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Online Retail Growth And Its Benefits To Affiliates

online retail marketing strategy


As the popularity of online shopping grows, large retailers must ensure that thier online retail marketing strategy is sound in order to take full advantage. A big part of this strategy is using affliate marketers to generate sales.

According to Hitwise data, Amazon pulled in 45% of all online transactions on the 2017 Thanksgiving Day. On Black Friday, Amazon pulled in 54.9%. During the two day period, Amazon grew by 12.78 million transactions and a total of 7.14 million on Black Friday.


When it comes to Wal-Mart, it had 1.74 million transactions on the 2017 Thanksgiving Day which accounted for 13.9% share of total online transactions. Despite the high volume on Thanksgiving, Wal-Mart experienced a drop in online transactions totaling to 1.14 million Black Friday. This lowered Wal-Mart share of transactions to 8.8%.


Best Buy on the other hand experienced a higher transaction volume on 2017 Thanksgiving Day compared to the previous year – 646,066 (2016) to 1.04 million (2017).


What the above statistics tell you is that online retail is very popular and as a result, it is expected to grow as years go by. According to a report by Forrester, it is projected that US shoppers will spend $460 billion online by the end of 2017. Amazon, the ecommerce titan will be driving much of the growth as predicted by experts.


Already Amazon has invested a lot in providing better services to its customers. For example Air Prime ensures that customers receive their packages via drone. The ecommerce titan is also investing in a state of the art drone control center to ensure fast and safe delivery.


If you were to extend your scope globally especially to Europe and Asia, you will find out that e-commerce is the fastest growing online retail market. In 2017, it is expected that e-commerce sales will increase to £230.62 billion, a rise of 14.2%. This growth will spill into 2018 where it is expected that e-commerce will experience a further 13.8% growth with sales reaching £262.46 billion. Here are statistics showing the growth of online retail sales in China.


You may be wondering how the expected growth of online retail is advantageous to affiliate marketers. Well, read on!


Benefits of increased online retail growth to affiliates


1. Increased income opportunities

What you ought to know is that 51% of Americans prefer to shop online. As a result, it has led to the growth of ecommerce by 23% year after year. In the third quarter of 2016, online orders increased which indicated transactional growth is outpacing total revenue.


Due to this, online retail platforms like Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon will continue to set up more features designed to streamline marketing. Using their established affiliate network, manufacturers will have it easier when it comes to advertising products and services to the masses.


As an affiliate, this is a great chance for you to grow your income. As said earlier, Amazon pulled in 45% of all online transaction on Thanksgiving Day while on Black Friday, Amazon pulled in 54.9%. If half of these sales originated from affiliate links, the affiliates will have earned more money. Furthermore, the popularity of online retail will result in more platforms opening up further increasing income opportunities for affiliates.


2. Growth as an affiliate

When you become an affiliate, your aim is simple – apart from generating income, you want to create awareness for select products in your niche. For this to be possible, you have to create a website or blog. This will be your main channel. There are two ways you can approach this. You can either hire a professional web developer or use CMS (content management system) like WordPress and set up a blog.


Once you have a blog, there are a few things you have to tweak to ensure its SEO ready. One of them is the theme selected. It should be responsive so as to adapt to different devices. Secondly, you must generate informative, entertaining, relevant, keyword rich and plagiarism free content. Lastly, content should be accompanied with a short video excerpt and images.


This is not easy but thanks to the growing popularity of online retail, the reward will be great. Not only will you be able to earn an income to offset expenses like hosting, web development and others but you will get to grow as an affiliate in terms of experience.


3. Be your own boss

According to Statista, the unemployment rate is 4.1 % as of October 2017 with the civilian labor force totaling to 159.19 million. It can be truly said that the US is struggling with youth unemployment rates which are higher than the national unemployment rate. As of March 2017, the unemployment rate for those aged between 16 to 24 years was 9.1%. At the time, the national unemployment rate was 4.5%.


When you take a look at the above statistics together with the stagnation of wages and salaries, then you can create a mental picture of how dire the situation is. As a young man or woman with a degree or masters certificate, finding a job can be difficult but not impossible.


If you are yet to find a well paying job, why not be your own boss. Affiliate marketing offers such a chance to bloggers and website owners. Not only will you earn income when you are online but you will earn income even when you are sleep. Furthermore, you will become an influencer.


