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For big companies, marketing and advertising are not a problem. Why? They have a large budget. But, for small and medium-sized businesses, they are constrained resource-wise. This means, every dollar counts.

For small and medium-sized businesses to remain competitive, they need to create brand awareness and engagement. To do so, they need affordable marketing tools that guarantee a higher ROI.

One of the best marketing systems with a wealth of useful tools is the Power Lead System. Built to help small and medium-sized businesses to make more money, the system also offers training, and education too.

Want to know more about the Power Lead System?

In this post, we review what is Power Lead System, its founders, and how businesses can generate leads. We also discuss its affiliate compensation plan, if the system is a scam or not, its pros and cons.

What is the Power Lead System?lead generation website template

The Power Lead Marketing System is a powerful all in one marketing platform. It’s also a program that specializes in internet marketing training. Developed to help users make money by promoting the system, it’s powered by Priceless Possibilities.

Price Possibilities has been creating custom marketing systems for more than 20 years. Today, the system provides entrepreneurs with tools to grow their establishments and make more sales. They can do so by creating unlimited lead capture pages, unlimited sub-domains, and unlimited subdomains.

Entrepreneurs can also create unlimited autoresponder campaigns, floating capture forms, track ads and make unlimited broadcasts to your email lists.

Who Are the Founders of the Power Lead System?

The founders of the Power Lead System are Michael Price and Neil Guess. They developed and launched the system in October 2013. Michael and Neil are professional network marketers who create custom marketing systems to help businesses generate more leads. They created Price Possibilities by using the Leads Lightning System.

The system has unique features that are useful to affiliates and entrepreneurs. For starters, you have access to the unlimited contact manager, can create custom Google hangouts, and schedule email broadcasts.

Users can also create group contacts and leads as well as join the affiliate program with 100% commissions.

How Does the Power Lead Marketing System Work?

To get started with Power Lead System, you need to create an account. In the member’s area, you can choose to click on the green “Easy Button” and begin advertising your business without going through the e-course.

You will find your referral links in the member area too. To earn an income, advertise your referral links. To achieve the best results, you need to watch the ”Get Started Video.” After watching the video, watch the next video with the title “How Do I Market My Links.”

After watching these videos, you are ready for training. Log into the training area and click on “Training Tab.” The tab displays information on how to get traffic.

Want to know how the Power Lead System business model works? Well, the business model is in three parts:

  • Expose
  • Upgrade
  • Upsell

Here is an in-depth look at each part.


The objective for Power Lead System users is to EXPOSE the program to as many people as they can. Basically, the system has several free tools. To attract more people, you have to give away these valuable tools for free.

For example, you can give away the Free Lead System which generates viral exposure for businesses. Or you can sell the Lead Lightning System for $7 and make $6 in commission. When you do so, your contacts’ information goes to your Contact Management System. This is available in the Power Lead System.


Now that prospects are exposed, they will receive training about the Power Lead System. In Step Two, you have the option of upgrading. You can upgrade to become a Power Lead System customer or an affiliate.

As a customer and affiliate, you earn a $20 commission or more for everyone you introduce.


In the last step, you need to track your prospects. By doing so, you learn if they opened and read the emails. You also get to learn if they took the appropriate action. For example, buying products from your online store or subscribe to your email list.

How Can You Generate Leads with Power Lead System?

If interested in the Power Lead System, start with the Free Trial. For seven days, you can test the system and learn more about its features. If the system works as you hoped for, you can upgrade to Premium Membership.

To ensure the Power Lead System works for you, you must understand its components. They include lead capture pages, email autoresponder, and contact management system. The Power Lead System has been useful to network marketers for many years.

To generate leads with the system, create your content and let the system do the rest for you. The system will create lead capture pages unique to your business. It will also send out email campaigns giving you the freedom to concentrate on your business.

Thanks to your content, you will be able to educate your prospects about your business. You will also inform them what solutions your business can offer to solve their problems. By doing so, you can grab the attention of your prospects.

Now that they understand what your business offers, they will click on the link in the email. The link will redirect your prospects to your landing page. Here, they will subscribe to your website by submitting their first name, and email address via the email opt-in form.

When the contact information gets captured, the system will manage the data using the contact management system. As such, you can follow up on your prospects and add value by showing how your expertise or solutions can solve their problems.

