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If you have a website up, we could bet that it’s probably on Godaddy.


Go Daddy is one of the most famous companies for domain and web hosting, and is used by millions of users worldwide. People love it for their flexible plans, great customer support and the ability to choose from different platforms like WordPress and Joomla. Add to it a really friendly control panel and you know it’s a winner.


While popular for several reasons, the company also has an affiliate program of their own that allows anyone to become an affiliate of theirs and earn.


GoDaddy’s affiliate program offers its affiliate huge sums of money with the commission rates as high as 100% on most of the products. The program is quite popular amongst website owners. So much so, that it won a Commission Junction award in the year 2013. If you’re planning to become a part of the GoDaddy affiliate program, here’s everything you need to know about it.


How to apply to become a GoDaddy affiliate


The process to become a GoDaddy affiliate is similar to that of many affiliate programs. The first step is to have either a commission junction or zanox account. After getting an account, you can apply to be a GoDaddy affiliate. The company then reviews your site and approves you as an affiliate after which you can start using their links on your site to earn commissions.


The marketing model of the GoDaddy affiliate program is similar to that of many affiliate programs and thus, quite simple to understand. You can become an affiliate free of charge and reap benefits of it for as long as you want.


How does the affiliate program work?


Here are the steps to how does the GoDaddy affiliate program work and helps you start earning money.


Become an affiliate

The step to becoming an affiliate of the GoDaddy affiliate program is through any of its partner affiliate networks. Commission Junction is one of the most popular partner affiliate networks but you can also make use of Zanox, vigilinks, and Trade Doubler.


Display links on your website

After you’ve become an affiliate, you can display the links and banners provided the GoDaddy site on your website to draw in the users. GoDaddy gets quite exclusive about their deals and comes up with new stuff every now and then. This makes the links a lot more dynamic and brings in new customers all the time.


Your visitors clicks on the ad

After your visitors click on the GoDaddy ad, they’d be taken to their website. Over there, if they choose to look around or buy any product from the company, you’d be eligible for a commission.


You earn commission

The amount of commission one earns through the GoDaddy affiliate program depends on the amount of sale they bring in. GoDaddy offers as much as 100% commission on almost all of its products and services. The introduction of exclusive deals brings in more customers, which only results in more commission for you.


Payment system

GoDaddy has set a minimum amount one has to earn before it starts paying its affiliates. This is to make sure that the affiliate is earning the amount they’d promised on their website. The earnings can be received by the affiliate through direct deposit or a cheque. However, the earnings you get through this affiliate program do have taxes deducted out of them. You must fill in necessary details if you want to save tax on this one.


GoDaddy doesn’t charge any of its affiliates to sign up to their program but since it involves its partner networks, there might a fee involved. Always go through the term and conditions put up by commission junction, trade doubler, etc. to make sure there’s no hidden fee for signing up to become an affiliate.


Are you eligible to become an affiliate?

Anybody with a website is eligible to become an affiliate of the GoDaddy affiliate program subject to approval. However, your website must not mislead people, promote illegal activities, or showcase any kind of objectionable material to the audience in order to be eligible. Things like profanity, racism, or hatred on the website will be not considered by GoDaddy for potential affiliates.


Since GoDaddy involves one to join through an affiliate network, you must go through their terms and conditions as well to check your eligibility for the program.


Best ways to earn money through this program


There are several ways in which one can earn money through the GoDaddy affiliate program. Some of them are listed below:


GoDaddy domains: GoDaddy domains are the most popular product of the company, promoting the same can earn you a lot. For example, reference to the registration of a new domain, sales on renewal of existing domains can earn you a lot of sales and thereby, commission.


GoDaddy Website Hosting: Another popular product by the company is its website hosting. People usually buy website hosting for an entire year using some kind of a coupon code. Hence, the commission rates for website hosting keeps changing and is done on a monthly basis.


Coupon Codes: GoDaddy offers numerous sales and coupon codes on its sites to promote its product. Therefore, one can earn a lot of commission by displaying the GoDaddy coupon codes on their website as well. For example, a year’s worth of website hosting in half the price.


Final thoughts


Apart from being a leading company in the field of domains and website hosting, GoDaddy has certainly made its presence felt in the affiliate network also. With several offers, commission on every sale, and rates as high as 100%, the program is designed to cater to its affiliate’s needs at all times.

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