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Founded in 2012, NordVPN was born when four childhood friends with a dream of building a technology company and in keeping with Tim Berner’s Lee dream of a free and open internet, came together to fulfill it. The four best friends dream nord vpn reviewwas fueled by their love of technology and matters pertaining to internet censorship. They felt that governments and tech companies around the world were working together to set up restrictions which changed the purpose of the internet.


Instead of a safe haven where online users could communicate, research, play games and even share files, governments and companies were now engaged in intrusive surveillance and internet restriction. To overcome these restrictions plus the intrusive surveillance, the four best friends founded NordVPN.


The name NordVPN is an inspiration from the Nordic ideals namely trust, innovation and confidence. Today, more than 1 million people from around the world use NordVPN. The company has been recognized for providing secure tunneling technology thus helping internet users to protect their online activity from unauthorized people.


Currently, NordVPN is headquartered in Panama.


NordVPN Features

When compiling our NordVPN review, we discovered that NordVPN has several useful and exciting features which are a plus, especially when compared to similar products. Thanks to the many features available with NordVPN, users can customize the VPN app to their liking. In addition, they can enjoy flexibility which is what internet users are looking for.


The following are features offered at NordVPN.


Military-grade encryption

Want to enjoy real online security? NordVPN offers military-grade encryption which means your ISP cannot view what websites you are browsing. Thanks to the cutting edge technology used to encrypt data between your computer and NordVPN servers, you can now browse the internet safely.


If you browse the internet without NordVPN, your ISP will be aware of what files you are downloading. With NordVPN military-grade encryption, your ISP will not be aware of your internet activity.


Simply put all your internet traffic is routed via NordVPN secure servers before connecting to the intended website. To ensure that your ISP and other unauthorized users intending on snooping on your internet traffic are unable to do so, NordVPN uses Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit keys.


Used by the US government to secure their classified documents and other intelligence services, AES is also widely used in software, hardware, and firmware that need low latency or high throughput.


Block malware and ads with CyberSec

When browsing the internet, you will find websites displaying three types of ads – banners, pop-ups and text-based. While ads enable bloggers, website owners, and ad networks to earn money thanks to traffic from internet users, there are ads which are intrusive.


They work by collecting your information which they use to provide you with targeted ads. Have you ever browsed an e-commerce site and an ad pops up with an image of the latest kitchen appliances or baby products with a call to action message.


Well, you will be surprised to know that ad networks, social media platforms, and others use small files called cookies to track your browsing habit. That is not all. When browsing online, your computer, smartphone or tablet is a target for malicious people. Their intention is simple – to install malware and Trojans which are used to steal data and infect other computers on the same network.


According to our Nord VPN review, your devices are protected against malware, Trojans, intrusive ads and other cyber threats thanks to the CyberSec feature. Apart from that, CyberSec also protects you from dangerous websites and botnet control.


To protect you, CyberSec references a list of known malware, spyware, trackers, intrusive ad networks and dangerous websites. If any threats are identified, CyberSec will block them.


Double VPN

As a technology solution which helps to hide your internet activity via a VPN tunnel, Double VPN works by redirecting all your online traffic to the first VPN server. Thereafter, your online traffic is also redirected to another VPN server before reaching your device.


Thanks to the Double VPN feature, your online traffic is not only redirected through two servers in different locations but your true IP address is encrypted the first time and second time.


As a process of chaining VPN servers, Double VPN has several benefits to NordVPN users. They include:

l Having an extra layer of protection and privacy since your traffic is redirected between two VPN servers

l Your real IP address is encrypted and masked by the first and second VPN server

l Even though your ISP knows that you are using a VPN service, your ISP will not know what websites you are browsing.

Some of the Double VPN configurations you can choose include Canada-US, Sweden – Netherlands, UK-Netherlands, and UK-France among others.


DNS Leak protection technology

To ensure that your online activity is completely anonymous, NordVPN not only redirects your internet traffic via its secure VPN servers but they pass your online traffic via their VPN DNS servers. It is common for your device to revert back to the default DNS server. This means your ISP will be aware of what websites you are visiting and what you are downloading.


Want to know how this happens? It usually occurs when running Windows or if you have reset your system preferences. It also occurs if you set your VPN manually or are using a VPN service provider with no DNS servers of his or her own.


With NordVPN, you don’t have to worry about issues such as DNS leaking thanks to their VPN DNS servers. This way your ISP will not learn what you are browsing or downloading.


Onion over VPN

To ensure maximum protection for its users, NordVPN has implemented the following feature – Onion over VPN which routes only HTTP traffic. When combined with VPN, users enjoy an extra layer of privacy and encryption. This helps to ensure top-level privacy.


