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Every online business owner and affiliate marketer knows the value of targeted high quality traffic. There are many ways to get traffic to your website one of which is paid traffic. Today we will look at a service called Traffic for Me (T4M) who claims to sell clean and targeted premium quality traffic.


But first let’s start with the basics.
paid targeted website traffic


What is Traffic?

Traffic simply means the amount of visitors coming to your website. You can think of traffic as people who walk into your physical shop. So, the more people walk in, more are your chances of selling.


As a shop owner you would obviously like it when more people visit your shop. You can use various techniques, maybe a sale to attract more people and increase the buying chances.


T4M comes in right at this spot!


What is Traffic for Me?

You can think of T4M as a middle man who directs people to your shop. That means T4M directs internet traffic or visitors to your website or advertisement. But this does not come for free- you have to sign up and select the type of traffic and a package to begin with. It helps you get the paid targeted website traffic you are looking for.


There are many paid traffic services out there but not all of them deliver high quality traffic. Also, the companies adopt fraudulent techniques to fake traffic and cause your money to go to waste. But T4M is unique because it delivers clean and high intent traffic to your website.


We will get into the details a bit later but first let’s see what type of traffic you can buy in T4M.


Traffic for Me: Types of Traffic

The most important service of T4M is email traffic. Many studies and surveys have revealed that email is one of the best ways to approach your customer with products and services. They have high click rates and many of the buyers have the intention to purchase- well that’s how it ideally should be unless the traffic is fake and driven by bots.


Email produces most significant ROI on your campaigns, up to $38 for each dollar spent. Also, 77% customers like to be approached by email which made 89% marketers conclude that email is the ideal way to generate leads.


You can also opt for SMS traffic but your market will be limited to USA only.


T4M has different niches attached with the types of traffic they offer. For example the category Biz Opp and Make Money can take advantage of all of their traffic packages. But the Internet Marketing and Personal Development niche can utilize only the Premium Email Traffic.


The 5 Different Choices for You


In the website of T4M, there are 5 different types or traffic available-


Premium Email Traffic

It is the most sold package for T4M. All niches can take advantage of this traffic package to drive customers to their campaigns. More than 85% of the traffic is derived from top markets in the world such as USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


100% Top 5 Email Traffic

Only the Biz Opp and Make Money is suitable for this traffic type. The traffic is derived strictly from English speaking countries from USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The package also includes premium email lists for higher conversions.


Starter Traffic Packages

This package will be suitable for you if you are new to the world of online business or just signing up with T4M. You can start with a small budget and get instant traffic in 1 or 2 days. You will be able to select from 100% Top 5 Premium and Premium Email Traffic options.


Super Premium Email Traffic

T4M claims this list to be their best converting technique. You will get highest opt-in rates, re-orders, conversions from this high quality targeted traffic source. The list is also updated every week to give you only accurate leads.

There are only 25,000 clicks available weekly and order is registered on first come first serve basis.


Mobile Traffic via SMS

If you are using a mobile website or running a mobile campaign, this will be an ideal option. The traffic will be targeted with your niche and 100% from USA sources.

A text message will be sent directly containing the marketing content to qualified mobile numbers. Users can access the text and directly get directed on your landing page or website.


What makes Traffic for Me Stand Out from the Rest?

Like we have already said, there are tons of providers offering paid traffic service. But what makes us think that T4M is one of the leading providers?


Let’s check out the reasons so that you have a clear idea about their service.


100% Clean Traffic

T4M sells only clean traffic. But what does that mean?

Many paid traffic providers use fraudulent ways to deliver the traffic they promise. Ideally, traffic should come from consumers or audience who are humans and click on your ad or link. But technology has made it possible to replace humans by programming known as bots.


These bots can act just like human beings, access emails and click on ads and even input programmed information in opt-in forms. So you get traffic from a programmed bot and not a human- that means all you effort and money has gone to waste without even the bleakest possibility of conversion.


The traffic from T4M is only made up of humans who click and access your website- making their traffic 100% clean.


