997 is called Fullstaq Accelerator. This is designed to build you a solid foundation in affiliate marketing, with all the key concepts and basics under your belt. The course claims that with everything you learn, you will be able to create a top-converting sales funnel system that can earn you a very decent living.

The training starts with Fullstaq 101, which is broken up into 3 separate training videos. This is what will give you all the foundational knowledge you need in affiliate marketing.

Then there is Funnel Labs, which is an entire section completely dedicated to building the perfect sales funnel system to maximize the return on the leads that you manage to bring in at the top of your funnel. This section includes training on setting up your domain and website, as well as creating sequences for email marketing campaigns.

You’ll also get access to Fullstaq Edge, which is a whole section focused on building the right mindset. This is all about the importance of cultivating self-belief, as it’s easy to lose focus and optimism when things don’t go as planned as you build your business. We think this is a great section to have, as many courses do not include anything at all about building the right mindset for success.

In addition to these components, you also get access to the Fullstaq community, which is great if you are looking to connect with others or get some support when things are not working out.

What about the upsell?

As we mentioned, if you go ahead and purchase the $997 course then a rep will get in touch with you very soon after and offer you an upsell for an additional $1997. This upsell goes by the name of Traffic Labs, and it is a whole course entirely dedicated to the skills you need to have if you want to bring people into the top of your sales funnel system.

The main focus of Traffic Labs is on paid ads with Google and Facebook. While these skills are essential to learn and there is nothing wrong with this training itself, we find it quite dishonest that you have to pay almost $2,000 extra to get access, because Fullstaq Accelerator gives the impression that it contains everything you need for $997, a complete affiliate marketing training system. Having to pay an extra 200% to be able to know how to get customers into the top of your sales funnel just doesn’t seem very honest to us.

Essentially, if you want a complete A-Z training for affiliate marketing and you go with Fullstaq, you’re looking at a real cost of almost $3,000!

Fullstaq also have future releases planned for other courses in the future, which will be aimed at copywriting, maximizing conversions and money management. You can rest assured that these will also cost a fair penny when they are released.

Fullstaq Marketer also give you the option to become an affiliate for their courses, meaning that you can earn up to $500 commission per customer you bring in. This gives the cloud a silver lining, as it might enable you to recover some of the costs of investing in such pricey training!

Is Fullstaq Marketer a scam?

The content in Fullstaq Accelerator and Traffic Labs is actually pretty good as affiliate marketing training goes, and the material does offer sufficient breadth and depth to enable you to become a competent affiliate marketer. Because of this, we can confidently say that Fullstaq Marketer is not a scam. It’s just very expensive.

Fullstaq Marketer also offers a money-back guarantee as well, which is a great thing to see if you are worried about scams. If you are not satisfied with Fullstaq Accelerator within 30 days of purchase, you can return it for a full refund. Just keep that 30 day deadline in mind, because if you go looking for a refund after that point, you certainly won’t get one.

Closing thoughts on Fullstaq Marketer

Although there is nothing wrong with the online training materials offered by Fullstaq (in fact they are actually quite good), we think they are significantly overpriced for what you get. We also don’t like the slightly deceptive marketing technique that they use by not giving you everything you need for $997 and then pushing a $1997 upsell right after you sign up for the main course. This is a fundamentally dishonest marketing tactic that does not work in favor of customers. Having a total cost of almost $3,000 for full training simply can’t be justified when you take into account other affiliate marketing courses out there offering the same standard of training for a fraction of that price.

If you are looking for a complete overview training on affiliate marketing, we don’t think you should need to pay anything over $1,000 to learn everything you need to know, and definitely not anything close to $3,000!

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