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Peerfly – The Perfect CPA Affiliate Network For Beginners


If you are an established affiliate, you may have heard of Peerfly, the affiliate network with over 250,000 publisher accounts, over 1 billion clicks, and sales of $100+ million. If not and you are interested in becoming an affiliate, then keep reading.

In our informative Peerfly review, we will explore more about the company – when it was founded, who is the CEO and its mission. Also, you get to learn why becoming an affiliate at Peerfly is worthwhile.

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What is Peerfly?

This is an affiliate network that focuses on unique cost per action. With over 1 billion clicks and 8 million conversions, Peerfly has generated over $100 million in sales. Founded in 2009, Peerfly has grown to be an award-winning affiliate platform that has eliminated common problems such as risks and costs plaguing online advertising.

In its place, the company has channeled its services to thousands of affiliates around the world who get paid only when a measurable transaction occurs. For instance, a sale or conversion. The company is made up of 15 people. As a result, customers don’t have to pass through several levels of employees just to get the service they need.

Who is behind Peerfly?

The company was launched by Chad French in 2009. Currently, he holds the position of President and CEO. Thanks to his leadership, he has steered the company to great strides. Within a short period of time, the company has managed to achieve a lot.

For starters, they have over 250,000 publisher accounts with 75,000 active accounts in 165 countries. With over 2,000 advertisers and 8,000 total offers, Peerfly has managed to generate sales amounting to over $100 million.

As a result, Peerfly was recognized by mThink in 2015 as the #1 Affiliate Network. In 2016, the company was ranked as the second-best CPA network. If the company continues with this trend, by 2020 or 2030, it will be a formidable affiliate network with a long list of advertisers.

Apart from Chad French, other notable members of the company include Travis Glenn (Director of Business Development) and Luke Kling (Director of Marketing).


How do you get started with Peerfly?

Interested in working with Peerfly and earn income as an affiliate? To get started, click the sign-up button and provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Company name
  • Email and password
  • Phone and Address
  • City and Country
  • Select Messenger Service and include your messenger handle
  • Zip, Birth date and Gender


Before submitting the form, prove that you are not a robot.

In the marketing section, you must provide your experience with affiliate marketing. Remember to provide the correct information.

Next section is taxes and finally verification. You are required to verify your identity by uploading your ID. Also, the team at Peerfly may call you or send a code to verify your email and phone number.

Once you complete all the sections above, you can get started with Peerfly. Remember, its free to join. You can click the following link to get started.


What are Peerfly pay rates?

Unlike established affiliate networks which takes up a large percentage of the affiliate’s commission, Peerfly offers friendly rates. This is because the company is a small independent network which allows the maximizing of payouts. Also, the company guarantees they can match or pay more than established affiliate network.

All affiliates receive their earnings on a weekly basis. To confirm this, you can liaise with your Peerfly Affiliate manager. Since Peerfly accepts advertisers from around the world, they support multiple payments systems.

Supported payments systems include Bitcoin, PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, bank wire and postal check among others.

Remember, before making any money, you must be verified. This requirement is put in place to prevent fraud.


Pros and cons of Peerfly Affiliate Network



Clean interface

One thing that attracted me to Peerfly apart from the excellent services and high payouts is the clean interface. Not only is it easy to navigate but it is easy to understand.


Protects against fraud

To become an affiliate at Peerfly, you are required to verify your email, phone number, and identity. This protects your account against fraud.


A wide range of offers

As a one of a kind cost per action affiliate network, Peerfly offers a wide range of offers from different advertisers. Offers begin from classic CPA to high end offers.


Multiple payment systems

With established affiliate networks, you will find that they support major payment systems such as PayPal, major credit cards and bank transfer. Peerfly also supports Bitcoin which maximizes your payout since the transaction fees are very low.


Free training

As a new affiliate, Peerfly connects you with your new Affiliate manager. As such, you get access to free training and tools to help you increase your earnings and attract more visitors to your site.


Open to all publishers

Whether you reside in the US, Canada, UK or Europe, Peerfly is open to you. Joining the CPA affiliate network is free.




The application process is not easy

To become an affiliate at Peerfly, you must go through 4 steps. In each step, you need to provide accurate information. Also, you must verify your identity and phone number. This takes a few business days.


Beware of spammy offers

It is very easy to fall for spammy offers. If you want to maintain your online reputation, its best to avoid such offers.


Offers have many rules

As an affiliate at Peerfly, you will discover that you must adhere to several rules. Failure to do so may lead to the suspension of your account.


Conclusion, Is Peerfly worth it?

Peerfly is an award-winning CPA affiliate network that has managed to make over $100 million in sales. As a unique affiliate network, Peerfly has made it easier for affiliates to earn money and even receive a high payout. This is attributed to the dedicated team of 15 employees.

While Peerfly has several advantages, it has a few disadvantages. For instance, the sign-up process is long, offers have several rules and advertisers may require you to promote spammy offers.

Overall, Peerfly is a decent affiliate network that can help you become a better affiliate. I highly recommend this affiliate network to bloggers and affiliates.


All the best,


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