4 thoughts on “Skimkinks Review”

  1. Clancy

    Skimlinks sounds very interesting to me. Does this mean all you have to do is place a link from any product page and it will automatically sort the affiliate link for you? If that is the case I will be signing up. Thank you for your post I will check out skimlinks website.

    1. Ed

      Thanks Clancy. Skimlinks converts all of your product links into affiliate links, thus generating more revenue. Hope this helps.

  2. Tony

    Thanks for an informative post.
    This certainly looks like an easy way to develop your affiliate links. Does it automatically add the links for you based on products you recommend or do you still need to go and find the advertisers banners, links, etc and manually place these ?
    Will drop by and have a look sometime.

    1. Ed

      Thanks Tony. Skimlinks converts all of your product links into affiliate links.

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