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Lifevantage MLM Review


When it comes to making money online, there are literally thousands of options that you can look into. The range of choices can be overwhelming, and many of these choices actually turn out to be a waste of time. The internet is changing at a very fast pace, and new opportunities are constantly emerging, so you need to be able to quickly decide if something is worth your time or not, because, especially in the making money online space, time really is money.

Today we’ll be looking at a brand called LifeVantage, and in our comprehensive review, we’ll be revealing whether working with this brand in order to make your own living online is really worth your time investment or not.

So what is LifeVantage?

LifeVantage is a health and wellness company that uses the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business approach. More on that in a minute!

The company focuses its products on the anti-aging space, which is obviously a very lucrative market to be in. They claim that their products work with this goal in mind because they help to reduce the oxidative stress in the body.

The products are supposedly based on the findings of some top scientists who have apparently discovered that we don’t have to simply accept the physical and mental declines that come with the process of getting older. In fact, the company takes a very scientific tone in general, using quite a few terms and other jargon that most people are not likely to know anything about. It does sound great, however!

The founding principle of LiveVantage is something called Nutrigenomics. In a nutshell, this is the process of telling the body’s genomes to activate their own self-healing abilities. This is a form of biohacking, which you have no doubt already heard of. Biohacking first emerged in 1980, with Nutrigenomics first being heard of in 2001. LifeVantage itself was founded way back in 1998 so it has a very legitimate and long history as a functioning business.

What products do they have?

The range of products available at LiveVantage is actually pretty broad. The main product category is nutritional supplements, which start at $40 per month and go all the way up to $127 per month. As well as some predictable supplements like Omega 3 and digestive probiotics, they also carry their Protandim Synergy brands in this product category. These are proprietary supplements that are claimed to have an anti-aging effect by reducing oxidative stress and by enabling specific mitochondria functions.

The second largest product category is beauty, and there are many unique products here too, including hair care products, a facial cleanser, eye serum and anti-aging cream. Again, these products are claimed to be based heavily on cutting-edge science. LifeVantage beauty products range from $13 to $141 per month.

LifeVantage, like everyone else these days, also carries a range of fitness supplements too. There’s a whey protein supplement, a fat burn formula and a special fitness probiotic. Monthly prices are between $41 and $141.

Amazingly, LifeVantage have even thought of pets. They have a special Protandim formula for dogs, which can supposedly give your furry friend a super shiny coat and bags of extra energy, again by fighting oxidative stress just like with the human version. This one runs at $26 per month.

How can you make money with LifeVantage?

LifeVantage offers you the chance to get a slice of their profits by entering into a collaborative relationship with them. If you can bring them new customers, you’ll get a certain cut of the sales that those customers generate. However, this is not a simple affiliate relationship like you would find in traditional affiliate marketing. That’s because LifeVantage uses the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) model for its affiliates.

In case you are not already aware, Multi Level Marketing is an affiliate marketing structure that takes a tiered approach. Instead of just earning a percentage of sales, you can also earn commissions for referring other affiliates to the program too, meaning that you can even earn something from the sales that your referrals generate. In theory this sounds like a great way to maximize your earnings, but there are unfortunately some big catches, and even costs, involved.

One of the first obvious downsides to joining this type of operation is that you actually have to pay to take part! It costs $50 to become a LifeVantage distributor. However, if you want to actually try the products, which is advisable if you’re looking to promote them effectively, then you’ll have to invest even more. Depending on the size of the product bundle you want to try, it’ll cost anything between $350 and $1250 to get set up with your launch kit.

On top of the initial price you’ll need to fork out to get started, there are also monthly costs to consider. In order to remain active in the system, these monthly costs are of course compulsory. There is no way to avoid them.

As part of your compulsory monthly cost, you will have to spend $50 on products just for yourself, and that’s on top of the minimum $130 in sales that you need to generate as another condition of being able to remain active. If you’re not able to generate that much in sales, you will have to make up the difference with further purchases for yourself. So essentially, if you don’t manage to generate any sales, you’re looking at purchasing $180 of products for yourself just to remain active on the platform. This is pretty harsh!

In terms of getting paid, as always with MLM arrangements, it’s actually very complicated. There are a total of seven ways to earn on the platform, some of which are not very easy to understand. However, the two main ways you will earn are from referring new affiliates (you earn 30%-40% of their startup fee) and from referring sales, either directly from yourself or indirectly through the affiliates that you refer. Sales commissions vary from 2% to 9% depending on who directly generates the sale.

Just like with many other MLMs, there are also very generous bonuses to be earnt once you establish yourself as successful on the platform with many sales and referrals to your name. If you can unlock the Elite bonus pool, you’ll get an additional 4% of all sales on the platform, which can be very sweet indeed.

So what’s the downside?

Aside from the rather steep starting and maintenance costs, you might think that this looks like a great deal, especially once you’ve got your costs covered at least. However, earning with LifeVantage is not as easy or as lucrative as it sounds.

Once you inspect the earnings structure more closely, you’ll see that there is a clear emphasis on recruiting people in order to earn. The proportion of earnings that you get from actual sales is in fact quite small, and therefore, with such a clear bias towards recruiting more people into the system, this has some clear signs of being a pyramid scheme. Although it technically isn’t one, because you do get earnings from actual sales, it still has a lot of the characteristics of a pyramid scheme because of this emphasis. This is a giant red flag as it’s a sign that the business is unlikely to be sustainable from your perspective.

Of course, we’re not saying that LifeVantage is a scam, because it isn’t one. It’s a legitimate company with a long history. They are even transparent with their information, and have actually shared data on what their affiliates make. However, this data in itself is another red flag, because it shows that only 1 out of every 170 people is actually making more than $35,000 per year. So even if you’re one of the top, elite performers, your income will actually be quite small compared to what you can get with other opportunities online.

The starting and running costs we mentioned before are also a massive downside, especially for someone getting started who might need some room to learn and make a few mistakes before they can generate referrals and sales. This is a massive barrier to entry and makes the task of making money all the more difficult, especially at the start.

Closing thoughts

With today’s plethora of online opportunities, we just can’t see the case for LifeVantage. Entry and running costs are too high, and the MLM model they use is not very sustainable. This is actually the case with most MLM programs, in fact it’s very hard to find an MLM program out there that is actually worth your time and money when compared to other affiliate marketing opportunities. In other affiliate areas, the top elite affiliates are earning six and seven figures, sometimes even eight figures, so the $35k a year being earned by top LifeVantage affiliates just doesn’t seem to be very tempting. You can earn a lot more being an average or even a bad affiliate doing traditional affiliate marketing, so we’d recommend you go with that instead!

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