To make a decent living, patience, drive and understanding of the products being promoted are factors one must possess or cultivate.


Bottom line

As an affiliate, not only are you in the best position to create great relationships with online retailers but with customers too. Yes, becoming an affiliate is very easy but patience, implementation of creative strategies and a positive attitude will ensure success.


With the projected growth of online retail, it is expected that an army of shoppers will be browsing different platforms to purchase products. What this means to an affiliate is increased income opportunities, a chance to be your own boss and increased experience as an affiliate.

All the best,


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28 thoughts on “Online Retail Growth And Its Benefits To Affiliates”

  1. Cameron

    Very informative and interesting statistical data. I had no idea how online sales were growing at such a quick rate. I am a bit newer to affiliate marketing, but this just confirms my direction and shows there is a huge opportunity now and in the future.

    I also think it gives younger consumers an opportunity to create their own income and business online whether they have a job or not, because it will pay big dividends in the long run.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Thank you Cameron. Online retail sales are only going to keep going up. It is a great opportunity for people to make money online. One of the best ways to do this is with affiliate marketing.

      To ensure success, you should get properly trained. The best place for affiliate marketing training is at Wealthy Affiliate. It provides great training as well as web hosting.

      The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can try it for free with no obligation. With the free starter program you receive some training as well as 2 free websites. There is no time limit. You can stay in the free starter program for as long as you like. Hope this helps.


  2. Stella

    Hello Ed;

    I found the stats that you gave at the beginning very interesting. I had not realized that the numbers for online shopping were so high.

    In light of that, the points that you make about opportunities for affiliate marketers make sense.

    I notice that you mention the use of themes that are responsive. I wonder if the bulk of shopping will move to mobile as the generations age. I see that my son and his friends in their early 20s tend to shop by mobile, whereas I often use desktop. What is your opinion on that?


    1. Thank you Stella. I think that you are bang on with your assessment. It is definitely shifting to a lot more mobile shopping. I think that those numbers will only continue to rise as the years go by.


  3. Dave

    Hey there,

    Such insightful ideas right there, I have wanted to start my own online business so I can work from home since I have been struggling with my health for a while now but it has actually proven very difficult not what I thought to be honest niw my question is it a wise thing to join markets that have been flooded by other affiliate marketers?

    1. Thank you Dave. If it is a particular niche that you are passionate about, then I would go for it. If you put the time and effort in, it will pay off. Having a niche that you have a lot of interest in makes it easier to keep going for the long haul.


  4. Ruth

    Thanks for a really great and informative article on online sales. It is definitely the time to be making money online. Online sales will continue to rise. It is a great time to get into affiliate marketing. Your article really sums it up, people love shopping online. And more and more companies are coming up with affiliate programs. It is a great time to have a blog or website. Keep up the great work, looking forward to more informative articles

  5. Jennifer David


    Thank you for the stats very helpful and useful to know.

    I am so pleased to know that online sales are growing but had no idea that it was growing that fast so thank you for that.

    Being my own boss is the only way to go for me.  I love being in control and helping others to know more about the products I offer.

    I really appreciate this article because it confirms that I have made the right decision in working for myself.

    Many thanks


    1. Thank you Jennifer. Good luck with your site!

  6. BEazzy Shifts

    What’s up Ed?

    The importance of an Affiliate in a business can not be properly dealt with. Affiliates helps spread the gospel of a product. With Affiliate Marketing we can have the financial freedom that we desire. Thank you for steering me up. Knowing this will keep me pressing as an affiliate.

    1. Glad to help. Good luck with your site!

  7. TJSchlenker

    When I hear statistics like these, it gives me encouragement that being an online entrepreneur is the right road to be on toward the future. 

    The Amazon drones aren’t flying yet, right?? I hadn’t heard that that was real yet, though I know it’s been in the development stages…

    Great to hear that more than half of Americans now prefer to shop online. My own Internet site is U.S.-centric, so that works in my favor.

    I’m knee-deep in writing articles for this year’s Black Friday. Hoping my choices of products are just right to maximize my affiliate link potential.

    Here’s to online success!!

