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Leadpages Review – How Can it Help You?

lead caputure page templates


Are you a blogger, affiliate marketer, or entrepreneur in search of a
solution that will help you increase the number of subscribers to your
blog or website? Well then, to increase the number of subscribers, you
need to showcase your brand professionally. Also, you need to optimize
your content to accelerate the growth of your business.

One of the best and most trusted solutions that can help you create
unique and professional-looking landing pages is Leadpages. As an
industry-leading landing page builder, Leadpages has helped more than
40,000 small businesses to turn their wild ideas into actionable

Not only that. The company has helped bloggers and affiliate
marketers to engage with their audience, collect leads, and close

Want to learn more about Leadpages, what it can do for your business, its affiliate program, pros, and cons?

In this post, we review Leadpages, its features, how it can help your business, its pros, and cons.

What is Leadpages?lead capture page templates

Leadpages is an industry-leading landing page builder with simple yet
powerful tools designed to help businesses engage with casual readers.
Founded in 2008 and currently headquartered in the US, Leadpages can
help companies to get up to 5 times more qualified leads with social
media ads.

As a significant player among landing page builders, Leadpages allows
users to create professional and beautiful landing pages without
writing a single line of code. In fact, you don’t need any design

The company provides access to a smart editor with easy to use tools that enable users to work on different templates.

What Can Leadpages Do for Your Business?

Businesses can achieve a lot by using Leadpages. First, they can
create stunningly beautiful and professional-looking landing pages.
Landing pages can capture the visitors’ contact information to create a
subscriber list. They can also help in promoting products such
as ebooks and driving traffic to the blog or business website.

Second, Leadpages allows businesses to track and monitor activity
associated with the landing pages. For example, they can monitor the
number of visitors, their geographic location, and IP address. To do so,
businesses need to integrate tracking codes from their favorite
analytics software. A good example is Google Analytics.

Third, a business can benefit from Leadpages ability to integrate
with third-party apps such as Aweber, MailChimp, Salesforce, Wordpress,
and more. Data captured gets directed to the apps for further analysis,
optimization, and better management.

Fourth, a business can carry out A/B split testing on their landing
pages. As such, they can learn which version of the landing pages
performs best. This is huge as it can help the business gain a foothold
as an industry leader.

Last, users have access to free and paid templates. The landing page
templates are mobile responsive, and you don’t need any coding or design
skills. Businesses can customize these templates in
the Leadpages builder. This gives the landing pages a unique and
professional look.

Leadpages Features

As a landing page creator, Leadpages has fantastic features and tools.

Landing Page Builder

Do you have an excellent idea for a landing page, an alert bar or
pop-up? Save money and the hassle of hiring a designer by creating your
landing pages unique to your business. Leadpages has a smart designer
which saves you time and allows you to customize your content.

All you have to do is drag and drop elements to customize your
landing pages and opt-in forms. No coding required. You also have access
to the Lead Magnet Delivery System.

This system allows you to automatically email digital files when a
new subscriber joins your email list. By using this feature, you make it
easy for subscribers to access your digital files. Add custom and
hidden form fields on your landing pages.

They help you to track and pass data to your email service or CRM
apps. These fields can be pre-populated, making work easier. What you
need to know is that your work is saved automatically inside
the Leadpages builder. As such, you will not lose any changes made to
the template(s).

Templates and Design

Leadpages allows you to buy Shutterstock premium images right from
your account. As such, you can use the high-quality images in your
landing pages. You also have access to a built-in icon library.

Customize the icons depending on your digital content and engage with
your casual readers. To add the icons in your landing pages, drag and
drop from the icon library. Select professionally designed, and conversion-optimized templates pre-designed by Leadpages.

The templates are responsive, and you require no coding or design
skills. Use the drag and drop builder to add or remove elements from
select templates. If you don’t want to customize available templates,
you have the option of creating from scratch.

Starting with a blank page, you can add widgets, icons, countdown
timers, Shutterstock Premium images, and more using
the Leadpages builder. You also have the option of adding social share
buttons to give your visitors an easy way to share your content on
social media.

Conversion Tools

To know how many visitors clicked on your links or visited your
website, you need to track and monitor landing page
activity. Leadpages offers a wide variety of conversion tools. For
starters, you have the alert bars. They help you to get your audience’s

In fact, they can do so without getting in their way. The alert bars
are mobile responsive, just like the landing page templates. As such,
they are optimized for all display sizes. Use SMS text messaging
(Leaddigits) to help your subscribers opt-in to your email list or to
receive a digital file.

For example, if you are offering a free eBook to your subscribers,
SMS text messaging opt-in can ensure your visitors receive
the ebook fast and conveniently. Leadpages allows you to integrate
third-party analytics.

If you are currently using Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels, you
can paste the tracking code in your landing pages. This will provide
real-time data for all activities related to your landing pages. To
capture the contact information of your visitors, use the pop-up opt-in

Also called Leadboxes, they help to capture contact information on
your landing page, helping you build your subscriber list. Engage your
visitors by including one-click triggers in your marketing emails. Also
referred to as Leadlinks, they can help you sign up more users for
specific events or your subscriber list.


Extend the functionality of Leadpages with third-party
integrations. Leadpages is compatible with over 40 third party
integrations. These integrations can connect you with your favorite CRM
app, email autoresponder, webinar app, and more.

