How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Website


Just like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is another social media platform which has seen a sudden surge in its popularity in the last few years. Used by billions of people all over the world, this platform is now not limited to serving as a just pastime. Instead, thousands of people are making full use of its potential to promote their products, websites and brands. A few simple steps to follow and a few things to keep in mind, you can easily become the next successful affiliate marketing genius on Twitter.

To get started, follow the necessary steps to create a profile. Add the URL of your website in the ‘About’ section. Make sure, you give a short but crisp description of what you stand for and the products you provide. Add a catchy profile picture, preferably the one which portrays the true nature of your business.

Your profile is as important in building your network as your tweets. So make sure you put a good amount of time and effort into making it look attractive.

The next step is to build your network. Have a look at the profiles of people who are flourishing in your field. See how they operate, what kind of posts they put. Basically, do a thorough research right from their profile picture to the comments on their tweets.

Pro tip: Use the tool Followerwonk which generates the list of people on twitter based on specific keywords.

Pay close attention to the quality of tweets you post. Plain, bland and straightforward tweets will not attract you many followers. You’ve got 280 characters, make the best use of them. And the very basic point- always add a link to your website in your tweets.


How to Build Yourself Up

Here are a few tips to help you.


Get active in gaining new followers

A very common yet extremely effective trick used by all affiliate marketers is the famous hashtag. Add liberal amounts of hashtag to your tweets initially. A hashtag enables people, following pages similar to yours, to find and reach you easily. After you have gained enough followers, another cool trick is to host a giveaway on Twitter.


The rules of the giveaway should enable multiple people to participate and start following you. Remember to keep attractive prizes. If you want to target a bigger number of audience, make the giveaway open worldwide, preferably with free shipping. You can make use of the tool twitrand to randomly select the winners.


Regularity is the key

The more you post, the more followers you gain. To begin with, post at least 4 to 5 times a day. However, an increased frequency of posts should not compromise on their quality. Striking this delicate balance will take some practice at first. If you feel that it is not a one-man job, hire someone to do it for you. Another option is to use a software that helps you time your post e.g. Affilorama.


Be genuine

Here’s the thing – your followers love to get a peek into your daily life. If you keep posting promotional posts all the time, you may end up losing a significant number of people. Get creative, add a personal touch to your tweets. Let other people know what you are up to, what trips you are taking, what all new things you are trying. You may even express opinions on the trending news (but not too strong). The primary idea is to avoid monotony. Also, make sure to post content relevant to your niche and services only.


Be open to ideas

Pay close attention to what sort of comments you get on your tweets. They provide an insight on the demands of your followers. You can then make the necessary changes to make your tweets and website more relatable. Reply to comments. Show your followers that you are interested in their opinions. Personal attention is always appreciated. This trick may not get you more followers but you will definitely win the loyalty of many along with numerous sure shot visits on your website.


Stick to the rules

One wrong move and all your efforts will go down the drain within seconds. It is therefore an indispensable element of affiliate marketing on Twitter to stick the guidelines laid down for you.


Make Use of Online Tools to Minimise the Effort and Maximise the Results

There are several Twitter tools available to increase the efficiency of your marketing strategies. These tools are being used by experts worldwide. To mention a few:


TweetWhen– It tells you what time of the day will get the maximum response in the form of retweets.

PeerIndex– Helps you in tracking the degree of influence provided by your tweets.


SocialBackers, Tweetreach and Social Bro- These help in analysing the statistics of your tweets.


KnowYourFollowers– It lets us you know more about your followers in terms of the gender, profession, location, age and more.


TweetEffect– This is the most useful tool when you are still in the infancy stages of your Twitter account. TweetEffect tells which of your tweets got you more followers and which tweets led to a loss of followers. Judging by the statistics, you can then post the type of posts which attract more people.


Summify– It gives you the statistics of the most shared stories in your network.


TwitterListManager– Helps you manage your twitter lists.


BackUpify– It helps you to create a backup of all your Tweets.


Postpost– Helps you to find interesting Tweets getting an overwhelming response from the followers.


Deconstructing Twitter

Twitter has over 284 million monthly users, and affiliate marketers all over the world are well aware of the fact that most of their potential clients are out there on twitter. However, with over 500 million messages being exchanged on Twitter, which gives the tweets an average lifespan of 500 seconds, how do you make your 140 characters stand out of the crowd?


1. Know your purpose:

There are several reasons why marketers might turn to Twitter apart from getting new clients or helping grow your brand. Are they trying to build a strong reputation? Interact with the industry leaders? Drive more traffic to their websites? All of these maybe?

As an affiliate marketer, you need to know what your main purpose of being on Twitter is and use this channel accordingly. Hootsuite and TweetDeck are some social media dashboards that can be used for that purpose. However, we strongly recommend Buffer, which is free (also comes with a premium paid version) and very simple to use, and you can post on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin all at the same time. We would look at how you can use it below.



2. Use pictures:

A tweet accompanied by a picture gets a far better response out here with getting more retweets and link clicks. Moreover, with Twitter restricting you with the 140 character word limit, a picture helps you overcome this disadvantage by coming across as more visually appealing and helping you getting your message across.



3. Let your personality shine through:

While using social media, especially Twitter to help your cause, make sure you remain honest and sincere and that your real personality gets across to those who are reading your tweets. Some of the interactions can be fun, yet pertain to the area you expertise in.




5. Twitter Analytics can be more helpful than you’d think:

Twitter Analytics was earlier available only to the paid users, but is now available for everyone who is interested in using the analytics platform to make Twitter a profitable platform. Twitter analytics goes you immensely helpful data that will tell you what is helping your tweet enjoy the success that it is getting. You get to know the number of retweets, replies and link clicks that your tweet received.




Focusing on the basics is what you need, if you are trying to figure out how to promote on Twitter without breaking your bank.

Affiliate marketing is just like a muscle; you get better with constant practice. You may have to invest a good amount of time before seeing significant results. Once you get the hang of it, the results are remarkable. Affiliate marketing on twitter can enable you to earn thousands of dollars in just one day. All you require is patience, a thorough understanding of the process and Voila! You will be a pro at affiliate marketing very soon.

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