By redirecting your traffic via the Tor network, you will get to enjoy an additional layer of encryption and protection making it difficult for people trying to snoop on your browsing activity to determine your true location. While every node on the Tor network will view your real IP address, the exit node will not know your real IP address.


Other NordVPN Features

In our NordVPN review, we discovered that users have access to more than 4,000 VPN servers located around the world. Now, you can browse anonymously without fear that your ISP will snoop on your online activity. To protect you further, NordVPN has a strict no logs policy. This means NordVPN does not maintain logs pertaining to your VPN usage.


You can also secure up to 6 devices using your NordVPN account. That means you can connect NordVPN with your smartphone, routers, laptops and other devices. Not only that. You will have access to dedicated IP addresses and a browser proxy extension among others.


  •  Ability to use NordVPN with multiple devices from your account
  •  User-friendly mobile apps
  •  Dedicated IP address for added protection
  •  Military grade encryption for added protection and anonymous browsing
  •  Onion over VPN keeps unauthorized users away from your browsing activity
  •  Blocks malware, Trojans and intrusive ads
  •  No logs, more privacy
  •  DNS leak protection
  •  Multiple payment methods accepted
  •  NordVPN automatic kill switch will block your device and terminate programs from accessing the internet outside the secure VPN.


  •  Users may find it difficult to access servers in certain countries. This may be attributed to connectivity issues but this is temporary.
  •  A bit pricey


NordVPN Affiliate program

Want to make money while promoting NordVPN and its many benefits? Well, you can do so once you join NordVPN affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can get started with NordVPN affiliate program by signing up.


How NordVPN affiliate program works

After creating your free affiliate account, you will get links and promotional material to promote NordVPN to your subscribers and online visitors. Every time your visitor or subscriber clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase at NordVPN, you will earn a commission.


Remember, your commission is dependent on the type of plan your visitor subscribes to. For instance, if your visitor signs up for the 1-month plan, you will earn 100% commission. If the same visitor renews for another month, you will earn a 30% commission.


Benefits of NordVPN affiliate program

Apart from earning money, why should you sign up to NordVPN affiliate program?

  •  Dedicated customer support – this means all your inquiries will be answered immediately
  •  High conversion rate – the more traffic you sent to NordVPN, the higher your conversion rate
  •  Access to ready customers around the world

Interested? To sign up to NordVPN affiliate program, click here.


How much does NordVPN cost?

Currently, NordVPN offers three pricing plans namely 1 Month plan, 1 year Plan and 6 Month plan. According to NordVPN, the 1 Year Plan is the most popular of the three. For starters, users are billed once every year and they get to save 41%.


Here are the details of NordVPN pricing plans

  •  1 Month plan – $11.95/month – No savings
  •  1 Year plan – $6.99/month – Save 41%
  •  6 Month plan – $9/month – Save 24%


Is NordVPN Worth it?

There are several reasons why in our NordVPN review we strongly recommended NordVPN to internet users. For starters, users have access to more than 4,000 servers located around the world. They also enjoy military-grade encryption, CyberSec and Double VPN features which adds an extra layer of protection against malware, Trojans, intrusive ads and government snooping.

Not only that, NordVPN has a strict no logs policy, automatic kill switch, DNS leak protection, Onion over VPN and browser proxy extension. Thanks to the extra security offered by NordVPN, it is highly recommended to general users, journalists, freelancers, businesses and IT professionals among others.

So, do we recommend NordVPN? Yes, we do. Not only do they offer affordable pricing plans but they do offer 24/7 dedicated customer support, secure VPN services and access to over 4,000 servers around the world. In addition, NordVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and Linux devices.

Affiliates Corner gives it 95/100.

All the best,


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16 thoughts on “NordVPN Review – Secure Browsing for You”

  1. Nancy

    This is a very informative article. I knew my online activity could be tracked, but never knew there was anything I could do about it. It’s exciting to know services like this exist.

    I really like the idea that this product will block malware and I found the double VPN very interesting. This looks like it will make online activity very secure.

    1. Thank you Nancy. I have been using NordVPN for about 3 years now, and I love it! It gives me the online protection that I want, and it is very easy to use. Another great feature of NordVPN is that you can use up to 6 devices per account. That’s great value.

  2. Gnekoda

    Hi Ed
    Really? You said that Nord VPN can block malware and ads?

    Because I plan will go travel in China. As you know, the China Government had been blocked Facebook and all services from Google. I ask a few friends who are living in China, they always use the VPN. Just different providers. I across this Nord VPN and one more provider is Express VPN. Can you review Express VPN and then comparing?

