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In our last article, a review of Surfshark VPN, we started to discuss some alternative ways that affiliates can make money online by avoiding the same saturated affiliate marketplaces that everyone else is using and starting to think a little more outside the box by finding individual products that are doing well in their section of the market. VPNs are a great niche for this, but there are in fact many more.

Today, we’ll be looking at an example of a great graphic design product that you can promote as an affiliate and start raking in some extra cash for your affiliate marketing business.

Introducing Snappa

Graphic design has become a hugely important area for online business owners, and for obvious reasons. If brands are able to present themselves in graphically aesthetic and pleasing ways online, they will naturally be perceived as more professional, and of course, they become much more likely to convert visitors into customers, as having a professional image builds trust like nothing else.

Graphic design is present in every aspect of an online business. You can find it in the web design and layouts on their website, but it also applies to things like Youtube channel banners, Instagram posts, Facebook ad creatives, PDF brochures and many many more vital business components.

As a result of this, online businesses, whether they are very large corporations or just a single individual running a very small business or website, have become prepared to invest good money into graphic design. Those who can afford it will outsource all of their graphical work to professional designers, but the majority of people nowadays prefer the lower-cost option of using a software tool specifically designed for the job.

The problem with many graphical design tools, with Photoshop being a great example, is that they have a very steep learning curve and it can be difficult to actually learn all the skills required to be able to create something visually impressive using them. Of course, if you’re actually a Photoshop master, there’s no doubt that it’s the best tool for the job, but most people don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to use this highly sophisticated piece of software.

There is an answer to this conundrum though! We live in amazing times, and nowadays there are cloud-based tools that can be used directly in your browser to create stunning graphical designs with ease and in very little time. The most famous example of such a tool is Canva, which there’s a good chance you may have heard of.

Today though, we’ll be looking at one of Canva’s main competitors – an excellent tool called Snappa.

What is Snappa?

Snappa is a totally cloud-based graphic design tool aimed at non-professionals and novice designers. The interface of the tool has been designed to be as simple and easy-to-use and possible, so it doesn’t have the barrier to entry of other tools such as Photoshop. In a matter of minutes, a complete newcomer can get going on the tool and create amazing designs without too much effort.

This solves a huge problem for a large number of people, namely those who need great design for their businesses, but lack design expertise themselves, on top of the fact that they can’t afford to hire professional designers either.

When you log in to the Snappa platform for the first time, you’ll be blown away by how intuitive and easy to use it is. There are no extra, confusing buttons – just a very clean and simple interface that gets the job done quickly.

On top of the great user interface, Snappa has a very broad selection of canvas presets ready to go. So if you need an Instagram post, just click on the preset and you’ll have a canvas of the exact dimensions you need for your post. If you need a Youtube thumbnail, there’s a preset for that too, as well as for Facebook ads and many many more. Pretty much every social media platform we can think of has presets ready to go in Snappa, which makes life super easy.

As well as all of the presets, Snappa also has a huge array of pre-made templates that you can use to create stunning graphics and presentations in a matter of seconds. This is ideal for those who are in a rush to create great material in record time, as well as those who get ‘designer’s block’ and end up staring hopelessly at a blank screen for hours wondering what to design. Creativity doesn’t come easily to everyone, so the massive range of templates can be a really big help for these types of people.

Stock photos are also a staple requirement for many online businesses, as having plenty of images on a website really improves its look and feel, especially in a professional sense. Snappa boasts a massive library of over 4 million stock images ready for you to use, and they are all excellent quality, with super high resolution and tasteful presentation. There’s nothing worse than cheesy or cliché stock photos on a website. Many people can spot these a mile off and they can actually hurt the perception of a brand considerably, so having access to a high-quality library like the one in Snappa can be highly useful.

On top of the great quality templates and stock images, Snappa also gives you access to over 200 premium fonts to make the text elements of your design look as stunning as possible, as well as hundreds of thousands of vectors, shapes and effects that you can easily use to transform your work into its stunning final version.

Resizing your final design is also super simple, and you can transfer your design to a different preset in one click, for example from a Facebook cover photo into a Youtube channel banner. This particular feature is very powerful, as it allows you to easily attain brand consistency in your designs across the different social media platforms you might be using.

Another excellent feature that we really like is Snappa’s handy background removal tool. In a single click, you can remove the background from a photo and make it transparent. This is extremely useful for creating Youtube thumbnails for example, where you might want to have a picture of the same person but have a different background and design for each Youtube video. This can of course also be done on Photoshop, but this requires some skill and definitely more than one click! Simplicity and elegance are the name of the game for Snappa, and that’s what makes it so appealing.


So What About the Snappa Affiliate Program?

Snappa has a generous affiliate program, with 30% lifetime recurring commission coming as standard. Although the tool has a free option to get started on, most users end up on the pro plan which costs $15 per month, with some businesses also upgrading to the team plan at $30 per month. The plans are also available cheaper on a yearly payment schedule, but that’s even better for the affiliate as they will get a nice lump sum commission all at once!

As we have discussed, Snappa fills a great spot in the market because it allows complete novices to create stunning designs very quickly and easily, and seeing as most people can’t afford to hire professional designers, there is plenty of opportunity for you to promote Snappa as an affiliate and earn some very nice commissions.

Due to the fact that the tool is so high quality and easy to use, customers tend to stick around and keep up their monthly payments, or even upgrade to the yearly plan. In the case of monthly plans, you’ll receive 30% commission on a rolling basis forever, as long as the customer stays on the plan.

This means that you can keep building up more and more rolling payments as you continue to bring in more customers, allowing you to compound your earnings nicely. This is the best kind of deal for potential affiliate marketers!

To sweeten the deal, Snappa also give you a 30 day cookie life when you become an affiliate with them. This means that if someone visits the Snappa page coming from your link, they can come back and purchase up to 30 days later and you’ll still get your commission. As many people take time to reach a purchase decision, this is great for maximizing your chances of a commission.

Closing Thoughts

Snappa is an excellent tool that enables all kinds of people and business owners to create stunning graphics for their websites and social media. We think it fills a great hole in the market, and for this reason, combined with the excellent rolling commissions and cookie life, you’d be foolish to not have a try at promoting Snappa as an affiliate. The affiliate signup process is also very simple, so definitely give it a shot. You have nothing to lose, and potentially quite a lot to gain!

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