What you need to remember is that you must include a call to action. You can also include a follow-up page. Both will bring your prospects back to your website. This increases your web traffic.

Now that the Power Lead System has done the heavy work for you, it’s time to introduce some personal touch. That means, picking up the phone and making contact. By calling those who are reading your emails, you create a personal connection.

As such, your prospects feel valued. Now that you have created a relationship, you can capitalize on the relationship by making offers to your prospects. The intention is to convert them into buying customers. Doing so ensures that your business earns revenue.

Not only that, you get to attract more leads and customers to your business. This is one way of staying ahead of your competition.

As a Premium member, you have access to all Power Lead System features. This means you can use the Lead Lightning System to get more leads. Start by clicking on the green “Easy” button on the member’s page. Under the button, you have Referral A. This is a Lead Lightning Funnell which contains lead capture page, sales page, and email campaign.

Assuming you don’t have another business to promote, by using Referral Link A, all your prospects/opt-ins will receive 9 emails. This translates to one email each day for 9 days. The email prompts the prospects to buy Lead Lightning and Power Lead System.

You can use Referral Link B which is similar to Referral Link A but the only difference is the number of emails. Unlike Referral A where the system sends 9 emails, Referral B sends 8 extra emails. As such, your prospects will receive 17 emails.

To promote your website or online store, including the URL. Once you enter your URL in the space provided, click “Update.” The URL will appear as a clickable link in the autoresponder campaigns. What you need to know is that all opt-ins via the Power Lead System funnel will be prompted to join the 7-day free trial.

When opt-ins submit their credit card information for the free trial, they receive an opportunity to become an affiliate. As an affiliate, you automatically become a Gold member. To do so, the system makes a charge of $53.97 every month.

What Is the Power Lead System Affiliate Compensation Plan?

This is a unique system whereby you have the opportunity of giving away a free lead funnel to prospects. In turn, they give it away to others generating leads for you. Power Lead System offers more leads to prospects/opt-ins who join for $20.

When you signup someone, you receive 50% of the upline and downline bonuses on a monthly and residual basis. For this to happen, the person has to pay $30 every month and you have to sell the basic Power Lead System product. As such, you get to keep $20 every month while $10 per month gets passed up to the next affiliate.

The other product is the Power Lead System Diamond. Also called Free Ad secrets and created by Jeff Garder, it goes for $147. When you sell the product, your commission is $100 while $25 gets paid to the next affiliate.

After the Power Lead System Diamond, you have the Power Lead System Platinum. This is a Facebook marketing course. It’s called Social Profit Academy. The product sells for $500 which means, affiliates will earn $400 while $50 gets passed on for selling the product.

Last, we have the Master Traffic System. This product includes multiple individual lessons and sells for $1497. Designed by industry guru’s, affiliates earn $1,000 while $200 passes on for selling the product.

Power Lead System Pricing Packages

The Power Lead System offers lots of products. These products are for different interests and levels. Here are the products offered by the Power Lead System.

Free Lead System Forever – This product helps entrepreneurs to build a list of leads. The product has no commissions, members can keep it for free and they can try the Premium Version for 7 days.

Lead Lightning – this is a done-for-you program where you can pay a one-time fee of $7 and earn commissions of up to 85%. As a full sales funnel to upsell more products, it’s also a perfect starter list building system for beginners.

Silver – this package is an upgrade to Lead Lightning. It offers access to e-courses that teach you how to market your business. The package goes for $29.97 a month with a residual commission of $15 a month.

Gold – this membership offers you access to the complete Power Lead Marketing System. As such, you can market as many businesses as you want. It has an awesome commission system and the package goes for $30 a month. You can add $23.97 for the affiliate program. This package is the Power Lead System Customer+Affiliate {$53.97($30+$23.97)} a month.

Customer – This is the Gold package without the affiliate program. It’s best for entrepreneurs who want to use the system to promote their businesses. It goes for $30 a month.

Diamond – available to Gold member only, it offers great e-courses where you can learn about coops and solos. The program goes for $147. This is a one-time fee. Commissions are $100 while overrides are $25.

Platinum – Also for Gold members only, it’s a complete Facebook marketing course. Members have access to a huge library of videos. The package goes for $497, a one-time fee.

