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Being an affiliate marketer can be a challenging task when looking for an affiliate program. You look for a program that is reliable and gives your payment on time. Here we will talk about one of the leading affiliate programs, Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate Program and everything you need to know from the registration process to the payment.


What is Rakuten Linkshare?


Linkshare.com is the largest affiliate service provider, it was founded in 1996 by Stephen Messer and Heidi Messer with its headquarters in New York. Post its acquisition in 2005; it was renamed to Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate Program.

It has been voted at the Number 1 affiliate program for six consecutive years and is known for their high-end service, reliable technology and superior quality. It is an opportunity for both publishers and advertisers to expand and increase the profitability of their business. Some of their brands include Walmart, Macy’s and Viator.


How does it work?


You can join Rakuten Linkshare as a publisher or an advertiser. Advertiser account is for people who want to promote their business online and increase their reach. Publisher account is for people who want to generate income for themselves by marketing products of different companies.




Before creating your user account, you require to have certain items. These items are important for you to become successful in the affiliate program. Below are the items:


  • A good quality high traffic generating website for you to promote products.
  • Immense amount of reliable original content on the website.


Once you have these things in place you can start your journey of joining the Rakuten Linkshare affiliate program.


Setting up a Publisher Account


You need to take several minutes to set up your publisher account. Remember to fill out all the details very carefully. While setting up your account, you are asked for your preferred payment mode. Depending on your location, you are given various choices of payment method.

All Us publishers, by default, are payed their first commission by cheque. Once the cheque is cashed, then you are eligible for direct deposit. In certain countries there is also an option to receive commission via PayPal.


Joining an Advertiser Program


Once your account has been approved you can start your search and join various advertisers. You can find and select advertisers through these ways:


  • You can search for specific advertisers by typing the name in the search tab.
  • You can filter and refine your search advertisers according to your preferred geographic location.
  • You can go to publisher dashboard and go to programs tab. There you can search for new advertisers who have become a part of the affiliated program recently. Or you can browse through various categories. There are several categories available and you can choose the one that best suits you and your website

Publishers help center option is also available where you can choose between options like advertisers who pay on gift cards or advertisers who approve your request.


You can further filter your search by clicking the filter button and giving your specific choice. Once you have decided on one or multiple advertisers you have to just apply.


It takes about 1-2 days for advertisers to approve your request. Once your request has been approved you will receive an e-mail regarding the same. If you are not selected then you will receive an e-mail stating the reason for the same.


Getting Affiliate Links


Once you have been approved, the next step is to link your website to these products. You have to go to “links” and see the links that the advertisers offer. The links that can be seen are:


  • Text/Email
  • Search Box
  • Dynamic Rich Media
  • Banners/Images
  • Individual Products


Advertisers may not offer all the links but the most common ones are text and banners. Once you click on the link then you can choose from the categories that are available. You can also get codes in the links and for that you will require HTML editor on your website.


You also have the option of creating your own links using “deep linking.” Deep linking is a technique where the link is directed to a specific product page within the advertiser’s home page. This increases the chance of sales as the customer is directed to the product page. However, not all advertisers agree to deep linking.


After you have decided on everything, now you are ready to publish content on our website and generate income.


Getting Paid on Linkshare


You can choose your preferred payment option as it has been discussed previously. You also have to choose a payment threshold when registering. It means that your earning should reach the minimum threshold for you to receive payment from Linkshare.

Rakuten Linkshare issues invoice on your behalf to the advertisers. Once the invoice has been generated and sent, it requires advertisers to close and make the payment at the end of the calendar month.

For example, for commissions generate at the end of august will be invoiced in early September. It will be authorized by the advertiser at the end of September and payment due by end November.

Once your payment threshold has been reached, then the payment will be made to you the following week of Rakuten Linkshare receiving the payment.


You can check the advertiser’s payment history in the publisher’s dashboard. This gives you information on the report and things relating to the payment. You can even send an enquiry to the advertiser regarding the payment system.




If you are someone who loves posting on your website and generate enough traffic then you can earn income by being a part of the Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate Program.

You get an advantage of being associated with some of the top brands in the world and posting content about them on your website. This will not only increase traffic on your website but it also becomes a permanent source of income which you earn by sitting anywhere in the world.


By being associated with Rakuten Linkshare, you can take the advantage of its reliable technology, great quality, outstanding service and wide reach. You can create a successful and profitable online business by being associated with Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate Program. So, wait no more and start today!

All the best,


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8 thoughts on “Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate Network”

  1. Steve

    Hi there,
    I’ve read your article about Rakuten here, I’m wondering if you have any experience with Skimlinks or Viglink affiliation programs? They look a fair bit more automated than Rakuten in that with Rakuten you need to manage your affiliate links yourself by the looks of it?

    Do you have any advice you can give in relation to Skimlinks or Viglink?

    Thanks for the great article, hope to hear from you soon,

    1. Ed

      Thanks Steve. It’s funny you mentioned Skimlinks. I am currently researching them for an upcoming post. I am very impressed from what I have seen so far. As far as Viglink goes, I have not done any research on them at this time, but it sounds like a great idea for another post.  Stay tuned. 

  2. Ann

    Hi there thanks for the interesting information about Rakuten. I had heard of them but didn’t know that had an affiliate programme. You mention that you need good quality high traffic, but is there a specific monthly traffic level that require? You also mention you need an immense amount of reliable original content. Can you quantify that in terms of the number of posts required?

    1. Ed

      Rakuten does not give any specific numbers required in order to be accepted, but you should have a good, consistent amount of traffic before applying. Just keep producing original content on a consistent basis. If you do this, your traffic will steadily increase as well. Hope this helps.

  3. Madeleine

    Thanks for the information. I did not know about this linkshare program but will definitely check them out. I am presently hooked up with sharesale, CJ, Viglink and flexoffer. Does Rakuten Linkshare have a strict policy regarding traffic to a website. I am presently struggling with this and have been refused by some link share networks for not having enough traffic. I guess that is a common problem with new websites. What’s your experience with this?

    1. Ed

      Thanks Madeleine. Rakuten does not approve a website if it doesn’t have a lot of steady traffic. My best advice is for you to stick with the networks that you have, and once you have a decent amount of traffic, you can apply to Rakuten. There are a lot of obstacles in the beginning for new websites. As long as you keep adding fresh content, it will get better. Good luck!

  4. Neil

    I’ve tried various affiliate networks in the past – ShareASale, CJ (Commission Junction), and even the Amazon Associates program. And all 3 can be hugely profitable too! 🙂

    However, I’ve not had the pleasure of using Rakuten yet, but I’ve heard many great things about the platform. So that’s definitely the next one on my list to take for a spin when it comes to my affiliate promotions.

    With affiliate marketing becoming highly competitive and folks wanting more value these days, I think it’s only fair that the Rakuten Linkshare program only grants affiliate access to those who are willing to work hard at delivering real value to their audience.

    I also think if Rakunten was to accept affiliates without established websites beforehand, the web would explode with SPAM which would reflect badly on Rakuten itself and and also the hard working affiliates.

    I do like the idea of choosing your own payment threshold which gives you more control. Tell me, is PayPal an option for getting paid?

    Cheers, Neil

    1. Ed

      Thanks Neil. Rakuten does have a PayPal option for affiliates. I hope you have great success!

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