How to use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is still one of the most efficient ways to make money on one’s website. There are several ways in which you can make money through it. One of the most recent ventures of affiliate marketing is to involve social media in it. The world these days is moving from just browsing websites to sharing things they’re fond of and looking up at the ads on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Therefore, Facebook could be one of the ways to reboot your affiliate marketing and earn that extra cash.



The Top Ways to Use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing


Here are the best Facebook promotions for affiliate marketing to get your website noticed.


Use your personal page

If you have a website of your own, the promotion of the same on Facebook goes beyond affiliate links. Not only do you want the people to see your affiliate links but also notice your website and promote its content. Here, the best way to go about it is to promote your website on your personal feed, which in turn will promote your affiliate links. This will bring you both traffic and the extra cash you’ve been setting up for.


You can start by promoting your website on your personal feed. Friends and family are usually the biggest support you get on social media. You can ask them to share your post and promote it on their feed as well. If your website has been doing well lately, your friends would be more willing to share posts of it which may result in their friends sharing it too. The traction that you get won’t be much, but it will account for a good word of mouth publicity as well.


Apart from sharing your website, you can also share some of its content on your personal feed. This will promote the best content on your site and will also build a good user base. You can also share the content with affiliate links in it, for example, a review of something. Not only will this attract people to your content but also increase chances of them clicking on the affiliate link.


You can also directly share the affiliate link on your Facebook personal feed but it won’t promote your website as much. However, make sure that you sparingly use this option so that your friends and family would be willing to share it too.


Make a page for your business

A business page on Facebook has a wider reach than your personal feed as it organically reaches out to the people that the website is available for. You can promote both your website content and the affiliate links on your business page and learn that people who relate to it, would share it without you asking.


You can sort your reach for every post you put forward on your business page and therefore, can reach a wider audience. Thus, you must share your website’s individual content regularly on your Facebook page to attract more users and in turn, more click on your affiliate links.


Another thing you can do is to put forward the posts with affiliate links in them or directly post them on your page. This will help you get more readers as well as more clicks on your affiliate links.

Apart from that, you can also offer various deals on your affiliate links which will help attract more users. You can offer discounts to your users for clicking on the website link itself. Providing offers would reach an even wider audience as people would be willing to click for deals even when they’re not as interested in the product.


Create a Facebook group

The best thing about Facebook groups is that they aren’t meant for a specific audience and can be created on a general topic surrounding your product. You can also join several other Facebook groups and promote your content over there. It will give you a response from the audience that’s interest in your website as well as the ones that are interested in the deals you offer.


Share the content from your website on these groups to get a right idea of their interest from both your target audience and otherwise. After you’ve understood the kind of content that usually gets more attention, you can keep your sharing to specific content with affiliate links involved to promote your website better.

You can also create your own group and keep the posts of the public to reach a wider audience. Since the posts on a Facebook group don’t need to be monetized, you can reach a good audience interested in your product idea without spending much money.


You can also post reviews on pages that aren’t associated with any brand to grab the attention of new buyers. This will give you a niche audience that’d be willing to buy good reviewed objects at the deals you offer.


Make ads for your website and run campaigns

Despite having a business page, organic reach is getting slower on the Facebook. Thus, investing in ads is a great idea to add more people to your demographic. However, make sure you do have a good organic reach before you start of promoting your posts online. The greater your organic reach, the better audience you’ll get after promoting your ads.


You can promote the posts with reviews of the products involving your affiliate links. You can also promote in-depth article including usage guides, buying guides, etc. that’ll be more personal for the audience. This will give an organic appeal to your target audience and make them more likely to take notice of your website.


You can run sidebar ads of the actual brands you’re putting the affiliate links of. This will get the people interested in the brand more likely to click on your website. However, this option is mostly suited for brands that don’t have many products or have one popular product.


Offer deals to your audience by promoting ads with discount offers in your affiliate links. The offers can be based on subscribing the mails, making the mailing list, creating an account, or referring the site to other users.


Video ads are another prominent feature in Facebook these days. You can take some of the popular products on your site and create a video ad. Not only will this video ad help you reach a good audience on Facebook but also on other social media platforms like YouTube.

Your followers can be offered exclusive deals or made part of a premium group. This will encourage them to use your website more and also give you a good word of mouth publicity so that more people sign up to follow your business page online.


