The Home Depot Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate programs are becoming one of the most used tools by bloggers and website owners to earn money. You can become an affiliate of different retailers and sell their products on your website through ad links and tags. The retailers hands you a commission for every sold product or for every person visiting their website through the link of the affiliate.


Like many major retailers, Home Depot also has an affiliate program of their own.


I am sure that you have heard about them – or in all probability, bought from them more than once. They house everything from your sofa sets to your dining tables, and are known to offer good quality materials. With a good brand reputation and loyal customer base, it would be easier for you as an affiliate marketer to make sales.


How do You Start?


First, sign up for free and then get approved by the company to become an affiliate. The program has been regarded as one of the best for affiliate marketers. But if you still have your doubts, this review will tell you everything you need to know about the Home Depot Affiliate Program.


What is the Home Depot Affiliate Program?


The home depot affiliate program allows website owners to become an affiliate of the retailer and sell their products on their website by creating banner ads and text links. The availability of over 500,000 products to create ads for gives the affiliates a wide range to work with. One can become an affiliate of the home depot affiliate program by simply filling out an application form. Post the completion, the company usually verifies the app or the website of the individual and then confirms their affiliate status.


The company provides with data feeds, ads, and links for the affiliates to use on their website and pays them about 4% commission on an average for the sale of every product. They also have a team of account managers to handle the affiliate network.

Major Features of the Home Depot Affiliate Program


1. Free to join: The application process of the home depot affiliate program is quite simple. One has to apply through the CJ Affiliate by Conversant website and fill out an application form for the same. After the website or the app of the individual has been verified, they can become a part of the affiliate network.


2. Good commission: The commission provided by the home depot affiliate program varies from 3% to 5%. The 3% commission is provided for products bought online and picked up in stores, and the ones bought through mobile as well. On the other hand, 5% commission is offered on custom blinds.


3. 500,000 products: All the products on the Home Depot website can be used by the affiliate network for their ads. Thus, the products can be used across website of different domains and still work. However, gift cards, installation services, special orders, and in store purchases are not applicable for the program.


4. One day cookie: The cookie duration of the home depot affiliate program is of one day. This means that once a customer clicks on the ad link and visits the Home Depot website, they get a Unique ID. This ID remains valid for the 24 hours and therefore, the affiliate is eligible for commission during that time.


5. Online support: The home depot affiliate program has a group of account managers that handles all the working of the affiliate network. Thus, if one has an issue with the payments, the ad links, or any other questions in general, they can approach this team.


6. Ads and links: The home depot affiliate program provides the affiliates with banners ads, ad links, and text links to use on their website. They also help them through weekly newsletters to keep them updates about the latest offers and products they can use on their website.




The home depot affiliate program is considered as one of the best affiliate network programs after Amazon, and for a good reason. The commission offered by the program even at the initial state is quite high and continues to increase along with the affiliate’s sales. The wide range of products also makes it easier for the customers to buy what they like, thus increasing commission by the day.


Apart from that, the easy application process, the free sign up, as well as a group of account managers to handle the network make it a highly efficient program.

I welcome your comments, feel free to leave any that you may have in the space provided.

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