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If you want to market and sell your own products online or even earn a living as an affiliate marketer, one of the biggest challenges is the number of different tools that you’ll need to do it. At the very least you’ll need web hosting, a subscription to an email autoresponder, and some kind of sales-funnel planning tool. You might also want to make use of webinar funnels, chatbots and other advanced tools later on.

Especially as a beginner, it can be very difficult to integrate all of these different tools into one single functioning marketing system, and that’s not to mention the subscription costs that are also involved when you require so many different services to have a functioning business.

Builderall spotted the challenge here and the need for something in the market that can solve this problem, so they created their all-in-one platform. We’re going to take a closer look at it today.

What is Builderall?                                                                   

With 9 years of product history, Builderall has been evolving over time. It markets itself as an ‘everything you will ever need’ solution for digital marketers, with the biggest claim of all being that you won’t need to purchase any other tool to complete your digital marketing stack and achieve success in your business. The platform boasts 36 tools and features in total, which is pretty impressive.

What are the main advantages of this tool?

Cheetah Website Builder

A big improvement on previous versions of Builderall which had a troublesome website builder that was not very intuitive, the new Cheetah Website Builder is a dream to use. The interface is super-responsive and there is a constant focus on page speed, which is really important not just for user experience, but also for SEO ranking of your website.

The Cheetah Builder will also point you in the right direction for maximizing website conversions, which is a terrific help, especially for beginner marketers who may not know some of the tricks of the trade.

There is also a funnel builder included, which is absolutely crucial to successful online marketing. You need to be able to plot out a clear path that your visitors will follow to maximize their chances of converting into as many sales as possible so you can squeeze as much juice as you can out of each and every person who visits your site. Each individual visitor is of crucial importance to your success, especially at the beginning!

The Cheetah builder is also automatically mobile-optimized, so you can rest easy knowing that your site will look great on mobile, where up to 90% of traffic comes from nowadays. If your site is not mobile-optimized, it will be impossible to succeed.

Email Marketing

Whatever your specific digital business, you’ll need an email autoresponder to be able to send marketing emails out to your subscribers at regular intervals.

Builderall includes its own email autoresponder and it does a fantastic job. It’s not even barebones or basic, in fact, it comes with some brilliant extra tools, such as a clear and intuitive drag-and-drop email marketing flow builder, A/B testing to find out which of your messages are the most successful, and email scarcity timers that allow you to send time-sensitive emails to really give your sales a boost.

Just like with the website builder, Builderall’s email builder also allows you to optimize your content for mobile devices to make sure that your emails look great on whichever size of screen they get opened on.

Cutting-edge Marketing Tools

Do you want to take your marketing stack further and into the latest cutting-edge conversion trends? Well Builderall has you covered for this. All within one platform, you can hold webinars to build excitement around your product, and even use the integrated tools to initiate live stream webinars on both Facebook and Youtube. There is even a chatbot tool that you can use to add a chat widget to your site, which has been proven across the board to be a great asset if you want to increase website conversions.

Payment Tools

Builderall even has you covered for checkout and payments. Using the Super Checkout, you can bill your customers one-time or recurring, depending on what type of product you are selling.

You can also create various boost offers, such as upsells, downsells and bump sells, allowing you to really maximize the amount of revenue you can extract from a single customer.

Furthermore, if that wasn’t enough for you, there is even an integrated system that allows you to leverage affiliates to get more sales for you. You can create full, multi-tiered affiliate programs for your offers, again, all inside this single platform. Pretty impressive!

There are a few other great features of Builderall that we don’t have space for in this review, so if you want to see a full list of all of them, simply head over to their website.

What are the disadvantages of Builderall?

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘jack-of-all-trades, but master of none’? Well to a certain extent, this phrase would apply to Builderall.

The platform has been created to be a comprehensive all-in-one solution for digital marketers and to enable them to create their entire stack in one place, and this is certainly admirable.

In fact, in an overall sense, Builderall is actually a fantastic platform, and for many marketers it will be all they ever need. The best thing is that it’s being constantly updated, so each and every month you can expect the services and functionality to get better and better.

However, the truth is that if you take any component out on its own and compare it to any of the big products in its class, you’ll find some areas that don’t quite match up in features and design. For example, if you take out the email funnel builder and compare it to other autoresponder services such as AWeber or GetResponse, you’ll find that it can’t quite stand up to the competition. In a sense this is to be expected, especially when you look at the prices in comparison. You’ll reach a similar conclusion if you take out the website/funnel builder and compare it to something like Clickfunnels.

