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The Hirewriters Review – Affordable Content

the review


Let’s face it. Building a website today is very easy. There are hundreds of content management systems which you can use to get your website up and running in no time. Take WordPress for instance. You have the self-hosted option and the hosted option (

WordPress offers thousands of free themes and plugins meaning you can set up your website in less than a day. The main challenge is filling your website with informative, relevant, entertaining and evergreen content that your target audience would love.

Finding a freelance writer who can provide you with awesome content for your website is not easy. For starters, you have to interview candidates which means taking a look at their resume, cover letter, and portfolio. This is a lot of work and your competitors are way ahead of you.

To catch up, you need the services of a content writing marketplace. This is where HireWriters comes in.the review

Want to know more about HireWriters – features, products on offer, affiliate program and more?

Keep reading the review.

What is HireWriters?

Founded in 2012 as an article marketplace, HireWriters is a platform that connects businesses and independent bloggers with professional freelance writers. The whole idea behind HireWriters is to provide a platform for businesses looking for unique content in any niche.

A company called Moniker Online Services LLC runs HireWriters and offers these services:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Blog posting
  • Copywriting
  • Rewriting/proofreading
  • Product listings or reviews
  • Email swipes
  • Data entry work
  • Ebooks
  • Social media posts
  • Transcription
  • Proofreading
  • Poetry and more.

How Does HireWriters Work for the Client?

To sign up as a client, you can do so here. Simply click on register, select “I am a client” and fill in the details. On your first deposit, you will get a signup bonus. This helps you get more value for your money.

To create your first project, click on “Get Content Now” and fill in the content request submission form.

  • Product description
  • Article category
  • Article length
  • Language
  • Writers Time Limit
  • Writer skills level
  • Article project particulars
  • Special instructions

Once you have added the keywords and special instructions, the order page will display the final cost. The project cost depends on:

  • Number of words/Article length
  • Writer skill level
  • Article quantity

New projects get picked up immediately and depending on the project time, the writer will deliver as instructed. On delivery, the client will receive an email. Once the client receives the article, he or she has three days to review. During this period, the client can send the article for edits as many times as he or she wants.

HireWriters has an internal messaging system which allows the client to communicate instructions to the writer. This is a great option as it helps clients to develop a relationship with writers.

What you need to know is that HireWriters does not allow clients or writers to share their contact information. Also, all articles get passed through Copyscape to ensure they are not plagiarized.

How Does HireWriters Work for Writers?

To get started as a writer on HireWriters, you must register. Simply click on “Register” then select “I am a Writer.” What you ought to know is that HireWriters accepts native English speakers from:

  • US
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand

The writer must fill in their details – name, email, and password. Afterward, the registration form will redirect the writer to the next page for a grammar test. The grammar test consists of basic grammar questions and its 5 minutes long.

If the writer passes the grammar test, he or she has to submit a 200-word essay on a certain topic. Once you submit the essay, the team at HireWriters will review the results of the grammar test and essay.

If the writer gets accepted, they will immediately start applying for gigs. There are four skill levels:

  • Beginner – every writer starts here
  • General – a writer needs 3 reviews with 4 stars or higher and 7# on time percent
  • Skilled – writer needs 8 reviews with 4.2 stars or higher and 82% on-time percent
  • Expert– a writer needs 15 reviews with 4.6 stars or higher and 90% on-time percent

To keep moving up the ranks, the writer must commit to producing quality and unique content that is plagiarism-free.


How Much Money Can Writers Make?

As a beginner, you can make around $2.25 for 300 to 500-word article. As you move up the rank, you can make anywhere from $10.66 for 300 to 500-word article and $1250 for eBooks. While HireWriters is not one of the top-paying articles writing marketplaces, writers can earn a decent income especially if they continue to provide high quality and unique content.

For freelance writers who have applied for jobs online as independents, they understand how difficult it is to land a client. Not only do you have to spend weeks or months cold pitching but most prospects will end up ignoring your emails.

That is why HireWriters is perfect for writers and businesses looking for unique content.

HireWriters Features

There several features that make HireWriters attractive and useful to clients and writers as well.

Easy to Use Interface

What I liked the most about HireWriters is the easy to use interface. As a client, it makes it easy to order and manage all your articles. In fact, you can order multiple articles as one project. All you have to do is fill in your order and select the number of articles you want written. Clients can order blog posts, social media posts, data entry jobs, rewriting and others.

Native English Writers

Contrary to most reviews available online, HireWriters only accepts writers from English speaking countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Also, clients have the choice of working with any writer they want. As such, they get top quality articles with no grammar mistakes and plagiarism.

Flexible Prices

Apart from the easy to use interface, flexible prices is another feature I liked. You can order a $5 article and receive 700 words at beginner level or a $20 for 700 words written by an expert writer. While Hirewriters has set specific prices, clients can set their prices when ordering content from their favorite writers.

Adding Writers to Your Favorite List

If a writer has written content that surpasses your expectations, you can add him or her as your favorite writer. That means, when making an order, you can assign your favorite writer the project assuring you of top-quality content. Remember, this feature can help you build a list of best and trusted writers.

Download Final Project in Text Format

Upon accepting an article, clients can download the project in a text format. As a bonus, HireWriters provides a spinned version. The spun version helps you create different versions of articles and build backlinks to your blog or website.

What Payment Methods Does HireWriters Support?