    I would like to ask more about the 6-devices feature. For example, I download and active Nord VPN on my laptop, my cell-phone. And then, I travel to China-> I want to share the Nord VPN network with a friend there. My cell-phone has hotspot feature so I can do that. What if my friend likes the Nord VPN as well, and he/she is close enough to me. Can I download and add his/her cell-phone/laptop into my Nord VPN account?

    And for your statement in the con part ” a bit pricey”…I disagree because the price usually companies with the quality.

    But wait for a second, do you have a deal from Nord VPN? I remember a few weeks ago, they have a discount for a yearly package. Is it expired? If you have the deal, can you share?

    Oh, one more question: What is the download/upload rate for the network? You said they have 4k servers-> Each server has their own download/upload speeds? If so, which server can give the speed range from 6 Mbps – 10 Mbps/s?

    P/S: I like as you share about the Nord VPN affiliate program. When I stay in China long-term, I might promote Nord VPN to other while I am using the VPN too.

    1. Thank you Gnekoda. To be honest, I’m not sure if you will be able to register your friends cell phone in China as one of your 6 devices, but you can try. As far as download/upload speeds, NordVpn claims that it is the fastest VPN on the market. Their servers are tailored for P2P activities and video streaming.

      They do offer customers deals on pricing. For the best available deal, you can click here.

  3. Oscar


    thanks for sharing the features, pros, and cons of this secure browsing.  With so many hackers everywhere online, it is crucial to have some level of protection, because you are unaware of what they are all able to do.

    A few weeks ago I watched a guy who was the computer guru since early childhood and says that he was able to hack into big company’s financial systems and look through their things.  That was kind of scary when he said that because we all think we are so secure when browsing the Internet.

    I do think that services like NordVPN do give us some level of protection and help us stay as safe as possible, but I also see that it is quite pricy, yet worth they investment.

    Thanks again for sharing,


    1. Thank you Oscar. It is scary what hackers are able to do. It’s good to use a product like NordVPN, hackers will move on to an easier target that’s not protected.

  4. Scott Hinkle

    Thanks for the great review.  I use VPNs for various means, from connecting to my office network, to connecting to my home firewall when abroad to access resources that may be blocked from my current location.  Doing so will mask my traffic locally but, since I’m using my home connection, sadly it won’t hide it from my ISP.

    Can you tell me how fast the service is?  Would I be able to switch between server locations and use it to bypass location-based blocks such as those used by Netflix to determine what content is available to me?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thanks again

    1. Thank you Scott. I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my internet speed since I have been using  NordVPN. I haven’t used it to bypass any location based blocks, but it is supposed to be able to. I hope this helps. 

  5. Jon Lake

    I must admit, I had never heard of NordVPN until I came across this article. Sounds really good and I love the idea of Double VPN. Having an affiliate program for this is also very interesting as this is probably something my readers could get excited about.

    In this day and age online security is paramount so this looks like a good investment. Thanks for the info

    1. You’re welcome Jon. I have been using NordVpn for the last few years, and I love it! Just knowing that you have that extra wall of security when browsing the internet is very comforting.

  6. Laura

    I was always wondering which type of person needs something like this. So I’m happy you mentioned this in your article. I used it many years ago to be able to watch Netflix when it was not available in my country.

    It think the price is not too bad if you take the yearly offer. Considering what service you get.

    When surfing via NordVPN, does this slow down your internet speed?

    1. Thanks Laura. I find that NordVPN doesn’t really slow down my internet speed much if any. I hope this helps.

  7. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and good info.

    It seems to be a very good platform/company when it comes about protection.

    I will check it out about Nord VPN, because I have a site and in the world of today, you never can have enough protection.

    I was hacked once, and lost a lot of trust of my customers, I won’t let that happen again.

    Thanks for sharing this, I will look for it!

    1. You’re welcome Emmanuel. Cyber criminals are everywhere. It’s nice to have the extra protection that NordVpn provides.

  8. cjciganotto

    Hi Ed,

    Due to my intensive work as an internet affiliate, I have always wanted to navigate in the safest way.

    I have doubts that the company that you promote can provide me with the levels of security that I am looking for.

    My site is located in Argentina, please confirm if the protection would be 100% in my country.

    I await your information. Thank you. Claudio

    1. I have no doubt that you would be 100% protected using NordVpn in Argentina. NordVpn has servers all over the world. While you are working online in Argentina, you could hook up with a server in the U.S. If you did that your new IP address would identify you as being from the United States. I hope this helps.

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