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The Best Buy Affiliate Program


For companies looking to advertise, promote and sell their products online, the possibilities are endless – they can potentially reach out to millions of customers.


The question though is, how do they do it?


With affiliate marketing, online advertising strategies like CPM, CTR, and CPA are becoming more popular.


Enter Best Buy.


Best Buy, a trusted name in the world of affiliate marketing, offers you the opportunity as a publisher to earn up to 6% commission each time the publisher site or app drives consumers.


Interested in becoming an affiliate marketer of Best Buy? Let’s have a review of how Best Buy affiliate marketing can help you get more from becoming an affiliate marketer.


An overview of affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing consists of three parties – advertiser, publisher, and consumer. In a nutshell, the advertiser publishes the advertisement through the publisher and pay only if the consumer buys the product or service.


Not to mention, affiliate marketing promotes a healthy and low-risk marketing relationship between the advertiser and publisher.


Online affiliate marketing uses cookies of a web browser to track the visitors, their marketing trends, and more.


It is later used for market or business analysis purpose. Among the different web cookies used in the market, affiliate marketing uses the first-party cookie.


Best Buy Affiliate Program: At a glance


Average Commission Rate: Depends on the product. It may vary from 0% to $10 bounty. For details, you can check the Best Buy website.


Cookie Length: 3 days


Affiliate Program: LinkShare (3rd Party)


Payout Threshold: Threshold limit is $50 payment for ACH and check payouts


Reasons for joining Best Buy Affiliate program


Best Buy is one of the most recognized and vast electronics retailers across the world, catering to millions of consumers daily.


You don’t have to worry about brand loyalty and recognition here, which means that the chances of generating higher commission are high through Best Buy’s program.


Moreover, they are focused on continuous improvement and innovation on their overall strategy.


One more important reason to join Best Buy affiliate program is their transparent and innovative way of communicating and circulating important affiliate marketing related details to the publishers. We have seen affiliates complaining about reduced or misplaced earnings ok several of our other affiliate reviews but that’s not the case with Best Buy. You are in complete control of your marketing efforts and the results.


Once you join their program as a publisher, you will receive weekly newsletters and emails through LinkShare. Best Buy encourages the promotional selling of products through different offers.


The payments are easy and overall, it’s an experiment you would like.


How do you join the Best Buy affiliate program?


Joining Best Buy is free and through LinkShare. You need to follow below mentioned steps to join Best Buy as an affiliate marketer.

1. Fill out the LinkShare form and submit it.

2. Send an email to as a subject “Affiliate Program Sign-up”.

3. You will receive an offer within three working days.

4. Use publisher Dashboard to start with Best Buy specific offer under “Affiliate Network Programs.”


Requirements for an affiliate marketer and Best Buy Support


In one word – ‘Marketing skill.’


As an affiliate marketer, you must use some tools banners, links, and product catalog to promote the products. Best Buy has a wide variety of these tools to help the affiliate marketers.


You do need to invest in on all the standard affiliate marketing stuff – which includes a great blog with informational content, which you could use to sell Best Buy products.


Best Buy works in an organized and safe way.


• As we have mentioned, you will receive the weekly newsletter as well sales related emails from LinkShare frequently. These e-mails will help you with more information to kick-start your promotion on Best Buy.

Also, it will guide you to the more specified direction so that you can start earning money fast.

Along with that, they will provide tips, promotions, and selected products that which they want you to help promote.

• The payment system is on a monthly basis. You will receive your first commission within 60 days of your first sale. Moreover, you will get a cheque or electronic transfer on your total earned commission at no minimum rate.

However, payment may vary due to cancellations, returns, and removal of fraudulent orders from publisher end.

• Publishers can view near real-time reporting on order from LinkShare.

• Best Buy checks for missing orders in a periodic manner.


Drive in traffic to your website or business. Start your affiliate marketing journey with the right affiliate marketing partner and turn your relationships into conversions.

All the best,


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