Pros and Cons of Power Lead System


  • Offers the Free Lead System
  • Has a great collection of online marketing tools
  • Great for affiliate marketers due to high commissions
  • Provides plenty of training and educational videos and other materials
  • Offers a simple compensation plan


  • Too many upsells
  • Expensive if you want to make higher commissions

Is Power Lead System a Scam? Power Lead System Review

The Power Lead System is a unique internet marketing program that has never missed out on commission payouts to its affiliates. Since its launch, it has helped entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and generate more leads.

As such, businesses have increased their sales and revenue as well as their competitive advantage. As you already know, the system does the heavy work for you when it comes to lead generations. All you have to do is create your content and connect with prospects who read your emails.

All in all, this program is great for beginners, intermediates and advanced marketers.

All the best,


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18 thoughts on “Power Lead System Review”

  1. JonLYF

    Hi, thanks for reviewing the Power Lead System. Do you have any testimonies of someone using it and has success getting leads and close sales? I will be interested to know if there is. How does it generate leads for me, do I have to place paid ads? If no, ow does the system get leads for me?

    1. Ed

      The Power Lead System Is a done for you system with capture pages, email funnels etc. They teach you how to generate leads with and without paid ads. For example, they show you how to use Facebook, Twitter etc. to generate leads. I hope that this helps.

  2. KingAndrea

    Power lead system is a very useful program that has many benefits to businesses and it mainly helps to make money online. I would’ve had no issue with the program at all but for the fact that it has so many upsells that can later get members inconvenienced  is not a friendly feature. Thanks for sharing this informative and interesting article.

  3. Abul Basher

    Hi ED, thank you very much for publishing a great review about power lead system. To speak the truth, last few days, I was looking for the best lead collecting tools or system for my affiliate business. After reading your review, I thought I got the right. I hope you will publish more useful review in future.

    1. Ed

      Thank you Abul. I’m here to help.

  4. Sharon

    Thanks for the detailed information on the Power Lead System which I have not heard of. 

    I am fairly new to online marketing and my next step is to generate leads as I understand it is a crucial part of my online business. I have been looking around and am glad to catch your site. 

    Thanks again!

  5. Wildecoll

    I love the way Power Lead System operates, helping in internet marketing is a very good offer and this is made more sensible by creating means of wealth making for it’s affiliates. I like how you detailed this information about how power lead operates and it’s benefits. I know it has its own shortcomings but it all depends on what individuals are sorting out for. Thank you.

    1. Ed

      Thanks for your comment. It can be expensive, but also rewarding financially, if successful.

  6. Katja

    I had no idea what Power Lead System is before reading your post. Thank you for your detailed explanation. I like that they offer a Free Trial to start with – it’s a must for me to see how it works first, before deciding for the purchase. Especially at their prices!

    I have bookmarked your review, to come back to it after I grow my blog further…

    1. Ed

      Thank you Katja. The site offers a lot of training, but can be expensive. An inexpensive way to get an introduction to leads and funnels would be through their Lead Lightning system. It’s a one-time $7 purchase. Just a suggestion.

  7. Shifts

    Hello Ed. Thank you for sharing this review of Power Lead System. This is my very first time to hear about this system. I am kinda new in internet Marketing business (although I have learnt so much about it over the years). I am planning on setting up my website latest January next year so I found this system useful.

    I like it.

  8. Techie

    This is an awesome opportunity to get more leads, more sales from my business and even make money by using and promoting Power Lead System. Although there are upsells and these upsells are expensive, it’s also cool that higher commissions will be earned. I also love the fact that there is a free plan so that anyone and everyone can use the system.

    Very nice.

    1. Ed

      Ideally, if you can promote the Lead Lightning system, make some money doing that, then scale up. That would be the ideal scenario. Thanks for your comment. 

  9. Jordan Smith

    Thanks a bunch for this great article! I had honestly never for once heard of the Power Lead System, but if I had, I am sure  wouldn’t have gone anywhere near it. That price is way too much for someone just starting out to commit to…perhaps even someone who is experienced as well. It just seems too much risk to shoulder. Thanks for opening our eyes.

    1. Ed

      Thanks for your comment Jordan. 

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