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Affiliate Institute Review


If you’ve been researching how to make money online with affiliate marketing, you’ve probably encountered some of the buzz surrounding Affiliate Institute. This is yet another education program that claims to be able take you from zero to hero in the world of affiliate marketing, so let’s take a look at the product in our full review.

What is Affiliate Institute?

Affiliate Institute is a full program that you can use to learn the complete process of starting and running a successful affiliate marketing business.

On their website, the Institute put a big emphasis on professionalism and real-world results, which is very promising.

They claim that if you study with them, you will be able to leverage one of the internet’s most dynamic and booming industries and reap the rewards of a new life of freedom and location independence. This all sounds great, but they’re not the only ones promising this.

We are going to find out if this program measures up or not!

Who is behind Affiliate Institute?

Affiliate Institute is the creation of some very experienced internet marketers: Chris Smith, a business storytelling expert, and Kameron George, one of the world’s most successful affiliate marketers.

This is the first reassuring sign of the quality of this product, but let’s continue!

How does the product work?

One of the great things in favor of this particular program is that you can actually start for free. For nothing at all, you can actually get started building your affiliate marketing career and access some of the training units completely free with no strings attached. Any decision you make to proceed to the paid parts will be entirely yours. We like this no pressure approach!

This is quite unique in the affiliate marketing course space, as very few course offerings offer anything up front for free. In fact, you’ll probably be slapped with a very large price tag at the first door you want to open!

The paid area is a little bit pricey at $99/month. However, it does offer a lot.

Once you enter the paid tier of training at the Affiliate Institute, you will have access to some of the best affiliate marketing training you’ll ever find. You’ll have a huge amount of resources, tools and friendly community at your fingertips, which is a fantastic help.

In fact, the community is one of the most useful parts of the programs, as reaching out if you’re stuck with a problem is actually very simple, and the people on the other end are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Does Affiliate Institute require any previous experience?

You won’t need any previous experience in the field to be able to use Affiliate Institute.

In fact, the beginning is the best place to start, as the program assumes that you have zero knowledge from the start, and begins with very basic fundamentals to build a solid foundation in your knowledge.

The problem with most affiliate marketing courses currently on the market is that they are not thorough enough and don’t focus on foundations.

In fact, there are many dishonest course sellers out there who deliberately leave vital pieces of knowledge out of their courses so that you’ll end up having to buy other courses to make them even more profit. Affiliate Institute doesn’t operate with this kind of dishonesty, and you won’t be left with any knowledge gaps!

If you already have intermediate or advanced knowledge in affiliate marketing, don’t assume that Affiliate Institute has no value for you. In fact, you will probably be surprised to learn some extremely useful nuggets of information that you had no idea about before! With that being said though, beginners will definitely find the most value in this program.

The biggest surprise about Affiliate Institute

The biggest of all problems in the affiliate marketing space is actually an ethical one. There is so much dishonesty and shadiness in the business, not just in a lot of the courses, but also the products that are available for you to promote.

One of the biggest surprises about Affiliate Institute is that it’s a member of the Performance Marketing Association, a non-profit organization which exists to promote and uphold accountability in the performance marketing industry.

Not only that, but Affiliate Institute also donates 5% of every first order to Kiva, a charity which gives microloans to aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries.

If you’ve spent any time at all looking at affiliate marketing courses and materials, you will appreciate how unusual these things are, and we think it’s a great reason to trust the integrity of Affiliate Institute!

Is Affiliate Institute right for you?

Continuing the theme of integrity, and unlike most courses out there, Affiliate Institute puts a big emphasis on the fact that affiliate marketing will take hard work and is not a get rich quick scheme.

Because of that, we’d recommend that you only invest in Affiliate Institute if you’re serious about affiliate marketing and ready to put in some serious hard work.

If you’re looking for easy money, you’ll have to look elsewhere, as easy money in affiliate marketing is a myth. However, once it does give you income, you’ll enjoy a life of freedom that people in other businesses can only dream of.

We also wouldn’t recommend Affiliate Institute to anyone with advanced knowledge of affiliate marketing. If you’re at a beginner or intermediate level however, then you’ll struggle to find a better, more comprehensive program than this one.

Start the free trial, and get a feeling for Affiliate Institute yourself. We’re sure you’ll find that it’s one of the most legitimate affiliate marketing programs out there!

Score: 92/100

All the best,


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