Network with other influencers

Influencers can easily make your business and give you more profit than any other business page or Facebook group can. You can easily find good influencers with a great follower count on the Facebook with similar interests in the products you offer.


Reach out to them for a partnership so that you both can gain from it. You can promote their products with your followers while they promote yours. You can also offer exclusive deals to their followers and build your audience while you’re at it.


Discuss the product on the said influencer’s page will also grab some eyeballs. If the influencer has the same line of interest as yours, the possibilities of promoting your products become endless. If they’re interactive with their audience, you can discuss the product with them on their page, getting you a good audience for yours.

You can also ask influencers to share your blog or content. Make sure to use this step only if the content is high quality and won’t affect their presence on Facebook. This will build trust between you and the influencer, and they’d be more than willing to support you in your later projects.



Make use of the mailing list

Mailing lists seem like an age-old idea but are still quite relevant if used well. You can make use of your existing mailing list to add new people, and offer them to good services as well as advice about your products. Understand the kind of audience you’re dealing with, and they may respond well.


If you an existing business or have already worked with someone, the chances are that you already have an audience for that one. Influence this audience to join you in your new business by offering them good deals and make them see how this product is relevant to their usage as well.


Offer in-depth articles and compelling reads to glue this user to your website, helping you promote your affiliate links individually every once in a while as well. However, stay more focused on the content involving the affiliate links to have more users take note of it.

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14 thoughts on “How to use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Marta

    Hi Ed, thanks for sharing! I’m still a bit confused about how to share my content on social media, maybe because I’m still at the beginning of the process. How does it work? I mean, what’s the best strategy to achieve more readers. Maybe one has to learn how to create engagement better? Because otherwise, people don’t seem interested to read your content.

    1. Ed

      The best advice that I can give is to just keep going. Share every new post that you write. Eventually you will develop a following. I won’t happen overnight, but it will happen over time. Good luck Marta!

  2. Juliet

    Hi Ed,
    I have been trying for years to use Facebook for my business. I have a personal page and a business page. I have also joined Facebook groups within my niche. I post to all these pages but I don’t seem to be getting any results. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Ed

      My best advice is to keep trying. You are on the right track by joining groups in your niche. Keep posting in these  groups to help develop a following. If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, they have a lot of great training available regarding Facebook. Good luck! I hope this helps.

  3. pmbaluka2016

    Excellent information!

    It’s very trues that Facebook and other social media platforms can be the best in promoting online businesses, despite that I don’t have enough training on using the social media.

    I wonder what would be your advice when it comes to the right method to use Facebook as an advertising platform. I’ve been posting on both business and my personal page and I’ve realized that most people don’t see the the links on my personal page and I’m made to understand that Facebook blocks affiliate links.

    I once tried the paid ads and even though I got a huge flow of traffic, yet just a handful number clicked on the site content. Most traffic only ended up on Facebook post and that’s all. I didn’t understand why it happened like that, may be you can explain.

    Thanks so much for this information.



    1. Ed

      I would try sending them to a static home page on your site with the article that you want people to read. Also, I was wondering if you tried a few banners on your site. That way if they don’t read your content, maybe they will click on the banner. Hope this helps. Good luck!!

  4. Kit

    Facebook is still popular. I think if I have more friends in Facebook it will work more better. But I am not a social butterfly. Can I still be successful to use Facebook for affiliate marketing?. I have never tried Facebook ads before but I think it is cheaper than Google AdWords.

    1. Ed

      Thank you Kit. As I pointed out in the article, there are plenty of options available to promote your business on Facebook. You don’t need to be a “social butterfly” to be successful. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  5. Michel

    Great topic for discussion.

    I usually always promote each article that I write on my website to Facebook once I have finished it, but I don’t promote to my friends and family as I don’t think the topic will interest many of them and they may think I am spamming them. 

    Instead I build a facebook business page where I promote all my online marketing posts. I find this method works pretty well and I do get lots of likes this way.

    If however I do a recipe or a knitting pattern on one of my other websites, then I promote it on my normal Facebook feed as I know I have friends who will be interested in this sort of thing.

    1. Ed

      Great ideas Michel. Keep up the good work!

  6. julienne murekatete

    Hi Ed, thank you for sharing such important information on how tho promote affiliate marketing on facebook. As you said, many people are using facebook and any information shared on facebook can be seen by many people around the world. I will try this when i start writing on my website. 

    Thank you again


    1. Ed

      Thank you Julienne. Good luck with your site!

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