Hotwire Affiliate Program Review – Not a Great Choice

Affiliate programs have recently become one of the most popular ways for the website owners to earn money and keep their reach growing. Hotwire, too, has come up with an affiliate program of its own that allows one to earn commission for referring travelers to their website.


Wondering if it’s worth a shot?


This Hotwire affiliate program review will take a look at all that you need to know. Here’s how you can become an affiliate with Hotwire and start earning good money!


What is the Hotwire Affiliate program?

The Hotwire Affiliate program involves people with a website who may have customers that are interested in traveling. This way, they could get the discounts offered by by clicking on the links provided through the referral link on the affiliate’s site. For every booking, the affiliate gets credit.


The Top features of the Hotwire Affiliate Program

The hotwire affiliate program boasts of its ease to use, a dedicated team, and above all, a competitive commission.


Here are the features of the Hotwire Affiliate program:


Competitive commission: The Hotwire Affiliate program offers quite competitive rates on every booking done on a car, flight, or a hotel.


The rental car and hotel bookings can earn an affiliate a 2% commission. The same is valid for the discount air and package bookings as well.


However, the commission stays at 2% for a regularly priced air ticket. All of these rates become applicable with bookings happening within 7 days of starting your affiliate program.


Ease of use: the Hotwire Affiliate program provides you with an access to deep links, text links, widgets, as well as banners to put up on your website. All of this comes embedded with the unique affiliate ID you attain and thus, is quite easy to use. All you have to do is just place the links on the website and you’re good to go.


Accounts team just for you: To avoid any confusion with the marketers, the affiliate is provided with a dedicated accounts team that takes care of all the finance related matters of the affiliates. The payouts start with seven days of the sales by the affiliates and happen on a monthly basis if the affiliates are earning over $10 a month. In case of an emergency, one is allowed to directly get in touch with the accounts team as it has been made to cater to their needs itself.


Weekly Newsletter to ease it all: Apart from the links and the banners itself, the Hotwire affiliate program maintains a weekly newsletter as well. This newsletter contains the information of all the sales going around, latest news, deals, and sales information along with the tips that can be used to get in more customers. As a result, you can bring in even more customers by launching a new set of deals every week.


Is it Worth a Shot?

Sure, the features look great but there is more than what meets the eye.


Unfortunately, from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem a program that we can recommend.


It has more to do with the service that Hotwire is offering than the product itself. Many Hotwire users complain of inaccuracies. Some have had their hotel rooms overbooked. Others didn’t receive any timely response from their customer service department. Some were booked on the wrong flights. The woes are endless.


Is It For You?

The Hotwire affiliate program is catered especially for those who can benefit from customers on their website who’d be interested in travel. They can benefit from the deals by on hotels, cars, and flight tickets, and the affiliates can benefit from each one of those bookings.


It might work if you have a blog or a travel website; it’s a good choice for you then. The procedure is simple, and since you would already have a good number of visitors looking to join your program, you could leverage in on it with the Hotwire program and make some good money.


That being said, when we are recommending an affiliate program, we do not just take a look at how good the affiliate program could be for you, but for the user experience as well. Hotwire falls short on that.


If you recommend Hotwire, and users don’t have a pleasant experience, they wouldn’t really have loyalty towards your site either. Something to keep in mind.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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