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Google AdWords Vs AdWords Express Review


There is no limit to the number of things you can accomplish with the help of the Internet. It is a virtual treasure-house of knowledge which can give you access to anything you want with minimum hassle.

Technology is advancing with each day, and has managed to pervade almost every other industry in the world. There was never any doubt that business and the Internet would go very well together, but the relationship has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few years.


On one hand, there is an information overload on the platform and developers are always trying to smoothen the search process that users have to go through when looking for a specific topic. On the other hand, business owners are constantly trying to leave a mark in the virtual world so they can become more accessible for the common people. They have begun to use a variety of online tools that have been specifically designed to aid this purpose.


If you are a frequent user of the Internet, then you know that advertisements keep popping up on the screen every two minutes no matter what you are browsing through. These lead you to brand websites from where you can secure the product that prompted you to click on it in the first place.


Google is one of the most popular search engines used by netizens, and it has been growing exponentially over the years as a result. It has come up with a number of features that can help local businesses increase their publicity. No company can succeed without proper advertising. It is essential to reach the consumers first before setting a game plan going forward. Online advertising can reach a large number of people in a lesser amount of time, and that is where Google comes in as the saviour.



If you are just starting out with your Google Adwords express account, then you should consider advertising your company on Google. You will find a striking change in the traffic to your website as soon as you set up the ads. They will be displayed along with a user’s search results in accordance with the keywords that you have preset.

Google has rolled out two primary advertising platforms for all businesses- AdWords and AdWords Express. They have both been designed differently, and you need to choose the one that is most suitable for your company’s requirements. Although AdWords Express is a more advanced version of Google AdWords, it has its own set of limitations that you must know before committing to the system.


The basic function of both these platforms is to help you display your Company’s ads on, Google Maps, and all major websites that fall under the Google Display Network. These advertising products will allow you to reach a target crowd and hence increase the number of potential customers.


You can organise your time and develop better strategies with the help of both these products, which is why you should ideally only use one. If you get engaged in both of them, you will find that your ad management has become more complicated than before. In some cases, your own ads might start competing against each other.


You can use either AdWords and AdWords Express to help your business appear in numerous places. If you are confused as to which one you should go for, then read on.


AdWords Express

If you have a small business that is in dire need of publicity, then this is the tool for you. Smart, but easy to use, this easy solution is the key to get your business get noted on Google when it actually matters. It works by utilising the best advertising technology devised by Google. With the help of AdWords Express, you will be able to view results on based on the goals you set for your company. It will regulate customer communication and any action on your website.


You will only need 15 minutes to set up AdWords Express for your use. After you are done, you will be able to improve your ad according to the goal you have fixed and measure how it performs in the virtual world. Since you will get clear results that can easily interpret, it will be much easier for you to reformulate your strategy in case you are going wrong somewhere. Not only will you be satisfied knowing that the money you are investing is giving you optimum results in return, but also it will be much easier to run your business.

Benefits of using Adwords Express:

• You will only have to pay if someone clicks on your advertisement which means that you will never be wasting your money on an ad that did not work.

• You will only need minimal ongoing management to get the best results from this tool.

• There are a lot of options for where you can advertise your website including Google, Google Maps, and partner sites.

• You will be able to reach your customers irrespective of their geographic location at all times.



To use AdWords Express, you have to feel the need for advertising your website on different Google pages. You will have the freedom to write your own ad. Whenever someone searches for keywords or phrases that are related to your business in some way, the ad will be displayed in and around the page. It is best to set a budget before you start so that you never go overboard. The search phrases should be coined with special attention so that your ad gets triggered the maximum times possible..



If you want complete control over your ad campaigns online, then you should definitely consider using AdWords which is the original tool offered by Google. You will be able to use a number of additional ad formats, features and settings when you are using Google AdWords business account.


On the surface, you might feel that AdWords Express is superior to AdWords because of the benefits it offers, but even the latter has a set of impressive features.


• The only time you have to pay up is when someone actually clicks on your ad. You do not have to keep pouring money into an ad that wasn’t well received in the first place.

• When AdWords says that it gives you complete control over your advertising options, that is exactly what you get. Feel free to choose the keywords and bid prices that you think are best suited for your business. You will be able to structure your account exactly as you like it.

• No matter where your target customers are, you will be able to reach them via a tool like AdWords which works purely on the virtual platforms and is hence not bound by any geographic location.

• With AdWords, you will be able to access a number of special ad formats that can make your advertisement look even more attractive to customers.


• You will receive detailed reports so you can always improve your ads and gain more traffic.



The moment a user searches for keywords related to your website on, Google Maps, or any of its partner sites, your advertisement will appear somewhere around the search results. The Adwords will work its magic and help you organise a successful advertising campaign. When you are using this tool, you will be able to fix every aspect of it according to your wishes.

Choosing the keywords that trigger your ads is not an easy job because you need to concentrate on maximising the results. Fixing a daily budget can also prove to be useful because you will be able to able to regulate the amount of money you spend on each click.


AdWords and AdWords Express do Have Some Differences


Time and Resources:

When you use AdWords, you need to devote a significant amount of time to your online campaigns. If you have the spare time, then go for it. Once you capitalise on the Google Display Network, you will gain immense publicity. Depending on how active you are or how you want to organise your campaign, you can decide your involvement.

On the other hand, AdWords Express is your cup of tea if you lack time to devote to ads. Do AdWords Express is for you. When you are trying to decide how much available time you have, think long-term.

Ad Formats:

If you want some variety and want colourful online advertising that consists of text, animated and static banners, and video formats, then you should go for AdWords. On the other hand, you should choose AdWords Express if you are okay with having just text on your advertisements. Both the tools will let you have complete control over how you design your ads.

No matter which one you use, the emphasis should be on your advertising strategy. When used properly, both of them can work to your advantage. The modern business world understands the value of publicity and advertisement, and you should play your part. Both formats are very good and very effective. Whichever one you choose should help generate traffic, and ultimately revenue for your business.

All the best,



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