    1. It’s a great time to be an affiliate. I hope that you have lots of success this Black Friday and beyond!

  8. Jill

    Hi Ed, 

    Thank you,  for this wake up call. I have joined a few Affiliate Marketers but still get a bit stuck as to how to get my links etc. Being an old Biddy is not always a good thing as these newfangled things are a bit frightening. I have written a few blogs especially to enable me to add links to certain products which I know sell online and must now read again, very carefully how to add the right links.

    Goodness me, this online world , and computers have really been a challenge but I am still loving it and will continue until I master all I need to.

    I can see just how important it is to use what is available and understand more about how big these companies are who are willing to pay to advertise their products on our sites.

    1. Thank you Jill. Keep working at it and it will become second nature. Good luck!

  9. Brenda

    This is really awesome. Online shopping is getting more and more popular. People are more  comfortable shopping online from the comforts of their homes. This is indeed great news for Affliate Marketing and increases the level of success. It’s also gives hope for the unemployed as they have an opportunity be self employed and for the employed who cannot make ends meet, this is also a wonderful opportunity to earn an additional income.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you Brenda. It really is a great opportunity for people associated with affiliate marketing. 

  10. Kari

    You described clearly what is happening in online business and the retail market in the whole in the near future.Although the competition for instance in affiliate marketing has become harder and harder, the future still seems to be agleam. as you said affiliate marketers are in an important role to manage the marketing of the increasing online business. The big operators such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Nike and others increases the using of affiliate marketers in their marketing strategies. This is a great opportunity for all current and becoming affiliates. I also recommend everyone who has difficulties to earn their regular income or wish to earn some more, to familiarize the possibilities that affiliate marketing offers.

  11. Bunyige Vincent

    Ed, from what you have given us information about Online Retail Growth now I remember the importance of  owning your shop online and how I came across the Wealthy Affiliate program and joined straight away. Its true that technology has changed and people are become busy and busy with their life so if you try to open your street shop then you have to be dedicated to serve people 24/7 to maximize your profit and that is not even possible to be yourself day and night with your shop opening, so the affiliate marketing came as a solution for those who will want to do their business online despite on how busy they are. By become a member of  affiliate marketing it will help you to start  operate your business with less pressure,and  low cost. 

    1. Thank you Bunyige. It is a great opportunity!

  12. Olonisakin Kehinde

    There is no doubt that the online retail is a bridge that leads to the success of the affiliate marketer.  The benefits far outweighs the demerits if there are at all. 

    Good statistical analysis about the contribution of online retail to sales outlets such as amazon. This will definitely make a good income generation opportunity for younger or upcoming affiliates. 

  13. Stacie

    How inspiring for the perosn who wants to be an affiliate marketer! 

    I myself, had a hard time finding a graphic design job after graduation, I obtained my associate’s degree, and every job listing wanted a bachelor’s degree, well I am already $25,000 in debt for my associate’s degree, I cannot afford to go further into debt with no guarantee of employment in the end. 

    I am a late bloomer, I am 45 and just graduated college a year and a half ago.

    I really want to change careers, so I started searching for different avenues for making money and still being professional. Then, I came across affiliate marketing and was stoked. I knew I could start doing this and work until I no longer need to work.

    I hope your article reaches people like me, I felt stuck until I discovered affiliate marketing! 

    1. Thank you Stacie. I understand what you are saying. You want to change careers, but employers don’t want to hire you because “you’re not what they’re looking for”. You feel trapped. Affiliate marketing is a chance at freedom. There is great potential (over 4 billion people on the internet). You just need to stick with it, and good things will happen. Good luck!

  14. mark kabakov

    Dear Ed! 1.You brought such convincing and stubborn statistics on the growth of global online retail sales. 2. Your reasoning and conclusions about the further development of affiliate marketing are correct. 

    3.Our Rector Kyle is tirelessly talking about this problem and our tasks. 

    4.I also prepared for the discussion and I want to say briefly. Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2017 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars) 2304; 2842; 3453; 4135 and 4878, respectively, for these five years.

    5. And here’s what else is interesting today. Distribution of retail website visits and orders worldwide as of 3rd quarter 2018, by device. 

    In the measured period, smartphones accounted for 61 percent of retail site visits worldwide but generated only 45 percent of online shopping orders. 

    The latter made me happy, I love working with a laptop. 

    Please accept thanks for your interesting and encouraging topic. Mark

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