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Skimkinks Review



Are you looking to make money and increase your profits online?


Then you should consider a visit to Skimlinks. This content monetisation platform gives a chance to online publishers to improve their services. It is especially helpful for publishers who deal with in-text and contextual advertising like editorial sites, social networks, forums, bloggers and so on.



Launched in London, Skimlinks has never looked back since its inception in 2007. The brainchild of two Australians, Alicia Navarro and Joe Stepniewski, it has managed to become popular worldwide among publishers who want to maximise their time and effort. Skimlinks is a member of Tech City UK’s Future Fifty Programme which has helped it grow exponentially in the last few years.


What does Skimlinks offer?

The website has established a vast networking system. Its association with affiliate sites like Commission Junction and Linkshare has helped Skimlinks develop more than 24,000 merchant programs for new publishers who want to join.


If you want to be a part of the Skimlinks community, you have to apply. If the application is approved, you will receive a custom Javascript snippet that needs to be installed. Almost 1.5 million domains across the globe use Skimlinks to increase their profits. Media giants like Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, WordPress and Mail Online also feature on their client list.


Skimlinks affiliates existing unaffiliated links with the help of tracking tags. It can be used in association with other products like SkimWords, Skimlinks Editor, The Showcases and Audiences by Skimlinks in order to get the most out of it.


Why choose Skimlinks?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Skimlinks when looking for a content monetisation site.


1. Get better access:

The site will allow you to get in touch with more merchants and hence get better rates for your work. The approval process is such that you will be able to access all the Skimlinks merchant programs from the moment you join. The site can negotiate exclusive commission rates from its Preferred Partners so that you get the best deals in the market!


2. Useful solutions:

The site offers a variety of products and tools that will help you increase your revenues. You will be able to affiliate links automatically, access product feeds, monetise social media link and even track how your content performs. The site will gather all the data and give you insights that will help you create better content and increase your earning potential.


3. Looking out for your best interest:

At Skimlinks, they value their clients above everything else. Once you become a part of the group, you will develop a great relationship with their team because they will always try to do what is best for you.


4. Stay updated:

The technology used by Skimlinks is always kept up to date. Their innovative solutions have won the hearts of hundreds of online publishers. Their cloud service is ultra-fast and very responsive.


Great Features

Skimlinks has some amazing features that you should be aware of.


1. Make your content more appealing:

When it comes to creating commerce-related content, Skimlinks does a great job. They have effective content monetization strategies for publishers who want to write content that will appeal to their readers. The expansion of the virtual world and e-commerce has given rise to the popularity of commerce-related-content. Customers are much more aware now and want to do their research before investing in anything. Publishers are trying to provide them with good content to be reviewed.


2. Use publisher insights to improve your business:


Skimlinks want to make your work as easy as possible. It creates detailed reports based on the data you provide about the performance of your commerce-related content. It can keep a record of revenue generation so that you will be able to identify what kind of posts are most attractive to visitors. You can capitalise on that and create more profitable content.



Knowing what your readers are riveted by will help you give them what they want when they visit your site. The click and conversion charts available on Skimlinks will help you eliminate the content that is not working for you. Once your editorial team has all the facts, they can create more relevant content.


3. Monetize your content:

If you need an incentive to join Skimlinks, then remember that it will help you make money much faster than traditional affiliate websites. You will get instant access to more than 24,000 merchant affiliate programs which will automatically increase your chances of scoring a good deal. Since there will be no added trouble of network sign-ups and approvals, you will be able to save a lot of time and effort. You will be able to transform any normal product with the help of an affiliate link.


Skimlinks works hard to ensure that they only get the top tier rates when hiring merchants so you can get exclusive top tier commissions to work with. It does not matter what kind of a product you want to sell or what kind of content you want to create; they take everybody into consideration. If you think that you will not get great deals because you are in a niche field, then you are wrong because Skimlinks is very considerate.


You will be able to find and compare different merchants based on their category, popularity and status. The handy browser extension will make it much easier for you to browse through the options available.


4. Monetize your audience data:

The publishers who join Skimlinks get to be a part of the Skimlinks audiences co-operative. As a result, they get access to more extensive data that analyse consumer behaviour. These insights can help publishers understand how the audience’s shopping intent behaviour changes over time and create content accordingly.


In fact, Skimlinks is the very first platform in the world which allows all its publishers to contribute to the Audience segments. The moment you become a member of their publisher network, you will be able to use the audience services without any delay.


Skimlinks offers audience insights that will help you reformulate your content strategies completely so that there is a rise in both readership and revenues.


5. Get the most out of advertisements:

Skimlinks allows you to boost your display revenues so that more and more people come across your site and its content. Their data will help increase your income through premium ad sales. Being able to sell ads faster can give you a lot of profit. You can simply establish a connection between your ad sales team and the merchant so that the prospecting campaigns are more informed and well thought-out.


Referral Program:

Skimlinks has a referral program that makes it one of the best affiliate websites to work with. According to their regulations, you will be able to earn a profit if you agree to promote the site. In fact, if you manage to bring in a lot of publishers with the help of your reference, you will be entitled to 35% of what the site earns in dealing with each of them. That can amount to a hefty amount if you do your job well.


You can begin by informing your friends and family who are interested in this business to become a part of the Skimlinks community. Once you make a refer someone to the website, they will vet him or her before approving the membership. Once that process is complete, Skimlinks will give you 35% of the commission that it gets while working with the publisher in the first year. The commission will be added to your account automatically.


One of the main advantages of using the Skimlinks referral program is that there is no upper limit to the number of publishers that you can refer. You can invite as many publishers as you want, and wait for the site to approve them. If you are someone with a very big social circle, then you can send a common invitation via social media, email, links or banner ads. By all accounts, the Skimlinks referral program is a good one to join.

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