HireWriters supports several payment systems that include:

  • Popular credit cards/debit cards- Mastercard, Visa
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin

This enables clients to fund their accounts with more than one payment method. When it comes to writers, HireWriters pays through PayPal every Friday. As such, writers must submit their PayPal during registration. To receive payment, a writer must have a minimum of $10 in their account.

HireWriters Affiliate Program

HireWriters has an affiliate program which provides an opportunity for its affiliate to make money. Simply put, affiliates can earn $5 for each client they refer that makes a deposit. They can also make 50% of future net profits. On top of that, affiliates can earn 50% of HireWriters net profits generated by each client’s deposit.

Key benefits of HireWriters Affiliate Program

  • 100% live reporting on signups, deposits, and clicks
  • Accepts clients from all over the world
  • 6 months cookies
  • Access to a dedicated account manager
  • Weekly payments via PayPal

Want to get started with HireWriters affiliate program? Join the program today.

Pros and Cons of HireWriters


  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Ability to order more articles as one project
  • Ability to favorite a writer
  • Supports multiple payment methods
  • Content gets written by native English speakers
  • Affordable prices


  • Low pay rate
  • Not many options for article request customization

How to Get Quality Content at HireWriters

If you search for HireWriters reviews online, you will find lots of negative reviews from past clients and writers. For clients, many are complaining of receiving low-quality content. Even after making several requests for edits, the content is still of low quality.

As a client on HireWriters, I can offer insight from my experience and help other webmasters get the best content for their website. Here are the tips.

  • Pay attention to the writer’s rating and reviews
  • Pay attention to the writer’s rejection rate
  • Provide clear instructions such as keyword usage, and content format
  • Make use of HireWriters messaging system to communicate with the writer
  • Provide references for additional research
  • Request for edits
  • Make use of HireWriters support
  • Add writers to your favorite list to build trust and a skilled team

Following the tips above will ensure you have quality content at all times.

Is HireWriters Worth the Money?

Yes, HireWriters connects you with native English-speaking writers who provide a fast turnaround. Also, they offer multiple payment methods, have an easy to use interface, offer managed services and has an affiliate program. The site is also 100% legit and if you want high-quality content at all times, order articles from expert writers.

All the best,



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13 thoughts on “The Hirewriters Review – Affordable Content”

  1. drinkteahub

    This looks like a really useful resource: whether you’re a writer looking for work or you’re a publisher looking for an easy and reliable way to obtain good quality content, it looks like this website could be very helpful. I think the pay rates look a little on the low side, especially for more experienced writers but then, probably, once you’re experienced and you’ve made a name for yourself, you might not need to get work from a site like this anymore. Definitely something I will consider in the future, thank you for your review.

    1. Thank you. It’sa good way to build up your content at a decent price. 

  2. Tracy

    Wow! Being a freelance writer myself, this is another big shot opportunity for me. I only have my gigs set up on fiverr, upwork and freelancer before and I have never tried this platform before. Thanks so much for this information on it. The payment gateways are just like the normal other freelancing platforms. I major in ghostwriting and copy writing. I’m glad those offers are availbel. I will head right up there to get myself registered. Thanks

  3. Henderson

    I have worked a s a freelancer on a platform before and it’s normal to have pays that can be low. It’s the first time I’m seeing a platform where one has real ranks that determines hoe much one can get paid. It really great and PayPal is a good option for payment too. I like it when a n avenue like this brings client and  writers together and offers a great way to start altogether. It pushes one to do more. Do you know if there’s any affiliate a commission for this platform?

  4. Christian

    Thanks for posting this review.  I had never heard of this service until now.  My site is brand new and still small so I am not ready yet, but when it grows, I may consider a service like this one.  I will bookmark this post to keep it in mind.  Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome Christian. Thanks for reading.

  5. Jay

    The amount of money for beginner level is really low and encouraging but I do worry about the quality of the content that would be produced for such a little amount. I fear it would not be up to standards. I have never made use of these writing services and I hope to do so. 

    Hirewriters seem like an easy to use and navigate platform and the pricing of their articles seems really affordable. I would consider giving them a try and see how it goes.

    1. Thanks Jay. If the quality of the article is not up to your standards, you can request a rewrite. If the writer still doesn’t deliver to your specifications, you can fire them and get a new writer. 

  6. MissusB

    Hello Ed,

    It’s a good thing you featured Hirewriters. In my own opinion, it is always better to work with people when it comes to writing jobs rather than procuring a ready made content that you have to edit yourself. The latter is prone to copyright infringement. What I like best in its feature is the freedom to choose your own favorite writer to do the job for you. It’s hard to build trust in an online business nowadays and finding someone who can work for your advantage is always a good thing for your career. I am into affiliate marketing. It’s really tough for me to write an article containing 1000-1500 words as I am not a native speaker. Hirewriters can be of help for people like me. I’m gonna check this out to see how it can help me..Thank you for sharing all about Hirewriters. I’m gonna make sure to check the writers’ profile so I would get a great outcome for my content.

    1. Thank you for the comment, and good luck with your site!

  7. Ron Mendoza

    Great review, Ed.  This looks like a great site for getting some helping hand in creating content.  I checked the pricing for a 10,000-word ebook, and it seems reasonable with the expert writers.  I have to measure my expected ROI if I proceed with that kind of project, though.  Another thing I like is that you can build a relationship with the writers; it’s really like forming a writing team, which is what every online entrepreneur needs once the business starts getting some traction.

    1. Thanks Ron. It’s always a good thing balance your cost with your returns. Good luck with your site!

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