Closing Thoughts on Builderall

You’ve got to admire the ambition of Builderall in trying to be the only platform digital marketers will ever need, and to be honest their selection of tools is pretty impressive. If you are a beginner digital marketer with a bit of a tight budget, then it’s actually a great solution, because you’ll be able to get everything you need and more for one very reasonable price. This will allow you to really get a good grasp of the industry as a whole, and all of the different aspects of creating a working marketing stack.

However, if you are not a beginner to digital marketing and you need to be able to create highly optimized funnels with all the specific features and reliability needed to maximize your reach and sales, then we would still recommend that you integrate your funnel yourself, using the best specific tool for each component, for example, Clickfunnels for website and funnel building, GetResponse for email marketing, MobileMonkey for chatbots, etc.

All in all, Builderall is a fantastic and very broad tool, and is definitely worth trying out on their 14-day trial!

Score 95/100

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16 thoughts on “Builderall Review”

  1. Michel

    Thank you for this review of Builderall. I like that it is an all in one solution for webmasters, and especially beginners to get their feet with, but since I have established websites already and am just looking for a good autoresponder, I suppose it is best to go for a separate autoresponder with better features rather than the on in Builderall?

    I am a big fan of having everything in one place, but if the quality is not as good as the competition, then what is the point?

  2. Russ

    Ed, Thank you for this Builderall review. I have been trying my best to get email marketing going and I keep running into dead ends. I like the email autoresponder feature of Builderall so, I will certainly be signing up for the 14 day trial. I’m sure I will be able to see all of the benefits by the time that is over and will be able to make a good decision going forward. Thank you for the helpful Builderall review. 

    1. Thanks Russ. You won’t be disappointed, the site is very user friendly. They also have a very generous affiliate program, if you are interested in promoting them. You can click here to sign up .

  3. Marthagirl

    Hi thanks for sharing this wonderful article.I have been using builderall successfully for over a year and a half now and I’m so grateful I discovered them. as a former struggling web and funnel designer I was trying to breakthrough in affiliate marketing but simply couldn’t afford the monthly marketing expenses of using other tools to build my business.thanks to builderall I was able to shrink my monthly marketing expenses and reinvest that money into things that produce results.

    1. That’s great to hear Martha! Builderall is a very good product, they saw a need and they filled it with their all-in-one solution. Thanks for your comment.

  4. godspowerbrown992

    Hello there! This an awesome review you’ve here though is my first time hearing about builderell , with what I read so far about it,I have found that many websites have written fakes review because their sole purpose is to promote some other company products and get benefited through it

    thanks for sharing this with me

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for the comment. 

  5. edahnewton1

    Hey nice review you have there about Builderall. I have heard little about Builderall from a friend. This article has indeed given me a broader perspective of how it works. As a newbie in the digital marketing world, having to used most of the tools  effectively is quite difficult for me, with the features of Builderall I am certain that it is the right platform that can assist me in my career as a digital marketer.

    1. The all in one set up makes it very convenient. Thanks for your comment. 

  6. Philebur

    Hello there thanks for this review. It was really helpful and is of great value. Well Builderall is not only an all-in-one digital marketing platform but it also has an awesome affiliate program! They call it Builderall Business that has a unique two-tier structure of commissions. This platform is not a MLM because it is a platform dedicated to provide business owners the tools they need to achieve success in a highly competitive world of online marketing.

    1. I agree Phil! Their affiliate program has a lot of profit potential.

  7. Jomata

    Hello there thanks for this awesome review on builderall, i understand that for a post as comorehensive as this alot of conscious, calculated and deliberate effort have been put in bringing this together, I really like the fact that you honestly wrote about the con’s of builderall as being thhe jack of all trade but master of none but however as a beginner in affiliate marketing I would consider it before I advance, thanks for sharing this.

    1. You’re welcome. I always like to point out the flaws of anything that I review, so that my following can decide on a product with eyes wide open. Thanks for your comment. 

  8. Chimmhogevagreenesnr

    Hi there! this is an awesome review you’ve got here on this site. A friend of mine who is a pro in digital marketing recommend this for me but I didn’t take it too serious because he did not give me a convincing reason why a newbie like me should start with “Builderall”. But while going through review I found out its just the best for me as a beginner in digital marketing.


    1. It’s certainly worth a try, considering that there is a free 14 day trial.

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