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Online Income Solutions Review

Are you making your first steps into the world of making money online? If so then congratulations, if you are willing to work hard and spend a lot of time studying the skills required for success, you will be able to reach financial freedom, quit your job, travel the world and whatever else the ability to earn income from home would mean for you.

One of the biggest areas of opportunity in online business, and something that many people can get started in easily, is affiliate marketing. We have talked about this in many of our other reviews, but in case this is your first time here, let’s go through a quick rundown on affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Over the last decade or two, more and more companies have realized that there is a huge online market for their products and services, and so they have been eager to build their own websites and get themselves out there. However, the biggest challenge for many companies trying to operate online is that the marketing can be very complicated and difficult, as there is a lot of new technology for them to learn and implement, and not every company has the right tech-savvy staff for the job. In fact, such people can be very expensive to hire, as the demand for such valuable staff is always high. This leaves many companies with a marketing problem.

But there is a solution to this! In fact, companies can outsource their marketing to affiliates, these are other people online who can implement cutting-edge marketing strategies and get the sales that these companies desire. They do this in return for a percentage of the sale, in other words, a commission.

Becoming an affiliate marketer can end up being extremely lucrative if you build up an excellent understanding of all the strategies involved and you can help companies get more sales. As far as commissions go, the sky is the limit. The more money you make for the company, the more money you make for yourself!

Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular as it gets discovered by more people, but there is still plenty of opportunity and plenty of money to be made. In order to succeed with it, it’s vital that you find the right training so that you will end up with highly relevant knowledge that you can actually put into action and monetize.

There are countless options out there for affiliate marketing training, some of which can get very expensive. Today we’ll be looking at one of your options for affiliate marketing training: Online Income Solutions.

What is Online Income Solutions?

Online Income Solutions is an affiliate marketing training, but that’s not immediately obvious when you visit the homepage of the product. In fact, the page is very minimalistic. It just features some fairly basic pictures of a young couple, an exotic location, and an expensive yacht, presumably alluding to the fact the training is going to make you a multi-millionaire. Easier said than done!

Next to the pictures, a claim is made that anyone with an internet connection and basic typing skills can earn fast, easy cash. We’re not fans of this terribly much, as affiliate marketing, just like any other occupation, requires dedication and hard work for the rewards to be reaped. However, with that being said, it is a lot more scalable than other business models, and so becoming very rich is in fact a possibility. With hard work!

The other feature on the Online Income Solutions homepage is a form that needs to be filled in to see if you qualify for the training. Of course, we don’t doubt at all that anyone who fills in this form will be told they qualify, so this is most likely misleading marketing.

The homepage also features the logos of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other well-known social media platforms and websites. However, if you read the small print, you’ll find a disclaimer that they are in no way affiliated with these platforms, so we’re not sure about the legality of using these logos so prominently on their homepage.

What do you get after you sign up?

To start with, the first thing you might notice about Online Income Solutions is the price. The entry price for their training is only $19.97, which is very cheap compared to many other affiliate marketing training programs that you may have heard of. Some well-known affiliate marketing education products can cost $1,000 or more, even up to $5,000 in some cases. $19.97 seems almost suspiciously low for an affiliate marketing training product. If you visit the FAQ on the Online Income Solutions page there is even a question about this, to which they respond that they keep their price low because they are not focused on greed, and that they would much rather keep the price of entry affordable for anyone. This is actually quite unusual in the industry.

So what about the actual content of the product? Well, despite all the hype and claims made on the Online Income Solutions website, what you actually get is a fairly basic ebook that provides a decent outline of affiliate marketing, how it works and how you can get started. This is all well and good, but there is a major problem here. Firstly, pretty much all the information contained in this simple ebook can be found for free online, and secondly, a lot of it is actually out of date. In some industries, this would not be much of a problem, but affiliate marketing is a field in which you really have to be up to date and at the cutting edge of developments in order to be successful.

The verdict on Online Income Solutions

So to sum up this product as briefly as possible, $19.97 may seem cheap for an affiliate marketing training, and you’d be right if you thought that. But considering that the information is too basic and also out-of-date, this makes it more or less useless. Yes, $19.97 is not a lot of money, but you’re still better off keeping that 20 bucks to use for something else that would be more useful to you.

If you browse around their site you’ll also find that they have a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product, which might make it seem like it’s worth a shot anyway. However, if you check their terms and conditions carefully, you’ll find that you have to meet certain conditions to get your money back, including showing proof that you have set up your own website and taken many steps towards creating a business. If you do these things you’ll find that you’ve already taken on several other costs by then, so in reality, if this training doesn’t work out for you and you do get your money back, you’ll still be out of pocket on website hosting and various other setup costs that you’ll have already invested by that point. Also, they keep $3 as a processing fee even if you get a refund!

In summary, we’d recommend you avoid Online Income Solutions and invest in a more up-to-date affiliate marketing training.

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