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Google AdSense – Get Paid to Advertise



Blogging is a fast growing media with a massive following across the world. With an improvement in innovation and technology blogging is almost overpowering the media stream regarding audience and following.

The access to computers and other electronic gadgets with internet connection anybody can become a blogger, but the question is, does blogging pay? How can you earn from blogging?

Today a lot of bloggers are earning by just being behind the keyboard, although it takes some time for you to start earning. Once you have a good following, you can make a substantial amount of money through Google AdSense.


What is Google AdSense?


Google AdSense is a program that enables website owners or bloggers to make money by displaying adverts on their platforms. The Google ads are ubiquitous, and probably you have had an opportunity to see some on the Google search platform.

The way the business works is usually Google takes the large share of the ad revenue and you as a blogger, get a certain percentage. Two main ways enable you to make cash from the Google AdSense which are;


• Impressions –here the more views your blog or website gets, the more you earn either on posts or pages with the ads. You will have to advertise your blog or website on social media platforms or any other means to get more views for you to earn well.


• Clicks –here the earning depends on the number of clicks your posts or pages gains, however, the program cannot count more than one click from one IP address or gadget.


How to start earning from AdSense


You just need to sign up for a Google AdSense account and add your blog’s access code. The AdSense account enables you to choose the design of the ad and where you want it to look on your blog and even the kind of adverts you would accept. As soon as you reach the minimum Google threshold, a payment is made in your bank account or Google sends you a check.


Who can earn from Google AdSense?


The AdSense earning is not accessible to everybody due to Google restrictions and policies this is what is eligible and not eligible to earn from AdSense;


• Blogger – if you are a blogger or you can sign up for the AdSense account and start earning for your clicks or views of your posts or pages.


• When you run a self –hosted Word Press site you can apply for AdSense account from the website which you will receive a code that you use it when required to start earning.


Not Eligible

• When using a free Word Press site, you are not eligible to use Adsense, only Word Ads, but only if you have a custom domain.


How much can you earn from AdSense?

Earning from the AdSense is real though it requires some patience for you to get a full-time income that can sustain you. For instance, at the beginning, you might make little cash due to minimal clicks or views however with time once you have a massive following that can create traffic, you will earn well.

Also, the rates of the clicks or views are not constant sometimes and the earnings might be too low like 26 cents per view or click and sometimes it goes up to $2 or more depending on the factors only AdSense themselves can tell.

You can also make about 10 cents or more on a bad day that your blog does not get a click or view. In most cases, people give up on the way when earnings are too low which is normal for every starter, but once your blog has good traffic you will make substantial income since the more traffic you create, the more you earn.


How to earn more from AdSense

The best way to earn more is by increasing your search traffic, if you have a blog that solves people’s problem like Bing or Google, you will most likely attract a lot of traffic thus more earnings.

Having a post that can solve a problem by use of SEO once one click on your post the ads answer the question one is searching. This method enables exposure of your blog to a lot of people thus creating traffic for your blog or website quickly.


What you should know about AdSense

• Don’t click your ads; you should know that Google knows almost everything. Making many clicks by yourself may lead to banning of your account instead of earning more as you may think.


• Also, don’t encourage family members or your friends to click on your ads, Google AdSense program has a way of noticing such activities, and your account gets banned with no compensation after that.


• Be keen on your ad clicks; suddenly you start getting 100 clicks and views a day, then there is a problem. Contact the AdSense support team for help before they notice if they note some of your audience might be clicking several times which might result in closure or ban of your account.


• Don’t rely on AdSense as a sole source of income since anything can happen in this business anytime.


Is Google AdSense free?

Joining the AdSense business is free so long as you meet the necessary qualifications of owning or hosting a blog or website then you are ready to go. The rest is up to you to build your fan base to create more traffic for you to earn better.


The AdSense business pays well and can sustain you if you have an active audience that can create traffic on a daily basis on your blog. If you want to start, you have to be patient and build your business step by step. Eventually your hard work will pay off. Good luck!!

All the Best,


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