Hand Picked Leads

The email lists and leads are handpicked and evaluated thoroughly by T4M. There are no reuse of old email lists or contact information that has travelled through different marketers with their end-of life already attained!


High Intent Targeted Traffic

If a person is interested in home decoration products and you drive him to a car dealership website- you are not going the make any sale, are you?


T4M directs only relevant traffic to your website who are interested in buying your product. How is that possible you ask?


T4M evaluates your niche and the past preferences and buying history of each customer. If you are selling gardening product and somebody bought a land mower last month, they have high chances of buying related products.

Your campaign or ad has higher chances of conversion if the traffic is already interested in your niche.


Traffic for Me Pricing

T4M has different pricing policies based on the number of visitors or clicks you need. Each of the type of traffic package we discussed has a different pricing policy. Let’s take the example of Premium Email Traffic as it applies for all the business categories.


For 500 premium unique clicks, you have to shell out $345. You can go for 1,000 clicks which will cost you $675. The price increases as the number of clicks increase and the highest you can go is 10,000 clicks for $5,750.


The pricing of the other packages are also based on the number of clicks you require. The price per click comes down as the number of clicks increase. For example, 10,000 clicks under this package will cost you $0.58.


The Starter Traffic Package starts with $154 and gives you 200 premium unique clicks. You can also go for mobile traffic at $205 for 500 clicks.


Does it have an affiliate program of its own?

Great news! Traffic for me has just introduced an affiliate program of it’s own. They used to have something called a private reseller program, which was fairly exclusive. Now they have decided to open up their affiliate program to anyone that signs up.

The payout is 30% recurring. Which means you will earn commission every month for every referral that purchases a package.



Traffic for Me is an honest paid traffic provider who takes pride in delivering clean, high quality and targeted traffic to your website. You should have a proper landing page which helps you capture your customers or let’s them opt-in for your service.

We find that the prices for the traffic from Trafficforme tend to be rather high. If you want to pay for traffic, you might want to try Google Adwords for starters. It is much cheaper.

For this reason, Affiliates Corner gives it 2.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

All the best,


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8 thoughts on “Get High Quality Targeted Traffic with Traffic for Me”

  1. Christopher

    Hi Ed:

    Thank you for making me aware of the T4M service!

    I am relatively new to online marketing and am in the process of building my website through SEO.

    I have thought that I might use a service such as this sometime in the future.

    So when using T4M, is SEO ranking taken into consideration or does that just not matter? Also, when they send traffic to my site, is this traffic specifically targeted to my niche?

    Same with email. Do I just tell them that I want an email list that is targeted to my specific niche?

    1. Ed

      Thanks Christopher. SEO is not taken into consideration, as you would be paying for the traffic from T4M. You choose the market that best suits your niche, and T4M sends traffic related to that market. You can also ask for just strictly email list traffic from your chosen market. Hope this helps. Good luck with your site!

  2. dsproulx

    Thanks for showing me that there are still good email services out there and at an affordable price. My market is in health, do they have traffic for this niche? I will surely put them down for future traffic. It is nice to know that they have a affiliate program also. I will be checking in to this also.

    1. Ed

      Thanks for your input.They do have traffic in the health niche. Good luck with your site!

  3. Rameena abp

    Let’s put it simple: if you want to be successful online,

    you need targeted traffic, and the best way to drive targeted

    traffic to your pages is with good search engine rankings.

    However, if you want to generate traffic from the search

    engines, your pages must appear on the first results page

    for the keywords and phrases you target…

    1. Ed

      There is no substitute for free traffic if you can get to page 1.

  4. Cinderella

    Traffic for me looks like a great product and something that would be of interest to me, I have seen the 5 options of traffico including the premium one but also notice that Italy is not among the Countries listed.

    Do they only cater for England, Canada, USA and New Zealand? I live in Italy and I would love to hear from you regarding their Products being offered here in there a possibility? And if so when?

    Hope to hear from you Soon and great article.

    1. Ed

      The traffic that you buy would only come from those countries mentioned. I’m quite certain that you can purchase their products in Italy. Thanks for the comment.

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