Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft and Its Affiliate Program

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Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in 1975. The primary purpose of its development was to create and sell basic interpreters. Since then, it has risen to dominate PC operating systems starting with MS-DOS in the 1980s and later Microsoft Windows. Microsoft too develops video games and computer software for users globally. Its headquarters is in Redmond, Washington, US.

Microsoft is an excellent and unusual company that has some product lines to offer customers which bring in more than billion dollars. Here are some of these products.

Microsoft Products


Windows is the bread and butter of Microsoft because of its dominance in the market. The OS is doing well to users. Many laptops and desktop use Microsoft Windows in running programs. Additionally, windows can also perform better in few smartphones and other tablet computers. Microsoft windows include windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.

Office Suite

Microsoft also develops office suite for its customers. Microsoft Office enables people to write or edit documents on the personal computer using Microsoft Word. You can make graphs, charts and perform calculations using Microsoft Excel. Microsoft PowerPoint enables users to make presentations.

You can send email using Microsoft Outlook. With Microsoft office 2007 and 2013, Microsoft SharePoint is included to act as a server tool. Microsoft Office features have been helpful in all areas of life ranging from our work such as accountancy to academics.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is another product line for Microsoft. It was formerly referred to as Windows Internet Explorer and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer was included in Microsoft World in 1995. Internet Explorer is written in the C++ programming language.

It has been a famous web browser since 1999. In 2003, it attained a usage peak of 95%. The latest version is Internet Explorer 11. Windows 10 has its Internet Explorer called Microsoft Edge although Internet Explorer is still included to be used in areas that Microsoft Edge does not perform well.


Bing is also another product offered by Microsoft. Formerly, it was called MSN Search or Windows Live. Microsoft term it as a decisions engine because Bing interprets users to search queries and give internet users better search outcomes compared to regular web search engines.

It assists customers in making wise decisions. Bing mainly concentrates on four significant areas: health, shopping, local and travel. Bing was first launched in 2009, and within weeks it had become popular among many individuals. Bing uses semantic technology for interpretation of search decisions.


MS-DOS is a computer OS from Microsoft. It was used before the introduction of Microsoft Windows. It is still used in other places that windows does not perform correctly. MS-DOS is slightly different from Windows because it is purely a text-based system.

This means that a user inputs data using a keyboard and receives the outcome in plain text. It had programs that use graphics and a mouse to make the user’s work quick and simple. It is mainly called disk OS because that work should be loaded in a computer memory using a floppy disk because you boot up your PC.


Hotmail is also a free mail service that was established in 1995 by Microsoft. Each customer who signs up for Hotmail receives 5GB free storage space and 25GB storage space in Windows OneDrive. Corporate organizations and businesses can sign up for Hotmail using their own unique domain name.

One Drive

OneDrive is another product from Microsoft. It was previously known as Windows Live SkyDrive, Windows Live Folders or Microsoft SkyDrive. OneDrive is a free-host drive that let customers upload files to online or cloud storage. The users can access personal data from a Web Browser.

To use OneDrive, a user needs to have a Microsoft account. With OneDrive, you can quickly make or change Excel, PowerPoint, Word or OneNote files. OneDrive is an excellent tool for Microsoft because users can upload their content from any electronic device.


Skype is powerful software from Microsoft which enables users to make telephones calls using the Internet. Skype utilizes a technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol. Microsoft developed it in 2003. It is currently run by Skype Technologies S.A.R.L in Luxembourg. Formerly, Skype was owned by eBay.

Skype works best in MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. It is also available in mobile apps that use Android or iOS. By using Voice Over Internet Protocol, it is cheap to make calls because it does not cost any money to call another Skype Customer. Every user has a Skype unique name by which other customers can search and talk to. It has an additional feature such as multiple member conversations and video calls. In the chat section, you can also find a variety of emoji.


Many individuals used LinkedIn, a social networking website from Microsoft; it was started in 2002 and was open to users in 2003. Customers can find connections with other people, post past and recent working experience and skills or look for jobs or employees. LinkedIn is available in many languages such as Malay, Korean, Japanese and Indonesian. It has more than 200 million members worldwide.


