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Looking for an auction site to buy or sell your website, domain name or app?

Selling or buying a website, or app for the first time is overwhelming. For starters, sellers are afraid no one will buy their site. If you are a buyer, you are afraid that someone may scam you. On Flippa, you can buy and sell websites with ease.

With a global network of buyers and sellers, over 2 million transactions have been made on Flippa. Not only that. The platform has a user-friendly interface and the lowest fees for sellers.

Want to know more about Flippa?

In this post, we review Flippa, its services, pros, cons and its benefits to website owners and affiliates.

What Is Flippa?

Flippa is an online marketplace where buyers can buy websites, apps and domain names. Simply put, it’s a platform that simplifies the buying and selling of websites, and apps. Founded in 2009, Flippa has over 120,000 registered buyers.

Headquartered in Australia, the company has a presence in 4 other global locations. As such, it has facilitated the sale of more than 250,000 businesses worldwide. Apart from websites and apps, buyers can buy domains and more.

Flippa has brokers who can help sellers manage their sales. Also, sellers can connect their operational data to merchandise their business.

Flippa Services

Apart from buying and selling websites, the followings are the services you can find at Flippa.

Flippa Finder

This feature simplifies the process of buying for first-time buyers. As a useful tool, it’s designed to take the confusion out of the buying process. Want to know how it works? It begins with the search.

The team at Flippa will search for websites, and apps matching your criteria. If any matches are found, the team will approach the sellers. They will assess the apps or websites to find out if they fit your criteria. If they do not, the team will offer new opportunities.

If a business fits your criteria, the team will verify the business. Simply put, they will evaluate the business and afterward, uncover opportunities for growth. Also, they will uncover a unique selling proposition.

To get you the best deal, the team will negotiate with the seller. During this process, they will prepare a data room and negotiate on your behalf. What you need to know is that Flippa Finder is available at $50 per month. Also, the company charges a 2.5% acquisition fee.

Find a Broker

As said earlier, it can be overwhelming for first-time buyers to buy a new business. This is also true for first time sellers. To “take the stress out of selling,” Flippa offers the Find a Broker service. This service allows you to access its network of brokers.

Once you connect with a broker, he or she will help to sell your business. Simply put, he or she will manage your sale. Here is how the service works? Sign up to Flippa, select Find a Broker from Services on the menu bar.

A list of brokers will appear. Take your time to check the description of each broker. For instance, if you are planning on selling an e-commerce site, find a broker experienced with e-commerce sites. What you ought to know is that some of the brokers sell high-value web companies whiles others don’t.

Remember, research a broker before listing with them.

Financing Solutions

Buying a small business is not easy. To own a business, you need capital. A lot of entrepreneurs do not have capital. Did you know that more than 80% of entrepreneurs are declined by their local banks for financing? To help such buyers fulfill their dreams, Flippa offers small business financing. This is a solution that enables buyers to acquire small business smoothly and quickly.

For a buyer to qualify for a small business loan (SBA loan), they must have a credit score of 690 or above. Wondering how Flippa evaluates buyers? Well, buyers have to take an online assessment. This allows the team at Flippa to know the right financing options that meet the buyer’s needs.

The team at Flippa will review available options. After a free consultation with a financial expert, you will receive financing to buy your business. Also, the financial experts will guide you to grow your business.


Who is Flippa for?

Flippa is for entrepreneurs looking to buy a website, app or domain name. It is also suited for sellers or developers selling their websites, apps and domain names. Over the past decade, sellers have made a lot of money at Flippa. Buyers too have bought websites and blogs which have turned into successful businesses.

A lot of people get surprised when they learn that you can buy and sell domain names on Flippa. Well, they have a huge list of domain names you can use for your business.

How Can Affiliates, Website Owners and Prospective Website Owners Benefit from Flippa?

If you were to Google “Flippa Review,” you will find lots of negative reviews. Some of the reviews point out that Flippa sells bogus websites and apps. Others claim that most websites do not make money as advertised. From our research, we have discovered that there are great deals at Flippa.

As such, the marketplace is beneficial to website owners, affiliates and prospective website owners. Want to know how?

Keep reading!

For Website Owners

People have been flipping things for profit for a long time. In fact, trading can be traced back to our early ancestors who began trading food, loincloth, and tools. Today, websites owners can trade websites and blogs making a profit from each sale.

As the #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites, Flippa has a huge network of buyers and sellers. Not only that. It offers great auction tools to help website owners buy or sell their websites.

For instance, a website owner wants to sell his e-commerce site. He lists the website on Flippa. Thanks to the high organic traffic it has, the site attracts several bids. After Flippa deducts the acquisition fee, the website owners make a tidy sum as profit.

For Affiliates 

Affiliates are entrepreneurs and they can buy or even sell websites on Flippa. Let’s assume an affiliate has been running a blog for 10 years. He decides to venture into another business. Selling the blog is the best decision.

He goes ahead to list the blog on Flippa. Since the blog has a high-value domain name and it’s from a highly targeted niche, it attracts several bids. If the sale is successful, the affiliate makes a profit.

Apart from selling blogs, affiliates can join Flippa’s referral program. By referring clients to Flippa, affiliates can make up to $25,000. Also, Flippa will pay up to:

  • 7.5% on sales of less than $100,000
  • 10% on sales between $100,000 to $1 M
  • 15% on sales over $1M

With Flippa, there are no limits to the commission an affiliate can earn. Also, they can take advantage of the 90-day cookie and dedicated account manager.

For Prospective Website Owners 

Flippa is a gold mine for prospective website owners. For starters, there are more than 3000 listings. You can find e-commerce sites, apps, and business websites. Apart from the above, you also have domain names.

This is perfect for prospective website owners finding it difficult to come up with a powerful domain name. Last, Flippa offers financing solutions to entrepreneurs. The small business loan enables entrepreneurs to buy an app or website.

Flippa Pros and Cons


  • Completed over 2,000,000 transactions
  • Easy to use
  • Uses an escrow system
  • Solid reputation with entrepreneurs and developers
  • Can help entrepreneurs’ access small business loans
  • Has a great messaging system
  • Connects you with brokers


  • No live chat. Ticket based support only
  • Negative online reviews on bogus websites and apps on Flippa

Is Flippa Worth it?

Building a simple website or blog costs a few bucks. But, an e-commerce site or app costs a lot of money to develop. It even costs more to attract visitors to your site. In fact, it can take more than 6 months to attract over 10,000 monthly visitors.

Buying an existing websites costs more but it does have significant advantages. For starters, it has an established audience. Second, its already indexed by search engines. Last, the site is making money.

As a marketplace, Flippa can help you find and buy a valuable website or app. They have over 3,000+ websites, businesses, and apps. You can buy an e-commerce site or a business website. Also, you can buy a domain name for your new business.

They do offer financing solutions to entrepreneurs. In fact, Flippa financial experts can guide entrepreneurs to select the best options. Thanks to their escrow service, you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. So, is Flippa worth it?

Yes, it is. We recommend it to affiliates, website owners and prospective website owners.

All the best,


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