DupliChecker Review – The Free Tool That Does A Lot

The internet continues to grow rapidly for 5+ billion users. In 2014, the number of websites reached 1 billion. Today, there are more 1.7 billion websites. Of these, 200 million are active. Among the 200 million active websites, you will find blogs, news sites, and business websites.

Without plagiarism checkers, the presence of duplicate content online would be high. Duplicate content renders information less credible. Also, duplicate content makes information to be repetitive.

One of the best online free plagiarism checker I have come across is DupliChecker. As an online plagiarism detection tool, its free. As such, it’s perfect for bloggers and students in need of comparing their source content.

Not only does DupliChecker detect duplicate content or files, but it also helps to improve your site’s page rank. It also helps you detect malware activity, finds relevant keywords, tracks your visitors’ IP and more?

Want to learn more about DupliChecker, the online free plagiarism checker?

In this post, we review what is DupliChecker, and its features.

What is DupliChecker?

This is an online service with a host of useful SEO and plagiarism detection tools. These tools can help you improve page rank, attract more visitors, increase brand reputation and find duplicate content.

The online service is managed by a team of skilled and experienced professionals. They include SEO experts, digital product development, UX design, web search, and social media marketing. All tools created by the team are free.

They are simple and easy to use. In fact, you don’t have to register to start using the tools. Just provide the required data and you should have the results in seconds.

What Are the Features of Duplichecker?

As an online service, DupliChecker has a plethora of features. These features extend the functionality of the tool beyond plagiarism detection. Here are the top features of DupliChecker.

Online Free Plagiarism Checker

Are you a student looking for a plagiarism detection tool to check your essay before submitting it to your teacher? Are you a freelance writer providing content to your clients? Before turning in your assignment or content, check for plagiarism.

In content creation, quality is of utmost importance. But, lots of bloggers and website admins deliberately duplicate content. This is normally done to manipulate search engines ranks. Also, they do it to improve page rank.

Such deceptive tactics provide a poor user experience to readers.

When the Googlebot crawls your blog or website, it saves your content in a database. In the following days, Google will compare content in its database. If it finds duplicate content, it will decide which version is most authoritative.

While Google does not penalize blogs and websites for duplicate content, your site will have a lower page rank. This affects traffic to your site and brand reputation. To ensure users keep reading your content, use DupliChecker to ensure your content is original.

DupliChecker works by scanning the internet looking for duplicate content. If duplicate content is found, the site will present results as follows:

% Plagiarism

% Unique

% Related meaning

If the plagiarism detection tool finds no matches, it will return the following message “No Plagiarism Detected!”

Paraphrasing Tool

Want to express your content in a new way? Finding a free article rewriting tool is very difficult. If you choose to rewrite manually, the process takes time. Not only do you have to look for the right words and phrases but you have to keep the integrity of the topic.

With DupliChecker’s Paraphrasing tool, you can avoid this burdensome job and have a new article, free of cost. The tool is fast and efficient. All you have to do is paste your content in the available editor or upload your document.

Results should appear in a few minutes.

Reverse Image Search Tool

To find a duplicate image online, use the reverse image search tool. It works by finding similar photos and their sources. To get started, upload your image from your computer or mobile phone. Alternatively, you can paste the URL in the available space.

In a matter of seconds, the tool will scan the internet and present you with results. To provide accurate results, the tool pulls relevant images from popular search engines like Google and Bing.

Backlink Checker

SEO revolves around link building. In fact, webmasters must build quality backlinks. Thanks to inbound links, your website gets to stand out in the SERPs. Why? Your quality backlinks act as a vote of reliability and trustworthiness.

Not only that. They also improve your page rank. Being on the first page of Google’s search engine results has lots of benefits to bloggers and website owners. First, organic traffic increases to your site.

Second, with the right landing page, you can convert leads into buying customers. With dreadful backlinks, Google will penalize you and even blacklist your site. To avoid this, use the Backlink checker.

Free Proxy List

You can now protect your privacy while browsing online. As you already know, browsers, websites, social media sites, and plugins collect information on your browsing activity. To browse anonymously, you need web proxies.

Proxy servers not only protect your privacy but they can help you unblock sites. With a web proxy, you can hide your real IP address and disguise your geographic location.

Sitemap Generator

To help search engine bots crawl your web pages better, you need a sitemap. Want to generate a complete sitemap of your site? DupliChecker offers a free sitemap generator. To generate a sitemap, enter your website URL in the space provided.

Click “Start” and allow the tool to crawl your site. This should take a few minutes. Once the process is complete, download the XML file. Upload the file in your site’s root folder. Sign in to your Google Search Console account and submit the XML file.

Backlink Maker

To make quality inbound links, you need the right tool. DupliChecker’s Backlink Maker is easy to use. All you have to do to generate quality inbound links is to add the site URL and press “Make Backlinks.”

The tool will scan the internet and provide you with quality inbound links for your site. By incorporating these links in your content, not only will you get higher page rank but higher organic traffic.

Malware Checker

DupliChecker offers Google Malware Checker, a tool for checking the presence of malware activity on your site. To find any fraudulent activity on your site, add your site URL in the space provided. Click “Submit” and the site will check and identify any questionable activity.

After scanning, the tool will redirect you to Google’s Safe Browsing Analytic page. In case of any malware activity, the report will indicate so. Without this tool, it’s difficult to note the presence of questionable activity in your site.

Link Analyzer Tool

This is an online tool that analyzes your link profile and finds sources that are great for generating links. Simply put, the utility allows you to perform a link audit. The tool can conveniently analyze your internal links.

To get started with the Link ASnalyzer tool, add a valid URL. Choose what types of links you would like the tool to return. Options available include:



You can select “Show nofollow links” before pressing “Show Links.” Results get displayed as a list including inbound and outbound links plus the associated anchor text. What you need to know is that the tool analyzes one page at a time.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

In content creation, keywords make it easy for online visitors to find information. As a ranking factor, keywords also decide the reputation of your site. To find valuable and competitive keywords relevant to your content, use DupliChecker’s Keyword Suggestion tool.

Here is how it works. Enter a keyword you would like to optimize and click ”Submit.” After a few seconds, the tool will list relevant keywords. For example, if you add a keyword such as “best plagiarism checker,” the utility will list the keywords to use.

Using these keywords can guarantee you a higher ranking on search engine results.

Geo IP Locator

To find a valid IP, domain or URL, use the Geo IP Locator. This handy utility is great for identifying the location of your visitors. By learning your visitors’ location, you can prevent fraudulent activities.

For example, credit card fraud. You can also protect your site against spamming and hackers. As the best IP geolocation, you can track an IP address by adding a valid IP, URL or domain. Click “Submit” and after a few seconds, it will list the following information:

Country code

Country Name

Rea code

Latitude and longitude

DMA code

IP status



What you ought to know is that the tool offers 99% accuracy.

Pros and Cons of DupliChecker


  • Has a plethora of tools
  • Easy to use
  • Available free of charge
  • Suitable for bloggers, students, website admins, online marketers and SEO experts
  • No need to download a standalone app. Accessible from anywhere, and on major devices


  • Plagiarism detector not accurate. You need another premium plagiarism checker
  • Too many ads

Is DupliChecker a Scam? DupliChecker Review

DupliChecker is a great service for students, bloggers and site owners. Initially a plagiarism detection tool, the team has added more than 100 tools. These tools can help bloggers and site owners improve page rank and user experience.

So, is DupliChecker a scam? Many people may assume that the 100+ tools available for free make DupliChecker a scam. Well, it’s not a scam. Some of the tools are offered by Google and other companies.

Try DupliChecker and share your experience with us.

All the best,


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