Microsoft Affiliate Program

Microsoft is a well-known technology company. One can make money using the Microsoft affiliate program. Companies usually have a way of advertising their products. They rely heavily  on freelance advertisers to assist them to promote their products or services. Interested individuals can make money by advertising their products and services and a set of percentage or commissions will be assigned on each sale.

You can apply to become a Microsoft affiliate by clicking here. Keep in mind that they do have an approval process. Affiliates need to meet certain standards in order to be accepted. the process takes about 5 days.

Microsoft has many products that you can promote in your affiliate program. The products include accessories, Xbox Console, Phones, PC hardware, Microsoft Surface Pro, Digital and Physical Games. Software or digital choices that you can advertise on your affiliate programs include eBooks, TV Shows, Windows Software, Office Software, In-App Purchase, Xbox Live, Movies, Games, and App Purchases.

Microsoft affiliate program pays on any purchase the clients make, not only the featured products. They have a 14-day app purchase windows which is a long time compared to other affiliate programs. Microsoft allows users to use its tools in creating, tracking and promoting their campaigns so that one can maximize revenue.

For software purchases such as windows, office or other software, Microsoft offers 5% commission to website developers. If one is purchasing digitals goods like eBooks, Games, TV shows or movies it provides 7% commissions. The price may seem cheap, but it depends on the cost of the product. The software commissions are considerable and meet competition reasonably well. For product commission, it ranges from 1% to 10% depending on its price.


Microsoft provides tools that one in Microsoft affiliate programs can use on social media platforms and other websites. Banners are fun and useful tools to use.

Microsoft has designed banners for each software or product. These banners assist in advertising products, and when a client clicks it, you get credit after purchase.

The Textlink is another tool that one can utilize in advertising a product or a service. Instead of using long URLs, one can use hyperlinks, short links or images.


Ways to Earn Money

The great way to make money using Microsoft affiliate programs is through referrals. If one refers customers to sign up for Microsoft subscriptions such as Office 365 subscriptions or Xbox Live Account, they will receive a one-time payment depending upon region and country they are located in.

Another way of earning a substantial amount of money using its affiliate programs is through writing an original content that is unique and true. You should also learn to be consistent in the post so that readers can easily remember you or feel engaged.


Final Thoughts

The most significant advantage of using Microsoft as an affiliate program is that is a well-known and respected brand. The client does not care whether you make a commission or not, so long as they trust the brands or products that you promote.

The secret to a successful Microsoft affiliate program is using the link builder, adding campaign tracking to related links, and avoiding affiliating deep links. All purchases made by clients need to be verified by Microsoft before commissions are approved. It usually takes up to 60 days depending on date bucketing and time zone. Good luck with your business!

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  1. Kris

    Microsoft is a very trusted brand that everyone is familiar with no matter who you are. This article has given me some useful ideas and a heads up to make money with Microsoft affiliates. There are so many products made by Microsoft that would work with many sites and niches.
    Thank you for the useful information on Microsoft.

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    Hello ED,

    This is nice informative update about Microsoft you’ve reviewed, Microsoft has been one of the world’s prominent recognised organization for gadget and softwares, I have just known that LinkedIn is also owned by Microsoft and one can make money using Microsoft affiliate programs by referring people.
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  3. John

    Wow thank you for your thorough review of something that almost everyone with a computer is using. I had no idea Microsoft had an affiliate program.

    Can you please explain further what you mean by “avoiding affiliating deep links”? Exactly how to avoid this mistake. This would be really helpful. Thank you

    1. Thank you John. What I was referring to was the Link Builder that Microsoft provides for it’s affiliates. Link Builder insures the accuracy of your affiliate links so that you get paid your commission for your sale. Deep links are not a bad thing. In fact, deep links help with the overall user experience of your website. Hope this helps.

  4. I am considering signing up for the Microsoft Affiliate program. I would love to read on how I could promote such an online business’s success when I get started!

    It would be great is you could write an article explaining the basics for a beginner!

    1. Thanks for the comment Gregory. I will certainly consider writing an article which pertains to that. In the meantime, I found a post on the Wealthy Affiliate website about the Microsoft Affiliate Program that might help a bit.

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