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Plexus Slim Weight Loss Review

Weight loss is a huge industry, worth almost $200 billion globally. Wouldn’t it be great to get a tiny slice of that money pie by working for yourself online? It’s possible to do this by becoming an affiliate for an extensive range of different companies, but today we’ll be looking at Plexus Weight Management and their MLM opportunity.

Plexus have caused quite a stir on the internet with their Pink Drink weight loss product that you may have already heard of – so it’s worth finding out if you can cash in on this semi-famous product’s popularity.

MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing and it’s basically a tiered model of affiliate marketing where you don’t just earn commission on sales, but you can also earn by referring other affiliates and getting small percentages of their sales too. We’ll discuss this a bit more later on!

What is Plexus?

Plexus Worldwide is a supplement company that mainly focuses on weight management and weight loss, but they also have supplement products in the gut health and personal care niches too.

Also known as the Pink Drink, the company’s most popular product is called Plexus Slim – this is a classic drinkable weight loss supplement that makes some very bold claims about its effectiveness.

Plexus claim that their products can cleanse the body and put it into a much healthier state, not just in terms of weight management but also with digestion and gut health. All of their products are non-GMO, free of animal products, and also gluten-free.

Supposedly, a lot of very advanced science has gone into the development of their supplement products, although of course every supplement company makes this kind of claim.

Plexus offers a very broad range of products, so if you want to see more details of them you should definitely check out their official website. Essentially, they fall into four distinct categories: Weight management, personal care, skincare, and nutrition.

Product prices range from about $30 all the way up to $100, and there are also combo deals available to boost overall order values, which is a good thing if you’re an MLM affiliate!

How do you make money with Plexus?

As we have already mentioned, an opportunity exists for making money as an affiliate for Plexus, in fact, they call their affiliates ‘ambassadors.’ This works in an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) structure, meaning that you will be taking part in a complex tiered structure of affiliates with commissions available at different levels of the structure. Sounds good, at least in theory, right?

Most companies that use MLM structures to generate revenue use very complicated, difficult to understand structuring, and Plexus is not an exception to this rule!

There are actually a staggering ELEVEN ways to get paid as a Plexus ambassador. The easiest to understand way is the regular retail commissions, which Plexus call Retail Rewards. This is essentially a 25% commission on retail sales that you generate through your own site, as well as any products that you buy for yourself – in other words a 25% discount on your own purchases.

Moving onto a different tier level, you can then earn 5% commission on retail sales that are generated by another ambassador that you refer into the scheme. So if you recruit a friend as an ambassador, they will earn 25% on their own sales, and you will earn 5% of their sales as well.

Then there is something called the Preferred Customer Bonus. This is an extra bonus on top of regular commissions when you manage to acquire a customer that signs up for a monthly subscription deal. You can earn anything between $4 and $22 as an extra bonus, depending on what subscription the customer signs up for.

The MLM structure also has a ranking system that you can work your way up as you earn. When you achieve a rank, you’ll be able to enjoy a special One-time Achievement Bonus, which ranges between $100 and $750, depending on which rank you achieve. Each time you level up to the next rank, you’ll earn a higher One-time Achievement Bonus.

Plexus also offer you something called a Fast Start Bonus, which is worth $100. You can earn this by hitting the ground running and recruiting three other ambassadors in your first 30 days. If you’re super fast and manage to do it in just two weeks, you’ll also double this bonus and get $200!

Moving on to the Business Building Bonus. This is an extra bonus you can earn when one of your own recruited ambassadors purchases the welcome pack. For this you’ll get $25, but you can also earn decreasing amounts as well, up to 4 levels deep. For example, you’ll earn $12.50 if your recruit recruits someone else and that person buys the welcome pack. At the third level you’ll earn $7.50 and at the fourth, $5.

On a monthly basis, you’ll also earn Plexus Points based on the welcome packs purchased by your recruits up to 4 levels deep. These Plexus Points also go towards another earnable bonus.

There are also three special pools, called Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond, in ascending order of importance. These pools have access to 3%, 1% and 1% respectively of 50% of the company’s revenue, and if you gain the elite status needed by performing well, you can get access to these extra commission pools. These are worth a lot!

Finally, if you really reach the top of the pack, you’ll have access to something called the Diamond Re-entry Position. This basically enables you to create a second account that is one level below your existing one, allowing you to multiply all the commissions you have on the whole tree. The double leverage allowed by having this position allows you to earn some crazy cash, but it’s really very difficult to achieve.

In case that wasn’t enough, Plexus also offer additional bonuses such as the Plexus Car Program, which allows you to achieve monthly payments towards a car. This is available to those who have achieved Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond status.

How do you become an ambassador?

Becoming a Plexus ambassador is pretty straightforward, you just need to fill in the form on their website, purchase an optional welcome pack and sign up for a product subscription. The product subscription is a little inconvenient if you are not interested in the products themselves, but you can cancel this more or less straight after you sign up, so the inconvenience is not so bad after all.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that being an ambassador will cost you $39.95 per year as a membership fee. There are two welcome packs available for $99 and $199, and these enable you to sell discounted products that you would otherwise not be able to without the welcome pack.

When you become an ambassador you will be given your own replicated website as part of the membership. This means that you will have a website where you can sell the products and earn commissions, all ready to go without requiring any effort or investment into things like web design and hosting. It’s a great help to have this as it enables you to get going right away. In addition, if someone comes to your website and ends up signing up as an ambassador, they will become part of your ‘down-line’ for commissions too.

Some people may be put off by the $39.95 annual membership fee, but this is actually quite reasonable for an MLM company. Many other schemes cost up to $100 a year to be a part of.

Is it worth becoming a Plexus ambassador?

Plexus MLM does have its fair share of positive points. As well as being relatively affordable to join and the fact that you get your own sales website already set up for you, the company itself is also fairly reputable from an MLM point of view. It has a great review score from employees and ambassadors, and the company has been trading for over a decade. Any fears that it might be a scam are allayed by this.

With that being said, there are some very obvious downsides to becoming a Plexus ambassador. Firstly, according to Plexus’ own data, which it is honest of them to publish, over 80% of ambassadors make less than $300 a year. Less than 1% make more than $20,000 – meaning that it must be extremely difficult to make a full-time income out of doing this.

Plexus also has a large number of complaints and negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau, from the customer side. This means that a large number of customers are not satisfied with the products they have bought. This is not a very good sign if you want to be a successful ambassador for a brand!

Closing Thoughts

Plexus is not a scam, but just like every other MLM there is something a bit shady about it. It’s also a highly inefficient way to make money online, especially when compared to conventional affiliate marketing. It just seems too difficult to achieve solid income, and customers are not happy with the product either. We’d suggest you look elsewhere for opportunity, such as affiliate marketing.

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