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Do you want to tell your customers what’s new? How about designing some cool newsletters? Something that can help
divert customers to your website, click through the links to make a purchase, in turn enabling you to generate higher sales and more profits?


Let’s face it – for an affiliate marketer, there is nothing like making sales. For that though, you would have to try out different marketing strategies like reaching out to website owners to be able to post your content in order to increase traffic. Or, you would want to create your own landing pages to drive in sales growth.


The question then would be, how do you know it the sales are going to be as you would expect?


If you want to save time networking and managing everything, try out GetResponse.


Get Response autoresponder features are amazing, and with its popular landing page creator, you can do everything from split testing to create beautiful pages for increasing user engagement, features that can help you get a lot more from your marketing campaigns.


If you have lots subscribers and are looking for a cheap way to reach out to them, we would recommend GetResponders.


The Top Tools to Try For Affiliate Marketers

The several tools available on the site to help fellow marketers to up there game are as follows.


Email Marketing

Want to increase your customer base by customized emails? The email marketing tool at GetResponse allows you to send engaging emails drafted onto beautifully written templates that are sure to bubble warmth in every customer. With tools like autoresponder and sharp segmentation, let us see what the tools we have on the table.


Drag and drop email editor

  • This tool lets you optimize your email address as well as design templates as per your choice.
  • It allows you to adjust and format every photo and image to create your perfect template.
  • Its smart image editing features let’s you scale, resize, crop and make several other changes to your draft.
  • Email creation history allows you to review the previous newsletter and reverse any change you do not like.
  • Basic Blocks Library lets you add or remove quick buttons, blocks of text, images, giphys anywhere you, please.
  • Snippets archive can be used to save snippets from your various contents as well as reuse them in your future emails.
  • If you are worried about the device compatibility of your emails, stop right there, at GetResponse you will have perfect emails on every device. The emails are automatically optimized with no extra charge.
  • You can also try it for yourself and use the mobile email preview to see how your email will look in your mobile on a real-time basis.
  • Gain access to hundreds of templates and images for FREE. Unleash your creativity with a wide range of email templates, each of which has a professional vibe about it. Make your emails and newsletters resplendent to attract and inspire your customers.
  • Create your templates! If you already have one or would like to code your own, you have come to the right place! Import your templates from a zip file or a URL or encode yourself.


Fine tune your messages!

Use the A/B testing to perform a thorough analysis or tweak your emails for the best response. Test varieties of subject lines, content, from fields or delivery hours.


Make your content Dynamic and personalized

Utilize the little information about your customers to personalize the content. Make it relevant and valuable to engage your recipients. Use customer preferences to customize words and images.


Use the email validation tool to ensure your emails has a great look in every inbox it goes to.


Integrate social media sharing to increase an impact of your campaign.

  • – Monitor click rates statistics by click tracking.
  • Link your Google Analytics account to track your message performance statistics.
  • Use pre-headers, text messages, attachments to increase your email’s appeal.



Use your autoresponder tool help your subscribers get the relevant emails when they need them. Make tailor-made programs to optimize email cycles to satisfy your recipients without any time constraints.


Landing Pages

At GetResponse, you can take your pick from the hundreds of responsive templates for your landing page. Whether you need a download page or a promo page or one for sales, you can choose whichever fits your bill. Incorporate your signature touch if you want, and voila, you have your landing page ready is less than half an hour!


The built-in image editor allows you to create your perfect picture from over thousands of iStock images at your disposal for free.


If you are worried about your page on the mobile view, simply switch between the mobile and desktop previews using the mobile view workspace tool and optimize as you wish.


If you think you cannot design your landing page if you are not a techie, relax. At GetResponse, can just drag and drop elements in the landing page builder! Play around by re-sizing, cropping, reshaping any element until you find your perfect design.


Worried about a domain to publish your page?

GetResponse will also lend their sub-domains to you for free to publish your landing pages.


Use the A/B Testing to ensure that your web page performs as one of best. optimize it further by using SEO tools.

Use the built-in web form feature with custom fields to nurture leads and customer data immediately.


Make your page more visible by adding videos and embedding. The social sharing icons will let your visitors share it with others.


Integrate your page with popular web analytics platform and tweak your page for highest performance.


And if you want to involve your requisition in some shopping, add the PayPal buy now button to see your sales grow!



Webinars are the thing when you are looking forward to engaging your audiences. Live interaction not only increases the engagement of your customers, it also generates leads.

GetResponse is the first email marketing service that also provides a complete webinar marketing solution to increase conversion rates.


Three minutes of your time what you’ll need to set up a webinar. A simple registration link will generate leads for you.

You can customize your webinar URL with the title or incorporate a date and time picker to enable your viewers to choose their schedules. You can also select if your webinar will be an open-to-all kind or password protected for select people.


Finally, you get to secure your webinar URL by SSL- encryption.

You also get access to templates for webinar invitation for free. With these you can remind your contacts of the scheduled webinar, having control on the frequency of reminder emails delivered. You can also use the Auto-login hash, to make your webinar more customer friendly as your contacts do not need to login to enter the webinar.


If you are using a mobile or a tablet, you can also join in the webinar, no matter where you are, using the GetResponse Webinar mobile app. It not only allows you instant access to stream the webinar, but also allows you to record or download it to watch it later or share it with others.


The webinar also has text-chat options where you can interact with your audience for feedback, questions, and comments while executing the webinar.


Marketing Automation

If you have your idea and are looking for scalable options to bring it to life, GetResponse is the place for you.

No campaign is too complex for us to assist you with, so set up whatever you have in mind by a drag-and-drop work-flow builder. The simple but powerful work-flows will guide you to build entire user-experiences.


Utilize the subscribers’ data to build as well as manage individual customer journeys. Simple logical conditional actions and filters will do a major part of the work.

Hundreds of scenarios are available to give you a real-time view of the customer journeys.


Track and address cart abandoners to discover their grievances, entice visitors and purchasers to become repeat customers.


Employ visual workflows to steers your marketing communications irrespective of your goal.

Direct actions based on conditions as per the customer behaviour, apply filters to increase the impact of your campaign.


What did we love the most?

GetResponse makes things easier for you as an affiliate marketer.

You can create, organize and manage communications with your customers to get the best out of your marketing skills, starting at only $15/mo. It is an inexpensive way to market your online business.

All the best,


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