There are advanced integrations that enable you to send leads
directly to Hubspot, Salesforce, and Marketo, among others. Using the
simple yet powerful tools, you can segment your subscribers based on
geographical location or personal interest. You can tag them and even
create buyer personas.

If you want to simplify your integration with third-party apps, try
Zapier. Zapier provides access to more than 1,000 apps. They
include Wordpress, MailChimp, Aweber, WooCommerce, ConstantContact, and

Once you do so, data will flow to your apps, helping you track,
monitor, and optimize your marketing campaigns for better results.

Leadpages Affiliate Program

Leadpages Affiliate Partner program allows
affiliates to market Leadpages and its suite of lead generation tools.
By doing so, affiliates earn a recurring commission of 30% on all sales
they generate. There is one condition set for the recurring

The referrals have to remain customers. That includes upgrades and
renewals to their Leadpages plan. Affiliates have access
to Leadpages excellent support team and marketing education resources to
help them learn how to market Leadpages better and get to earn more

Leadpages Pricing Plans

Leadpages has three pricing plans.
The pricing packages are available on a monthly and annual paid plan.
If you choose the yearly paid plan, you save 39% off, and you also get a
free domain. Here are the pricing packages.

  • Standard – $37/month or $25/month (billed annually)
  • Pro – $79/month or $48/month (billed annually)
  • Advanced – $321/month or $199/month (billed annually)

All plans have a 14 day free trial.

Leadpages Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Offers access to free and paid landing page templates
  • Has a drag and drop landing page builder
  • Landing page templates are mobile responsive
  • Can integrate with thousands of third-party apps


  • Inflexible when it comes to customization options
  • Styling options are limited
  • Leaddigits and Leadlinks available in Pro and Advanced plans only

Is Leadpages Worth the Money? Leadpages Review

Leadpages is an easy to use landing page builder with simple yet
powerful tools. Perfect for small businesses and bloggers, thanks to the
reasonable starting plan of $25, companies can build landing pages
quickly, improving their conversion funnel. However, the customization
options are limited.

Also, the cheapest plan does not include A/B split
testing, Leaddigits, Leadboxes, and Leadlinks. The good news
is, it’s worth the money as it can generate a good ROI for your

All the best,


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10 thoughts on “Leadpages Review – How Can it Help You?”

  1. Indra W

    Leadpages is one of very rare best lead capture SAAS out there to help us with our online marketing. Unfortunately, many marketers do not even understand the core concept of capturing leads.

    Thanks a lot for bringing up the topic so hopefully many marketers will be benefited from implementing the concept.

  2. Grace

    I run my blog for a year plus now, I have been procrastinating to get a landing page builder but after reading your review of Leadpages, I am kind of excited to get one now. 
    The ability of Leadpages to integrate various other tools and functions is a plus for me, especially the analytic tools and the A/B testing. I would love to study the impact of different landing page designs have on conversion.
    Thank you for your informative review!

  3. Paul

    Hi Ed,

    Whenever I read about email marketing and search for information on building my email list I often come across Leadpages. I wanted to do some research before making any decision and your post is a greater help and a time saver for me.

    As we all know “Money Is In The List” everyone is interested in growing their subscribers list.

    10+ years in the market is good news. I am amazed at the benefits and features of LeadPages. The video you embedded is super helpful.

    Their free 14 day trial offer shows the confidence they have on their product. LeadPages is on my list and the standard plan pricing is under my budget. Going with the yearly plan is the best way to go with and it will save us a lot of money.

  4. Dolbe

    To be an affiliate marketer, it’s great to have a solution help increase the number of subscribers to my website.  Your introduction of Leadpages really can give a help.  I have joined affiliate marketing for nearly 3 months.  The number of traffics is slowly climbing up.  I am working hard in writing the contents and sometimes may be missing to have a professional-looking landing page.  Your article has told me what should be noticed in building up a website which can have a potential of business growth.  Thanks you for your informative details on Leadpages.


    1. Thank you Dolbe. Keep up the good work! It will pay off.

  5. Robert

    I am impressed at the speed at which that landing page was built in the video you have on this post. Thank you so much for this Leadpages review and I will definitely be trying them out. I need a quality looking landing page and I was thinking of having someone at Fiverr create one. However I have procrastinated in doing so because I needed to find a way for me to do it on my own without coding. This review has convinced me. Leadpages is the answer to my problem.

    1. Thank you Robert. Good luck with your site!

  6. Alblue

    Thank you for reviewing Leadpages. I’ve been searching for an easy landing page builder, although I hope there is a free version to try it. Is the lowest plan really worth it? I hope to compare it with other landing page builder provider. I’m actually considering if I should just buy a premium WordPress theme with page builder capability compared to buy it separately. Any opinion regarding it? Thanks

  7. Parveen

    Hello Ed,

    Thanks for giving light on Leadpages.I also want to setup my landing page to get more conversions After reading your post I found the benefits of having Leadpages. I will make my account and create my page this week. Leadpage’s price is also affordable. I think that the yearly plan is much better than the monthly plan. 

    I enjoyed your post as well as your no 1 affiliate marketing training.

    Thank you


    1. Thank you Parveen. Leadpages is a quality product that should help you with your conversions.

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