How to Promote Your Internet Business Using Quora

When thinking about promoting an internet business, many methods come to mind. Your main options are using SEO techniques to achieve a better organic position in search results for your website, using paid advertising on various platforms to get instant traffic coming your way, or actively growing your social media followings to expand your fan reach.

However, if you dig a little beneath the surface, there are actually many lesser-known methods that you can utilize to promote your business online. One of those is Quora, the popular question-and-answer website.

What is Quora?

Quora is a very popular website that allows users to ask and answer questions about any topic under the sun. All of the content on the site is created, curated and organized by the users themselves, making it quite similar to Wikipedia in approach, although it is focused on a question-and-answer format, and doesn’t have encyclopedia-style articles like Wikipedia does.

However, what makes Quora really special is that it is also essentially a social network. Once you join, you can follow specific topics that you are interested in, and you can upvote or downvote the responses that users post to the questions. This is like a natural system for reaching the best answers to whichever questions get posted up, and it works very well as a platform.

So let’s look at some tips on how you can use this fantastic site to grow some exposure for your business!

Tip 1: Build a Following

In exactly the same way that you would for any traditional social network such as Facebook or Twitter, you should also aim to build yourself a following on Quora as this will bring more eyeballs to the content that you are posting on the site and give your business a lot more natural exposure.

After you create a Quora account, start researching the content that has been posted on the site, and actively engage with other people in your niche. Have a look through as many questions and answers as you can which are in your topic, and start following the people who are providing some of the best responses. You should also upvote their responses if they are helpful, as this is also a form of engagement that is very easy to do. These upvotes will appear publicly on your profile and demonstrate your activity level on the site.

Crucially, if you follow or upvote people on Quora, your actions will come up in their notifications and greatly increase the possibility that they will follow you back. This kind of growth strategy works very well on platforms like Instagram, and it’s equally effective on Quora.

Tip 2: Master your Topic

Topics form the structure that underpins the entire framework of Quora, so it’s essential that you get to grips with how they work, and get very familiar with your particular topic especially.

In essence, topics are discussions framed around a specific keyword, and most importantly, that keyword can also take the form of a brand name.

The Wikipedia-style community content approach on Quora means that you can create your own content on the site, so you should definitely go ahead and set up a Quora page for your business. Just try to add your company name to your About page on your profile, and Quora will offer you to create a topic around it. You should definitely make this one of the first things you do on the site.

You can also add a description and logo, and request other people to review your topic. You should definitely invite some loyal customers or other industry friends to do this in order to give your topic a boost.

One thing that you should remain aware of is that the page is still open to edits from others, so you’ll need to keep checking your page to make sure nothing untoward has happened! You should also subscribe to your topic in order to see relevant questions pop up in your feed, and pin it so it stays visible in your dashboard for quick monitoring.

In many cases you won’t need to create the topic because you’ll find that your business is already being discussed on Quora. If this is the case don’t worry. There’s still a lot you can do to move discussions in the direction that you need them to go. You can also edit any existing topic pages so that your company is properly represented on the site.

Tip 3: Have a Complete Profile

Every time you post an answer to a question on Quora, your bio will appear right next to your post, meaning that many people will be able to glance it over, especially if you are answering a substantial number of questions on the site.

Try to make your bio as punchy and appealing as possible, as Quora only allows you 50 characters to create your tagline. Definitely make sure that you increase your brand name in your bio, and for the best exposure make sure it’s towards the beginning, not the end. Bear in mind that people will also see this tagline when you start following them, so if it’s more appealing, there’s a great chance that they will follow you back.

Quora also allows you to create more than one bio, so that you can keep each one relevant to the topic being discussed. If you are involved in more than one topic, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity to be more specific.

You should also complete the other sections of your profile in full, such as your About Me section, information on your interests and expertise, and education and work history.

Quora also allows you the opportunity to connect your other channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to your profile page. You should of course not waste this opportunity for exposure either.

Tip 4: Engage with Customers

If your business is being discussed on Quora at all, then you can be sure that you have a big chance to connect in a personal way with both existing and of course potential new customers.

If you respond to peoples’ questions in the right way, using Quora can offer a very unique way to win over new customers and also handle potential objections in the public sphere for others to find in the future. Each answer you post as the business owner can act as a lasting sales asset for many years to come.

Tip 5: Make use of Analytics

Quora offers some great statistical analytics that can give you great insight into which of your content pieces are working best on the platform.

Using the Quora analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to see the clicks, shares and upvotes on each piece of content that you have posted. This can be very powerful as once you know what works, you can repeat that for even better results. Not only that, but you can take the same winning formulas and use them to create other pieces of content outside of Quora, such as blog articles or social media posts!

Closing Thoughts

Getting exposure for your online business is getting more and more challenging as the price of paid traffic goes up, SEO gets more competitive and social media becomes more and more saturated. Quora offers a breath of fresh air as a completely different exposure strategy, and it’s quite an underused and underestimated platform in general. So don’t wait, start using Quora for your business today!

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